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Please send us your comments. We welcome hearing from all of our customers
and want to know what techniques you are using to make stamps.
Contact us by phone on 01733 349 937 or email info@imagepacdaylight.co.uk

I made a fabulous start with the first box of sachets and successfully made over
30 stamps and thought I had got it cracked. I have been very impressed with the
whole process and have had a lot of fun. As a graphic designer first it has been
an excellent way to move my illustrative/typographical design onto the clear
stamps and develop completely individual stamps - it is such fun and so
satisfying! I have managed detailed script writing, maps, large wording,
photographs to name but a few.
Catherine Plevin – Guernsey

I have been "stamp making crazy" since it arrived!!
The stamps have come out just as yours did at the show, BRILLIANT!
I can't praise the unit enough, I have even made a stamp to use on our own
product instead of paying out an ungodly amount of money for a custom made
I am also now able to make stamps from my grand children's drawings which
look really cute on cards as they convey the innocence of children.
May I just say thank you for getting this product out to cardmakers and the like, it
is a piece of it I know will get plenty of use. Well worth it's money.
I will be ordering some more of the gel sachets in the New Year.
Margaret Riley - WYSIWYG

I could also name probably half a dozen of the big stamp companies here in the
UK who are now using the imagepac system (we were one of the first - where we
lead, others follow). Put it this way, I wouldn't consider using any other product to
make my stamps with - the imagepac that we use is different to the Daylight one,
but the end result is the same - brilliant quality.
Kate Martin- Scrapbookmad

We think its fantastic- were really happy with our stamps and with the quality of
Heidi Rees - Bournemouth

I designed some daylight stamps today, I intend making a set of small stamps
and maybe having them either made up to sell or just try and sell the designs. I
thought you would like to see the artwork I submitted for my article. There are 3
stamps, one from a photo, one with text and one for the back of my Artist Trading
Cards. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you, I have plans to make loads
more and can see it taking over for a while!
Jane Dean - Scrapbooking Inspirations

I bought the kit at the NEC in November and I love it! I tend to print my images
from my AppleMac, having transformed them in Photoshop. I tend to take
photographs, and convert them. Also I have made quite a few text stamps in
different languages, as these are very difficult to find. It took me a while to get
results on the Mac that I was happy with, but I’ve got it sussed now. One thing I
would say, the instructions state the distance away from the developing plates
you should place the light source. We followed the guidelines EXACTLY, and got
a dismal failure. Hubby had a think, and suggested moving the light AWAY from
the plates, 13” to be precise, and I now get perfect results every time. I don’t
know why this is, but it definitely works. I just had to save up to get some more
gel packs! I would, and have, recommended your product. A lady contacted me
through a chat forum last week, asking for information, which I was delighted to
give her. She ordered a kit, and sounded really excited! And just one more
comment, you are a bit difficult to find on the www., unless someone has your
address. This should get better, as I understand you are taking your product on
to one of the Shopping Channels soon. When and where? I would love to watch,
just so that I can be one of the people who say, Yep, I’ve got one of those and it
really is that good! Once again, many thanks. A kit like yours is a dream for a
crafter like me! Genuinely, though, I would wholeheartedly recommend your
Jessie Maddox – Hereford

Just a note to let you know that my reservations were completely unfounded! I
received my kit on Thursday which was extremely quick and today I made my
first rubber stamp!
The instructions are very clear and easy to follow and I think the hardest bit was
getting the top layer of the plastic off the image with the scalpel once the image
was cured. I'm thoroughly delighted, and I was so pleased with the finished
product that my old man thinks I must've inhaled some chemicals or something!
With a bit more practice I'm sure I'll be producing beautiful rubber stamps and
saving myself loads of money. Thank You.
Ann Chandler - Cambridge

I was demonstrating to my friend how I made some personalized stamps for her
Christmas Present – she was impressed!!
I also had my grandchildren drawing simple line drawings and lettering and I
made them into stamps, which in turn they used to make their Mum’s Birthday
cards and of course she had them as a present as well to use on the cards she
makes. My skills as an Adult Education Tutor under the umbrella of arts and
Crafts helps me to demonstrate whilst having fun myself and of course learning
this new technique.
Margaret Brooking – Devon

I'm absolutely overjoyed to report that I made a plate of absolutely perfect stamps
last night!
Sarah Harris – Swindon

Thanks to you and Roberts help I have now produced my first
printable stamp, used it and made a card from the result. I
really appreciate the help and am so grateful.
Jo Goudie - Flintshire                  2
I haven't managed to make many stamps as yet, but those I have made are very
successful. Thanks again for your help.
Susan Danbury - Shropshire

I have now used the imagepac kit and found it very easy once I'd completed the
process once (as with everything I guess!). I downloaded the instructions from
the website and I was able to create a better image in Photoshop as a result. I
did enjoy myself once I had mastered the instructions!
Alison Gibbons – Scrapbook Inspirations

We think its fantastic- were really happy and with the quality of service. I was just
making text stamps, but I raised the light and now make perfect stamps once I
had mastered the instructions!
Heidi Rees – Dorset

Absolutely brilliant results with the stampmaker but it did take me a while to really
get the standard of perfection I was after – I learnt a great deal along the way
however!:). The technology is great – I will send you some examples of my
efforts when I get home from work. Sarah had no trouble at all following
instructions to make the stamp, but as I suspected the interpretation and
understanding of the instructions for creating the negative is where the problems
arise There is definitely a workshop to be offered (for example, what sort of
designs make good stamps)- this would also give people confidence to buy the
product if they felt the technical support was easily available. There is the
possibility, in addition to selling the product, of offering people the facility to order
stamps from us in a design of their choice (I have tested this on a few customers
and had a good response).
Fiona Greybe – The Original Crafts Company

 Well I’ve done my first stamp with the daylight unit and after the first hic-cup I got
 it right. Don't ask, I didn't read the instructions right ooops. Put it down to
 experience. Too tired to carry on, I have been teaching all day, so look forward to
Iplaying tomorrow. I am impressed.
   have been making stamps today using some of my
 Hilary Wilson - appreciated the
artwork. I reallyThe Craft Oasis effort that you and your
colleague made to help me get started properly. I am
planning to send you some examples of my work. I have
already tried the mermaid below and she prints in excellent
detail. Thanks again for all your help.
Debie Lyons - Birmingham

We saw the demonstration of imagepac daylight at Birmingham last month and
bought a set. I have made about 12 stamps with it now and am pleased with the
results. I will no doubt be contacting your company in the future to buy additional
sachets of polymer.
Mike Worseley – Notepad

Its fantastic, its superb, it’s the only significant development in the craft market in
the last 10 years. I am very impressed with the system, it produces a good clear

images. I have spoken to two craft shops about this and they both would like to
purchase the system.
Morag McCall – Kilmarnock

As I said in our telecom, after looking at others comments on your website, I
tweaked the distance of lamp to plate a bit & hey presto - great stamps! One
thing I did find, I had difficulty getting the plate & artwork to stay in position whilst
putting on the clamps - probably me being clumsy & nervous, but I managed to
muck up a couple where the pack had slipped off part of the image. I now use
magic tape at the edge, just to secure them to the bottom glass whilst fitting the
clamps. The image & pack stay put & the tape lifts easily when required.
I would like to comment that the customer service that I have received since
buying the kit has been absolutely superb. In fact I can think of quite a few
companies in this country that could learn a lot from you. I could not have been
treated with more patience, courtesy & generosity by all the staff. Thank you all,
Sonia Holmes - Maidstone

Fantastic product, I made a stamp first time.
Paul Whitmore - Birmingham

I was very impressed. The stamp making process is not only interesting, but
straightforward and gives a sense of achievement. The result was a lovely
stamp. As I am dyslexic, understanding instructions is always a problem, your
instructions are easily understood and the whole process is a joy to complete.
Mrs E. Smith – Peterborough

Kit is fantastic. I have a customer asking to buy one. Could you remind me how
much these are wholesale please and delivery costs and times.
Scrapbooksisters – Kent

I am writing to say that I had a problem getting my stamps to work and I ruined
the whole started pack in the my attempts to get it to work. I had seen it
demonstrated at the SECC in Glasgow so I knew it worked. I decided to buy
more supplies in order to try again - I purchased more polymer, more
transparency, more salts and even bought the light you sell on your site. My
goods arrived next day which was outstanding service. I could not wait to try
again. I failed again and eventually phoned for help. I apologise I do not
remember the chap's name but there were two members of your team at
Birmingham NEC and I spoke to their colleague who was holding the fort.
He went over what I was doing and confirmed that my problem was probably with
the distance I had the light from the polymer. So I set it up again and used the
advice given to me. At once I notice a difference because the green buzzer took
a bit longer to activate. I then gave your representative my telephone number as
he wanted to phone me in 20 minutes to see if I had been successful. He did
phone back and it was a massive great big success - your company is excellent
and your customer services has got to be the best I have dealt with in a very long
while - and not press button one for technical - press button 2 for sales : I got
real people answering the phone - what a refreshing change. Not only did your
representative get me on the right track he also posted me a starter pack in the

post as I had wasted all mine and never got one stamp from it. That was much
appreciated and not something that every company would do. Once again plus
points from me. I am so glad I preserved because since Thursday I have been
making stamp after stamp and every one is a roaring success. Thank you very
much. I think I have already made my money back on the purchase of the
machine because I have made my own stamps at a fraction of the cost of buying
them. I run a rubber stamping club and will be taking my machine to our next
meeting and I am sure that some of the girls will be interested in buying one too.
Great invention and so accessible to the general public's finances. Well Done!!!
A very satisfied customer.
Elaine Calderwood - Kilmarnock

Just to let you know that we managed to download an image from the net and
make it into a stamp - first time!! I have a theory that some of our packs may
have been exposed to light at some time which is why they kept being over-
exposed. Also we definately had the light in the wrong place but this was
according to the instructions which may need revising!! Thank you very much for
your time and help - we just need to try a hand drawn image as this is ultimately
our main aim!
Katie - LilacLadybirds

May I also thank you for the very helpful and cheerfully courteous way my
telephone order was received, the fantastic delivery and brilliant product. I’m
having great fun creating stamps and will without doubt be ordering more shortly.
Once again thank you very much.
Miss L. Barnett – Cannock

Excited about the excellent result obtained from your neg and eager to start
producing stamps from my own images.
Bruce Williams - Northants

I amazed at the product, I made the first image and then I made another 20
straight after, I didn’t want to go to bed!
Sue Turner – Isle of Wight

I cannot thank you enough for all your help Paul and I've never known an after-
sales service like this; it's fantastic! I'm really delighted to have successfully
made my own stamps from my own artwork, and even more delighted to have
mastered making stamps from photo's.
Anne Jones - Worcestershire

Thank you, your product is wonderful.
J. Cook – Floriart

I purchased the imagepac daylight system for my shop from you at Stitches in
February and, on the whole, we are very pleased with it. We have had a few
mishaps, mainly resulting in stamps with too much relief and very thin
background but most times we get pretty good results (although we are sure we

do exactly the same every time!) I did buy extra sachets at the time but now
need some more supplies, please.
Karen Marriott – Creativity

I loved it. I found it just looking around on Google. I have done loads with it and
am so very happy - good purchase!
David Frearson – London

I have used it only briefly and made great stamps straight away (one of our new
puppy). I have intended to do more but not found the time and am very happy
with the purchase.
Mr J. Davies – Welshpool

Making a lot of designs and has worked well.
Jacqueline Went – Norwich

I have done really well and I love it. I have started selling designs on Ebay and I
sold first batch today!
Stephen Parker – Cambridge

I saw it and purchased at Glasgow has have had a great success with it. The
main reason for my purchase was to make own designs. I will be reordering
products when I need them.
Altered Ego – West Lothian

I have had the whole family making stamps. I am looking to offer to make
customers own stamps using it and making their images. I will be looking at
ordering more sachets in near future. I would sell the kit but I think I want to
make a bit of money first!!!
Paula – Berkhamsted Arts Centre

My wife bought daylight kit at show, and she has had a fantastic success with it,
we have even looked at it for professional use.
Bill Skidmore – Bill Skidmore Design

I’ve been making great stamps with the daylight kit.
Alyson Thorburn – Clan Hobbycrafts

I’ve been making lots of one-offs for people. All were fine although I struggled to
keep definition on small text.
Karen – Craft Magic

I have bought 6 kits, my wife Gloria uses it mainly and has had great success
with it. We have a large shop for selling crafty things and will be using it to
produce wedding and social stationary! I have already sold one and just getting
settled in new shop doing advertising to make people aware of it.
Frank Alexander – Gold Link Stationery

I have had fun with daylight, but not used it as much as I would have liked to.

Helen Reeve – Hansam Handicrafts

I’ve just tried Robert’s suggestion of moving the lamp to 10 inches yeah success.
I’ve finally made a successful stamp. I am going to try again tomorrow see what I
can make. Thanks for all the support, it has been great, I wish other companies
had the after sales service you have.
Jayne Clarke – Knottingley

I received the kit yesterday, I tried it out straight away, and after a couple of
dodgy attempts (nothing there on my 1st attempt, I later discovered I had cleaned
the wrong side of the stamp, and my second attempt the stamp fell apart during
the cleaning process, I think the light was too close and I had cut the stamp too
deep) on my third attempt I managed to get most of the stamps on the examples
included to give an impression. I then tried my own text stamps and these came
out great, with no parts missing and giving a clear impression. So overall the kit
is brilliant, I already own a stamp making kit which my husband bought me for my
birthday last year, (it was from America) but it is very messy and the process is
much longer and a lot more involved than yours, so I never use it. I think I will
use yours all the time and I certainly will be buying more printing plates in the
very near future. Thanks for a great product
Susan Bradney – Prudhoe

I've been using the kit and am now making stamps easily. I tried using my laser
printer first, but the black was not dark enough and the stamp did not have
enough relief. I am now using my inkjet printer and the results are perfect.
Susan Baylis

Thank you so very much for sorting out my recent order for the imagepac
system. I must congratulate you and the company on the excellent customer
service I have received. I am also very impressed with the quality and standard
of the kit. It was truly a delight to find absolutely everything needed in the smart
storage case. My first attempts with the images provided have been excellent
and I look forward to creating some designs of my own very soon. Thank you
Sue Bailey – Bridgend

Been having a mega stamp making day today! Here is a photo of a finished
card. The main image may look "soft" but it is a special technique using
bead dust, which makes it slightly opalescent. The second image on the
domino has been embossed with black embossing powder. It is so brilliant
that you can actually make the same image in different sizes - absolutely so
important for us crafters!!! I think a friend of mine is interested in
purchasing a system so I will keep you updated.
Karen Bourke – Somerset

My other half bought me an imagepac stamp making doodah for Xmas and it's
super duper brill!
Flo - UKStampers.co.uk

Forgot to say about the kit. Have had trouble using the brush I find it too soft so
started using a medium textured or whatever toothbrush which I find great. Still
find the kit absolutely great though and would recommend it any day.
Angie Newman

I've got one it took me a bit of experimentation to get it working properly, the
customer service from the manufacturers was excellent and they helped me sort
it out. But now it's working as it should be I'm over the moon with it - it's so
Sarah – UK Scrappers

I love it, it's fun to use and the results are fab. Just make sure you are
concentrating and have the time to do it and nothing else, timing is crucial. I
answered the phone and ruined one of mine then forgot to set the timer for
another one. I have made a few for friends and they are delighted with theirs too.
Jane – UK Scrappers

I am using the product on a frequent basis and seemed to have ironed out all my
queries but I do have customers who have expressed an interest in the
equipment when I have been demonstrating at shows and craft fayres using the
stamps that have made with the kit I am so pleased that the product has had
such a good response I am certainly benefiting from it.
Jo Channon - Let's Create

Thank you for talking me through the stampmaking process on the phone today.
Your clear instructions have now enabled me to make my first successful stamp.
I used the image Fiona gave me when I purchased the imagepac from her and it
worked beautifully. Just to let you know that I have made some stamps with my
own artwork and they worked really well.
Diane Allen – Hampshire

We are extremely pleased with the stamp making kit and find it easy to use (even
my 13 year old daughter can do it) the hardest bit is getting the inspiration and art
work right! Thank you for the excellent service we have received and we look
forward to speaking to you in the near future.
Cathy Andronicou - Andronicou Cards

Have just made my first two stamps with the help of my friend Karen and
WOW….the most amazing thing is that you can have the size of stamp you want,
so for dominoes and ATC’s you can have exactly the size you want. Anyone
thinking of buying this system DO IT its money well spent, and just think of the
money you will be saving on Rubber Stamps…our husbands will be pleased!
Anne Forrest

Thanks to imagepac we are now in business making cards and selling them on
the internet. We couldn’t have done it without making our own stamps because
of the copyright issue.
Richard Begg - KMB Cards

I would like you to know that I ma now producing usable stamps and am very
satisfied with the product as well as the service received from you and from your
agent, Karen, who has been very friendly and supportive.
Val Wallis Somerset

Thank you for your excellent customer service. As you can see everything is
now working fine. The only problem will be not how to start, but how to stop!
Thank you once again for you’re your friendly and helpful advice and your
willingness to make things right. I am now a very happy stamper!
Jan Papadopoullos Hinckley

I had another play with James’s photo, I’ve attached the results. I also did a load
of text stamps, which have come out BRILLIANTLY! Can’t wait to do my first real
Barbara Maynard – Craft Magic UK

Many thanks for my wonderful kit.
Diana Fellows – Surrey

Thank you for 'imagepac'. What a brilliant system. I have just made my
first stamps using your wonderful artwork negative samples.
Thank you for the helpful instructions and the user friendly web site. I
am really looking forward to the future with you. I am now going to order some
more sachets because there are so many stamps I want to make for: myself; my
family; my friends.
Kay Barton

I must just tell you I have had some great results from the imagepac kit so far.
Marion Preston – Willow Crafts

I would just like to say thank you for the help you have provided. You have
spoken to my husband Steve a couple of times regarding the problems we were
having printing images that were black enough to produce good stamps. I have
since tried the Epson transparency film that you sent and that together with the
settings you suggested on the printer and also setting the printer to print on
heavyweight matte paper have produced some excellent images which I have
had no problem turning into really good stamps. You should congratulate
yourselves on your excellent customer service, I have rarely dealt with a
company that put so much effort into ensuring that their customers were happy
with the product they have bought.
Helen Cresswell

I've got the imagepac stampmaking kit and I love it! Wouldn't be without it now. I
sell my stamps on ebay. Haven't got any on there at the moment but if you look
at my feedback I think you can see some of the ones I sold. If you need any help
with getting the kit to produce quality images, just give me a shout because I
know there are a few issues with the distance you're supposed to have the lamp.
The destructions say 6" (I think) but most people using the kit including me don't

get a good image unless it's 11-12" away from the glass plates.
Ann – www.cardmakingandpapercraft.com/forum

Let me say a big thank you from myself and my husband for your patience and
understanding and the exemplary customer service that you gave me in my ‘hour
of need’. As suggested by you I moved the center of the lamp away from the
center of the pouch to equidistant between the pouch and the timer. Moving it
slightly has remedied that problem entirely.
Pat Warren – Northampton

Thank you very much, I look forward to using it to make even lovelier stamps
than I do already (not that I like to blow my own trumpet or anything, it's all down
to your fabulous product really!!)
Ann Chandler – St Neots Cambridgeshire

Thank you for a wonderful product it’s changed my life.
Margaret Jabbit – Crafty J’s

We visited the trade show in February at the NEC and purchased one of your
stampmaker kits. We are having lots of interest in it and stamps that we
have produced using it.
Alexandra - Scrapboutique

Just to let you know that I am getting on famously with my stamp making .I
made 3 more this afternoon. Thanks for hanging on in there with me. It is
so easy once you get the hang of it! I am pleased as punch!
Lynne Hobbs – West Yorkshire

It’s brilliant, its the most wonderful product I’ve ever seen!
Marion Preston – West Yorkshire

Have now just made perfect stamps! I can only assume that the controller was off
somehow with it's timing. Stamps for the wedding stationary have turned out
really well and I am so pleased. Thank you for such great customer service.

My wife will be v. pleased with her new kit at Xmas. She has done some
embroidery work for my sister and she has asked me what she would like as a
reward. I have passed on your website details so she can buy Ann some extras
to go with her stamp kit!! My other sisters are also v interested in the stamp kits.
David Littlefair – East Yorkshire

Thank you very much for your help, I am happy again! I've finally made my first
stamps and they are perfect!
Harriet Picker – Holland

Crises averted! I have sorted it out, with the help of my son. I must say I was over
complicating the whole process. I have also made my first sheets of stamps and I
am very pleased with myself! Thanks for your help, I was about to give up.

Jill Lancett - Australia

Just wanted to show you our first 2 stamps- my daughter Isabelle and her friend
Adam, haven’t they come out fantastic! Thanks

Debbie Shuttleworth – Preston Lancashire

Jane has an imagepac stamp making doodah too - it's my baby!! my other half
bought it me for xmas and it's super duper brill.
Flo – UK Stampers

My 14 yr old son bought your product and is desperate to get hold of the
lamp. He has made one set of stamps using a borrowed lamp from a neighbour,
and was really excited and pleased by the results. Great product!
Alison Francis

I have to persevere with getting it right - sometimes I have a run of successes
and then some days I botch a few! But overall they have proved to be great.
Thanks for your advice - it is reassuring to know you are at the end of an email
for advice.
Catherine Plevin

I opened up my Christmas present and couldn't wait to get started. Sadly your
transparency film has not been a success in my Cannon Pixma printer. This is
a brilliant printer and previously has printed anything I wanted-tee shirt
paper transparencies photos thick card. On transparency setting it was too
wet and on paper not black enough. Anyway I remembered that I had some other
transparency paper- WH Smith OHP transparencies. I used that and it was
perfect. My stamp worked too.!!! Anyway I hope it helps someone else out.
Pauline - Creative cards moderator

Wow. I have just received my new kit and couldn't wait to get started. I have just
made my first 3 stamps and they are perfect. I used the provided artwork for the
first 2 and printed my own greeting for the third. It was so easy and exciting
waiting to see if they worked. It is now 1.30 in the morning and I don't want to go
to bed. Would love to stay up making stamps all night, but should try to get some
sleep. Many thanks for a wonderful product.
Louise Pratley – Witney Oxfordshire

Bought one of your wonderful kits at N.E.C. Unfortunately there was no DVD, I
have been using my colleagues who bought one at the same time but could
really do with my own copy. Many thanks - love the product.
Linda Whetton – Newhall Derbyshire

 Thanks for your superb kit, it actually works wonderfully and I'm really impressed.
 John Ingram
Thank you for the replacement brush you sent me, as
the one in my stampmaking kit had sever alopecia. I
love the kit and have made some lovely stamps. I
especially like the one I made of my nephew which will
be great fro scrapbooking.
Melissa Ramsdale – East Yorkshire

I think it's a brilliant idea and will be very popular with crafts.
Melissa Hyland - Editor, My Craft Weekly

This was one of the art nouveau images. Thank you all for your support.
Brenda Oldham

The stamp making kit is brilliant and I am so impressed with the whole thing. I did
have some problems initially, but once sorted, I am completely happy with the
results. It has made my craft more exciting, knowing I can make any image I
want, into a stamp, almost instantly. Thanks for bringing it to Australia and I hope
this turns out to be a huge success for your company.
Jill Lancett – Australia

Is it possible to buy the new acrylic magnetic plates, as I think I would find them
easier to use. I have made some lovely stamps but do find that the brush does
loose quite a lot of bristles!

Thank you very much for answering my query so quickly and imagepac is a
truly great product. Thanks again!
Monique Amaro – Abbeville France

Firstly I would like to say that I think the imagepac is fantastic and I have made
some lovely stamps with my kit. I have noticed that you have now upgraded the
kit and I have read on a forum on the internet that the new sachets can not be
used with the old kit. Can you please let me know if this correct or are the
sachets the same.
Barbara Spadafora

I finally got around to purchasing the imagepac on Saturday at the
NEC. I am very happy playing with it at the moment - in fact most of the
day! Have used the new kit and the results are great. I'm thrilled with
the results.
Colleen Crawford – Banbury Oxfordshire

My imagepac arrived on Tuesday thank you. I have used it tonight and it has
worked fine first time. LOL. thanks for your help you have been great. I absolutely
adore the imagepac.
Carol Fox – Walton on the Naze Essex

Your system works well, and I look forward to a long term relationship. Thank
Marie Zaccagnini - The Stamp Act USA

What a difference with the new kits - great improvement and the deeper relief is
Richard Begg – KMB Cards

I will be planning to buy from your website. Could you please tell me how
much extra the postage would be to Saskatchewan, Canada? Last weekend, I
went to a crop at a scrapbooking store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I
won the Imagepac stamp making kit as a major prize. I had never heard of it
before, but it looked neat, so I bought a few tickets for it. I am, as I am typing,
waiting for my second stamp to finish its drying time. And I absolutely love it! It
is so easy to use and the stamps look fantastic. I made a perfect custom-
designed monogram stamp on my first attempt. I will certainly be telling my
scrapbooking friends about this excellent product, and sharing my stamps with
them. And I will certainly be purchasing more sachets! The only thing that I was
disappointed in was that the white tray in my kit was cracked, so I had to use a
different container. Otherwise, it had everything I needed. Thank you for making
this innovative product. In my opinion, you should definitely market this product
in North America (especially Canada!) There is nothing else like it here and the
North American scrapbooking industry needs to know about it! Thank you again,
Amanda Lepage – Canada

We’ve been playing with the stamp kit. It’s very clever I LOVE the packaging.
You’ve made everything so compact.
Danielle – Craft Diva Lounge

It is so easy, it’s great. I was amazed how easy it was, its actually easier that
you say.
Lucy- Craftiarts

I have used the A7 embossing sachets and was very pleased with the result
when I put it through the wizard die cutting and embossing machine.
Barbara Spadafora – Boston Lincs

So far I have obtained better results using the laser printer. It is a pity you do not
offer a smaller pack. However, I have now put a new cartridge in the inkjet printer
and found a small piece of the acetate supplied with the original machine, and
this made a good stamp. It did not work when I used the inkjet acetate supplied
by the office shop in town which was glossy on both .There’ll be no stopping me
Kate Perry – Oswestry Shropshire

Yours is a damned good product!
K. Hobby – Beaminster Dorset

I have made perfect stamps, and my embossing machine is a Big Shot.
Helen Williams

I have made 2 stamps and I over the moon they are so professional looking
LOL!! They are very addictive. I will close for now and a BIG THANK YOU for
Norma Furguson – Belfast Northern Ireland

We used you kit at our retreat held most recently, the attendees were amazed at
the easy of creating a stamp.
Carla Rock - Scrap-A-Latte USA

I have now succeeded in creating some lovely stamps - by using the High
Resolution setting on my printer. I shall be ordering some more items from your
site soon. Many thanks for your help - your service really is the best I have ever
experienced. If you ever want a cheap holiday in Haute-Vienne France let me
Bina Pannell - Haute-Vienne France

I have one of your fantastic systems, but I need more supplies. Could you please
tell me who wholesales for you in Australia.
Barbara - Stampers and Scrapbookers Wonderland

I'm out of supplies (again) but as soon as I get "refills" I'll do some experiments
and get a sample to you. By the way.....your imageblack is GREAT stuff! I tried
3M Multipurpose (Ink Jet and Laser) transparency film and it didn't work at all.
Charlotte GG Designs USA

After working sometime with the day light kit I am very impressed with the stamp
quality it can produce, I can now produce a stamp with fine detail sometimes
better then commercial made traditional rubber stamps on the market.
Andy Dodd UK

Solo era para darte las gracias por tu buena información, por fin ayer conseguí
hacer mis dos primeros sellos geniales, perfectos, estoy muy conternta, pensé
que no prodría conseguirlo. He cambiado la tinta, tenia un cartucho que es para
imprimir fotografias, lo he cambiado y he puesto el cartucho de tinta negra y
PERFECTO!!!!! Espero poder contigo para algún otro problema con los sellos.
Cuando tengais alguna novedad , de materiales , me encantará saberlo para
comprarlo, un abrazo,
Carmen Biosca - Barcelona

My wife and I bought an imagepac system from you at the NEC on Saturday
(remember we had a discussion about guitar pedals, women doing cards and
chaps doing industrial processes)… Utterly brilliant! I had to mess with the
timings somewhat. 3 mins for the floor and 20 mins for the design - the first one
came out as a squishy image and floor, separated by a layer of gel – but the
second one with those new timings was perfect. Perhaps my bulb wasn’t
pushing out quite enough light. The gel and frame were at room temp. Anyway,

congratulations on a superb package – everything you need, including a
miniature kitchen sink.
Mike and Kim Castle – Holyhead UK

This stamping kit is just awesome! Easy to use and so much fun. Makes
awesome stamps in no time. Glad I bought it.
Buyer – Addicted to Rubber Stamps

I have been making stamps with your daylight stamp kit and would like some
help in artwork sizes, I want my stamp to be the same size as the original
artwork, but when I put the artwork through your software it adjusts the size and I
spend quite a bit of time adding borders on the image and printing trials to get the
image to come out the same size. which also costs in ink and paper. Can you
advise me of the correct image sizes so that your software does not distort the
size. How does your software calculate the size is it based on height, width, both
or what, it will help me if I understand the principles. I am using Imagepac V3a is
this the latest version I can get great stamps but I can't get the sizes right.
Alan Pope - UK

I am now very impressed with the product. I will recommend it to friends.
Sally Dadley - Solihull West Midlands

Thanks for your advice. I've now produced a perfect stamp! :-) I made a shade
for the lightbulb out of thick white paper and it made all the difference. I can't
believe though how hard it was to find a desk lamp that could use a 60W bulb
though, so maybe it's time to include instructions on how to use a 40W bulb.
Hanna Engkvist - Sweden

Thanks for the CD you popped in the post - I am up and running now which just
proves that blondes not only just have more fun, but have more fun with
Imagepac! And all that despite computers!!!!!! Many thanks again,
Gunilla Karlson - Sweden

The stamps I have made are great and will be included in my polymer clay book
with my tips for use. Thanks!
Shirley Rufener – USA

I am now making beautiful embossed invites for my wedding, with a custom
stamp, using a pretty font! My only criticism of the whole kit is that I wasted more
materials because I printed out exactly A6 size and the sachets dont quite cover
A6 - they seem to be slightly smaller. Lesson learned though. Cheers,
Vicki Macklin – UK

Hi I've just gotten the stamp making kit (to make stamps for silver clay) and I'm
very pleased with the result. I would like to order some sachets and other things
since I live in Sweden.
Sara Poole - Sweden

I have successfully created some wedding wording stamps and have made my
own wedding stationery. I am really pleased with them!!! I am very glad I bought

this kit now!
Vicki Macklin – Hertfordshire

I’ve just made a perfect stamp – hurrah! I had an image which until now made
just a blob of a stamp that wasn’t really recognisable. My husband came home
and in conversation said “my photoshop has an option called stamps”!!!! (I won’t
repeat my thoughts at that point). Anyway after he treated my image to that
process I now have a lovely stamp with detail. I must admit that until your email I
have been a bit too careful when cleaning the stamp as it seems so delicate so
had a good scrub and now I have a lovely stamp.
Jane Calvert - Camarthen


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