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									                                                                                          Blocks R2 and R3 at Townsville Women’s Correctional
                                                                                          Centre take shape. Construction of the Visitors/
                                                                                          Administration Block at Townsville Correctional Centre.

Townsville correctional centres - buildings on track
The design and construction of the new Townsville Women’s                  Demolition and site establishment work for the two men’s blocks – to
Correctional Centre and expansions to the men’s facility are               provide a combined 200 beds – are complete and bulk earthworks are
incorporating a raft of ecologically-sustainable design initiatives.       progressing. The women’s centre is due to be completed in April 2008
The projects are currently under construction by Baulderstone              with the men’s expansions due in September 2008.
Hornibrook Queensland and will provide 150 new women’s beds and            Meanwhile, work on the $110 million dollar redevelopment of Brisbane
an additional 144 men’s beds.                                              Correctional Centre (BCC) and the $55 million upgrade of Arthur Gorrie
Baulderstone Senior Design Manager Tony Gillett said, although             Correctional Centre (AGCC) continues
Townsville currently has its dams at capacity, it was still important to   QCS Facilities Management Director John Forster said both projects
consider water a precious resource that shouldn’t be squandered.           were on track to be completed on time and within budget.
“We have introduced dual flush toilets to both prisoner and staff areas    Staff recruitment for BCC will begin soon, with the first prisoners
and have made provision for a future recycled water scheme to be           expected December 1 this year.
connected to our irrigation system and laundry,” he said.
                                                                           New facilities at AGCC will be available for use as they are completed.
“The prison also utilises AAA-rated water fixtures throughout.”
“In addition, all of the buildings are constructed of light-coloured
cavity block and steel roofing, with wall and roof insulation.
“This will keep temperatures within the building down and reduce
heat load on buildings that are air-conditioned.
“Sunshades and roof overhangs have also been used to reduce the
heating effect of direct sunlight on windows.”
Despite recent wet weather, significant progress was made on both
the men’s and women’s sites.
Most of the concrete slabs for the 150-bed women’s centre have been
completed and blockwork, steelwork and roofing have made good

Tax cheats caught in
Intelligence net                                                              “It will also assist with the protection of those prisoners whose
                                                                              taxation details are being used without their knowledge to commit
Queensland Corrective Services Intelligence Group (QCSIG) is again            taxation fraud,” he said.
leading the way in corrections intelligence with a new initiative aimed       Prisoner taxation fraud is a nationwide problem and last year, QCSIG
at preventing prisoner taxation fraud.                                        referred 35 offenders to the ATO on suspected taxation fraud.
QCSIG has partnered with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to              Terry said that, typically, prisoners committed tax fraud by claiming
develop a new prisoner mailbox system that will enable fraudulent             an income and lodging tax returns using false statutory declarations,
prisoner tax claims to be stopped before they enter the ATO system.           and by setting up external bank accounts for the deposit of the fake
Under the new initiative, which comes into effect in mid May, all
                                                                              “QCSIG will continue to liaise with investigators from the ATO’s
Queensland prisoners in correctional centres will be required to
                                                                              Serious Non-Compliance Section to share information relating to
forward their taxation correspondence to the ATO through a dedicated
                                                                              offender taxation documents to ensure that data matches and that
mailbox using pre-addressed pre-paid envelopes.
                                                                              applications are not fraudulent.”
The envelopes will only be available from QCS ATO liaison offices at          Terry said the system was based on a similar mailbox initiative
every correctional centre, who will also keep a register of tax return        previously used in Western Australia, but incorporated additional
packs issued to and received from prisoners.                                  controls with increased staff and offender awareness.
QCS Intelligence and Investigation Director Terry Ryan said the system        “QCSIG is a world leader in corrections intelligence, and I expect
would allow for all prisoner tax correspondence to be closely monitored,      that this new taxation fraud initiative will be replicated nationwide
leading to the easier identification of fraudulent tax returns.               in the near future,” he said.

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