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                                       - rest assured with expert advice
                                       Getting a mortgage can be a frustrating, time-        have complete protection. Mortgage advisers will soon come under this
                                       consuming task - and how do you know you're           legislation, however Lawrence Scoffield is well placed for these new developments
                                       getting the best deal that's right for you?           as it is already fully regulated by the FSA for its life and pensions advice as well as
                                       Today's consumers are more discerning than            being a Member of the Mortgage Code of Practice.
                                       ever but despite lots of information
                                       available, it still pays to talk to the                        Getting a mortgage, and ensuring it's the best deal available, is an
                                       experts.                                                         important decision that can have long-term, costly implications so it
                                                                                                         makes sense to get expert advice.With one of the most experienced
Steve Thompson, director of Lawrence Scoffield, has over                                                  staff of any brokerage, the company provides leading expertise with
thirty years' experience in the financial services sector: “Every                                        consultants readily available, even outside of office hours - not a faceless
situation must be treated as unique. Each individual's circumstances                                    call centre operation. As a privately owned organisation, there is great
are assessed and we examine all mortgage alternatives from the                                       emphasis on providing a prompt, efficient and highly personal service.
hundreds of products available from numerous lenders.”
                                                                                             "Customers don't have to wait for calls
                                    Established in 1981, the Lawrence Scoffield Group        to be answered nor listen to endless
                                    has built an enviable reputation for delivering highly   options before being connected to the
                                    effective independent mortgage advice. Balancing         right person - we're at the end of a
                                    innovative technology with traditional values, it        phone." Steve continues, "This excellent
                                    examines mortgage alternatives, presents the latest      customer care, a thorough knowledge
                                    information, explains the benefits                       of the market and the best products
                                    and guides clients sensitively                           around, make us well placed to offer a
                                    through the impor tant                                   top quality and highly effective service."
                                                                                             Steve concludes: “We have teams of staff ready to provide a tailor-made service
Steve continues: “Whilst there is plenty of information available                            with house calls available, enabling you to avoid lengthy interviews at building
via the Internet, I believe it's vital that experienced, professional                                                    societies which can take up to two hours during office
advice is obtained. Individuals naturally look first at interest                                                              hours.We do not charge any fees for our services
rates but that’s only part of the equation.Two lenders can                                                                      - you simply get the best product that's right for
offer the same rate yet demand totally different                                                                                 you, and that offers consumers every advantage.”
repayment amounts. It's important to look at how
interest is calculated, what flexibility there is, the                                                                       Lawrence Scoffield's team of Advisers can be
redemption terms, setting-up fees, etc.”                                                                                          contacted via Beadnall & Copley's offices.

As an example, two lenders may offer a 3.79% and 3.69%
fixed rate for 2 years respectively; whilst the lower rate
may seem cheaper, the higher rate has interest charged
on a daily basis, not yearly, so the higher rate is actually
cheaper. It's this kind of understanding of the market that
makes a difference and can save a lot of money.

Steve comments: “Another important element is the
flexibility of the mortgage with regards to redemption
penalties - often people want to repay substantial parts of their
mortgage without incurring charges. Underwriting also varies
considerably from one lender to another as does income
assessment - some lenders are happy to lend on a self-certification
of income basis.”

The financial services industry is strictly monitored by the
governing body, the FSA, to ensure consumers get best advice and

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