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									                                                                                Admitting registered nurse

                                       Facility name
                        Job description: Admitting registered nurse
Title              Admitting registered nurse
Main function      Admits patient to perioperative setting, develops a plan of care for the patient based on assessment
                   data, and implements admission care.

Duties and
                   1.   Philosophy
                        a) Supports the facility’s ideology, mission, goals, and objectives
                        b) Performs in accordance with the facility’s policies and procedures
                        c) Follows the facility’s standards for ethical business conduct
                        d) Conducts self as a positive role model and team member
                        e) Recognizes patients’ rights and responsibilities and supports them in performance of job
                        f) Participates in facility committees, meetings, inservices, and activities
                   2.   Communication
                        a) Communicates effectively and professionally with patients, visitors, physicians, and
                        b) Interacts with others in a positive, respectful, and considerate manner
                   3.   Financial practices
                        a) Uses facility resources appropriately and avoids wasteful practices
                        b) Reports wasteful practices
                        c) Analyzes work area and makes recommendations for potential cost-effective improvements
                   4.   Compliance program
                        a) Contributes to the progress and development of the organization’s adopted compliance
                        b) Performs according to established compliance policies and procedures
                   5.   Performance-improvement program
                        a) Contributes to the progress and development of the organization’s adopted performance-
                            improvement program
                        b) Performs according to established performance-improvement policies and procedures
                   6.   Safety/risk-management program
                        a) Adheres to safety policies and procedures in performing job duties and responsibilities
                        b) Reports observed or suspected safety violations, hazards, and policy/procedure
                            noncompliance to safety officer or other designated person
                   7.   Professional competence
                        a) Participates in continuing education and other learning experiences
                        b) Shares knowledge gained in continuing education with staff
                        c) Maintains membership in relevant professional organizations
                        d) Seeks new learning experiences by accepting challenging opportunities and responsibilities
                        e) Welcomes suggestions and recommendations
                   8.   Duties
                        a) Effectively organizes time, equipment, supplies, and personnel
                        b) Organizes nursing activities efficiently
                        c) Considers staff abilities when delegating activities
                        d) Uses equipment effectively by anticipating patient needs and providing appropriate care
                        e) Confirms that proper techniques and procedures are used according to accepted standards
                            of practice
                        f) Assists with inventory of supplies, drugs, and equipment to maintain availability and stock
                            levels in the admission area
                        g) Maintains order and cleanliness of admission area
                        h) Performs thorough admission assessment of patient
                        i) Follows facility policy and assists in assessing the physical and emotional status of the
                            patient upon admission
                        j) Greets patient and provides comfort and reassurance to the patient and supports the

                                                                                    Admitting registered nurse

                              patient’s right to privacy, dignity, and confidentiality
                          k)  Develops a plan of care for the patient based on assessment data and implements
                              admission care (e.g., evaluates chart, administers medication)
                         l) Informs patient about routine care and procedures related to the perioperative experience
                         m) Documents admission care according to policy and procedure
                         n) Completes admission checklist when turning care of patient over to operating room
Responsibility for   Not applicable
                     1.   Cooperative work attitude toward co-employees, management, patients, visitors, and physicians
                     2.   Ability to promote favorable facility image with physicians, patients, insurance companies, and
                          general public
                     3.   Ability to make decisions and solve problems
                     1.   High school graduate or GED certificate recipient
                     2.   Graduate of accredited school of nursing
                     3.   RN with active license in appropriate state
                     4.   CPR certification
                     5.   Evidence of leadership qualities
                     6.   Strong ethical and moral character references
                     7.   Language skills adequate for high-level written, interpersonal and telephone communication in
                          American English

                     1.   ACLS certification
                     2.   ASC experience
                     3.   Computer literacy
Job quality
                     1.   Accuracy
                     2.   Attention to detail
                     3.   Timeliness
                     4.   Organization
                     5.   Little supervision needed to accomplish task
                     1.   Attendance
                     2.   Punctuality
                     3.   Ability to follow instructions
                     4.   Ability to meet deadlines
                     1.   Ability to sit/stand for long periods; ability to walk
                     2.   Capability for occasional overhead and low reaching
                     3.   Physical strength for equipment needs and patient-care activities
                     4.   Visual and auditory acuity for timely responsiveness and patient-care assessment activities
                     5.   Ability to move quickly in response to patient needs
                     6.   Ability to make frequen
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