SUSTAINABILITY PLAN WORKSHEET
                                                    YEAR 2 EXAMPLE

    SUSTAINABILITY: To sustain the program after the funding period.

         ACTIVITIES (TASKS)                PERSON          TARGET DATE        HOW YOU KNOW YOU HAVE              PROGRESS AND
                                         RESPONSIBLE           FOR                 ACHIEVED THIS                   COMMENTS
                                                           COMPLETING           (PROCESS MEASURE)
   1. Create Sustainability              TYP              May 1, 2008      Sustainability workgroup meets
      Workgroup                          Coordinator                       monthly

   2. Connect with key partners that     Sustainability   July 1, 2008     Key partners identified and MOUs
      can take on pieces of work         workgroup                         written

   3. Partner with potential funders     Sustainability   July 1, 2008     Key partners identified and MOUs
                                         workgroup                         written
Capacity Building
   1. Train other youth serving tribal   Program staff    September 1,     Other agencies have implemented
      agencies in the program                             2008             the materials

  2. Recruit and train youth in the   Program staff       March 1, 2009    Youth facilitating program learning
     program to be co-facilitators or                                      activities
     peer leaders in the program
  1. Meet with tribal leadership on   TYP                 September 1,     Member of tribal leadership on
     the evaluation results to garner Coordinator         2008             your advisory council and a tribal
     support for continuation of                                           resolution of support for the
     services                                                              continuation of services

   2. Meet with tribal newspaper to      Program Staff    September 1,     Feature story with quarterly
      develop a story about your                          2008             updates in the tribal newspaper

   3. Meet with the community on a       TYP              September        Parental task force for identifying
      quarterly basis to solicit their   Coordinator      2008, December   resources and volunteers for the
      input on how to sustain their                       2008, March      program
      program                                             2009, & June
   1. Present evaluation results to     TYP              August 1, 2008    Program changes are implemented
      advisory board to make            Coordinator &                      that improve the program
      recommendations for program       Evaluator

   2. Work with program evaluator       Advisory Board   August 15, 2008   Data are collected on important
      to collect data that will show    & Evaluator                        indicators to show program impact
      program successes as well as                                         and community needs
      areas of continued need
   1. Meet with tribal council to       TYP              Fall 2008         Member of tribal leadership on
      discuss the possibility of        Coordinator                        your advisory council and a tribal
      having tribal dollars set aside                                      resolution of support for the
      for a piece of the program                                           continuation of services

   2. Research other potential          TYP              Fall 2008         A list of potential sources of
      sources of funding for the        Coordinator                        funding to pursue and contacts for
      program                                                              more information
Leadership for Change
   1. Convene community focus           TYP              Fall 2008         Community members write a
      groups to prioritize youth        Coordinator                        petition in support of the program
      issues and get buy-in for                                            and present to tribal council
      systemic change

   2. Work with youth to take a         Program Staff    Fall 2008         Youth group meets once a month
      leadership role in community                                         to plan youth-led sobriety activities
      change                                                               for the community

   3. Work with tribal council to       TYP              Fall 2008         A referral process is developed
      develop a referral procedure      Coordinator
      where youth who are involved
      in tribal court would be
      referred to your program

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