C Cheats (73 Cheats) by mlh20183


									                                 C Cheats (73 Cheats)

Cannon Fodder

  Go to the map screen hold control and type fodder when you exit
  the map it will say phase complete.


   $$$***$$$ = Gives you $100,000,000


  In the scene where you choose to go to map select, vehicle
  select, start race etc... type
  ENABLE(quickly) to be given access to all tracks and vehicles.
  You can now use all of the other cheats in the game...
  First of all, when the race starts use F4 to cycle through the
  modes untill CHEAT MODE appears. Then all the following cheats
  will become availiable:
  F5 -Total repair (free).
  F6 -Toggle Invulnerability on/off.
  F7 -Adds 30 seconds to the timer.
  F8 -Freeze/Unfreeze timer
  F10 -Increment lap counter
  F11 -Earn 5000 credits instantly
  F12 -Switch between each opponents camera and your own. External
  view only.
  SHIFT-F6 -Show opponents on map.
  SHIFT-F7 -Adds 300 seconds to timer.
  SHIFT-F8 -Toggle shadow between none/your car only/all cars.
  SHIFT-F11 -Lose 5000 credits instantly
  CTRL-F8 -Toggle shadow between solid(faster)/translucent.
  CTRL-KEYPAD 1 -Toggle fly mode
  changes the cars pitch.
  Power-ups(still in cheat mode)
  0 -Bonus
  1 -Mega bonus
  2 -Pedestrians glued to ground.
  3 -Giant pedestrians.
  4 -Explosive pedestrians.
  5 -Hot rod.
  6 -Turbo pedestrians.
  7 -Invulnerability.
  8 -Free repairs.
  9 -Instant repairs.
  SHIFT-0 -Timer frozen.
  SHIFT-1 -Underwater ability.
  SHIFT-2 -Time bonus.
  SHIFT-3 -Oh dear, body work trashed
  SHIFT-4 -Blow yourself up
  SHIFT-5 -Frozen opponents
  SHIFT-6 -Frozen cops
  SHIFT-7 -Turbo opponents
  SHIFT-8 -Turbo cops
  SHIFT-9 -Gravity has gone strange???
  ALT-0 -Pinball mode
  ALT-1 -Wall climber
  ALT-2 -Bouncey-Bouncey
  ALT-3 -Oh dear, jelly suspension!
   ALT-4 -Pedestrians shown on map.
   ALT-5 -Pedestrian extro-bastard ray.
   ALT-6 -Greased tyres
   ALT-7 -Acme damage magnifier
   SHIFT-ALT-2 -Instant handbrake
   SHIFT-ALT-4 -Turbo!
   SHIFT-ALT-5 -Mega-Turbo!!
   SHIFT-ALT-6 -Blind pedestrians (to be used in conjunction with
   horn for a laugh)
   SHIFT-ALT-7 -Pedestrian respawn
   SHIFT-ALT-8 -5 free recovery vouchers.
   SHIFT-ALT-9 -Solid granite car!
   CTRL-0 -Rock springs!
   CTRL-1 -Drugs!
   CTRL-2 -Grip-o-matic tyres
   CTRL-3 -Pedestrian Harvest

Type these in during game play.

BIGBOTTOM    Bodywork Trashed
BOYSFROMTHEBUSH Grip-0-matic tires
FUNNYJAM     Turbo Peds
GIVEMELARD    Loads of money
GOOGLEPLEX    Underwater Ability
HAMSTERSEX     Blind Pedestrians
ILOVENOBBY    Peds Shown on Map
ISLANDRULES   Vesuvian Corpses
NAUGHTYTORTY      Pedestrians Respawn
RABBITDREAMER Gravity from Jupiter
RUSSFORMARIO    Pedestrian Electro-Bastard Ray
SMALLUDDERS     Giant Peds
SPAMFOREST    Instant Handbrake
SPAMFRITTER   Free Repairs
SUPERHOOPS    Explosive Peds
TRAMSARESUPER Pedestrian Harvest

Carmen Sandiego

Start game with : carmen cheat

A cheat option will appear in the option menu


Type DEBUGON while playing to have dinosaurs ignore you until you shoot
and have unlimited ammo

Other keys:

CTRL - Run faster
SHIFT+S - Slow motion
CTRL+N - Long jumps
SHIFT+T - Display frame rate
TAB - Show entire map
Castle Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny

      The debug mode is activated with a different command
      line parameter
      depending on what game version.
      1.Wolfenstein v1.0: -next
      Once in the game, press [ctrl] [tab] [enter] to
      2.Wolfenstein v1.1+: -goobers
      Once in the game, press [lshift] [alt] [backspace] to
      3.Spear of Destiny: -debugmode
      Once in the game, press [lshift] [alt] [backspace] to
      Once activated, these are the codes:
      [tab] [B]-Change border color
      [tab] [C]-Statistics
      [tab] [E]-Exit to next level
      [tab] [F]-Position info
      [tab] [G]-God mode
      [tab] [H]-Hurt yourself
      [tab] [I]-Free items
      [tab] [M]-Memory map
      [tab] [O]-Map of level (only works in beta versions of
      [tab] [Q]-Quit
      [tab] [S]-Slow motion
      [tab] [T]-Debug info in memory
      [tab] [V]-Add extra Vertical Blanking Signals (?)
      [tab] [W]-Warp to level xx
      [tab] [X]-Extra stuff

Catacomb Abyss

      Press [F10] and the one of the following keys:
      [G] - God Mode
      [I] - Extra Items
      [M] - Memory Usage
      [Q] - Quit
      [T] - Tics
      [V] - Game Version
      [W] - Warp to any level 0-18
      [Z] - Freeze Monsters


To go to 'Shinma': Hold down, [A]+[W]+[D]+[T], at the selection screen,
then press [ENTER]. Your There!


Level Codes : Ice, Minerva, Orange, Witches, Drake, Bicycle, Parasite,
Fate, Water, Creation, Agaric, Liberty, Mirror, Chinese, Go, Selfish

Centipede 3D

Type these and press ENTER:

wimp = God mode on/off
getalife = Unlimited (?) lives
goto = end current level
fly = fly mode on/off
pede = create a Centipede nearby
robot = automatic movement and firing until player makes a movement and fires a shot
normal = normal game speed
slow = slower game speed
sloww = even slower game speed
slowww = still slower game speed
slowwww = really slow game speed
dload = kills game and goes back to Windows desktop

Championship Manager 2

At the beginning, you can't choose International teams like England or
Scotland. Write the real name of England International Team (Glenn
Hoodles): Ahha!!!

To buy a player for free:
Get your first offer accepted immediately. A bid 3 or 4 million above the
asking price is normally enough. Then go to adjust offer. Put the price
down to free, then press Cancel. If the player joins you, you won't have to
pay anything.

If you have a good player but he is old and going to retire, place him on
the transfer list and when he retires, a young player will have his skills.
You can have that player for free or buy him usually for a small price.

Chaos Island: The Lost World

Stage Select:
On the Game Selection screen, hold Ctrl+Shift+Q+W, then let go of W. This
will access stage select mode.

Cheat Mode:
During gameplay hold Ctrl+Shift+S+X, then let go of S. This will give you a
red cursor at the bottom of the screen. Type the following to enable the

Code          Cheat
Raggsdale        get complete cheat menu
Clear         clears darkened areas on map

Core          displays photo of progammers
Kill         kills selected enemy
Egg raptor       gives raptor egg
Egg trex        gives trex egg
Egg stegosaur gives stegosaur egg
Egg dilo        gives dilocosaur egg
Egg triceratops gives triceratops egg
Egg compy         gives compy egg
Egg parasaur      gives parasaur egg
Remdul           get Alien with a big gun
Health         recover health
Win           instantly completes mission
Lose          instantly loses mission
Jurassic       reveal map
money#           gives you supplies. # is the number of supplies you want
upgrade ? #      upgrade abilities, where:
           #=1 or 2
            Example: upgrade a 2 will upgrade a

Chaos Overlords
Use these as your names:
SMGHUBBLE - See all of the gangs
SMGKICKASS - Get five fully equiped ground zeroes
SMGMILD - Every hire is healed

Charlie the Crown

Level Codes for the Shareware Version.



Press BACKSPACE then TAB while playing to use the codes:
CHOJIN     - God mode
WEAPON       - All weapons and ammo
AMMO       - All ammo
ARMOR       - 200% armor
INVISIBLE - 2 minute invisibility
FULLMAP - Full map
KILL     - Kill all monsters

Chexquest 1 & 2

          allen: radiation suit
          andrewbenson: invulnerability
          charlesjacobi: no clipping
          davidbrus: god mode
      deanhyers: strength
      digitalcafe: all map
      joelkoenigs: bootspork and "eat chex"
      kimhyers: position on map
      marybregi: invisibility
      mikekoenigs: all ammo
      scottholman: all ammo and keys
      sherrill: additional map info


Level Select : While playing, hold Ctrl-Alt and type "QWERTY".
You can now access any level without needing a password.

Unlimited Time : Enter the following exactly as written "SAGITTARIANS
MAKE BETTER LOVERS". This code removes the need to collect keys and
gives unlimited time.

Extra Points : To get extra points on your score, go to any level you
have beaten, and beat that level again.

Level Skip Plus : Start the game and press "F" until the screen turns
upside-down. Now enter the following exactly as written
"I THINK THEREFORE I AM". Now you do not have to collect
any more chips and can skip the level by pressing "C".


Chuck's Rock

 On the title screen type in 'PINKYANDPERKY'. This will allow you to
fly in the game if you hold the [F] key.

 On the title screen type in 'ERMINTRUDE'. This will make you invulner-
-able. (Note: You can still drown)


       When playing at the higher levels start out asthe
       Romans- you'll usually be given two settlers units to
       start the game with. Found a city with one and use the
       the other for exploration. If you come across another
       civilization early in the game use this second settlers
       unit to attack- I've defeated two cities right off the
       bat like this (at Emp. lvl.).
       Hold shift and type 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, this
       basically dicovers the whole map for you and also
       anfter you do this hir f7 for info on all other


       mpkfa - invincibility
       mpwimpy - wimpy mode
       mphaunted - ghost bad guys
       mppstopwatch - diplayed elapsed time
       mppos - display world position
       mpfps - display frame rate

Clouds of Xeen

Type at the teleport mirrors:

lord xeen    - To lord Xeen
bogus       - To lord Xeen
count du money - To dragon's lair
showtime      - To end game
shangri-la - To hidden town
I lost it - Get magical sword

Clown 'O Mania

During the game hit HELP for extra jumps and shots

Cobra Mission

Password Codes:

     A B C          D E
00   20026 49614   50542 22275     24344
01   29420 42270   39432 28208     33326
02   26026 47378   45968 18425     21864
03   25368 56406   52557 23990     31850
04   48046 29386   28750 52311     52596
05   56056 29034   25883 45944     52306
06   49270 39142   36312 39133     45004
07   46288 35902   35513 37770     42458
08   19102 48834   48114 23411     23108
09   32472   37122   33415   26716   28658
10   26430   56486   51836   23633   30756
11   50140   31322   29141   48234   54526
12   23614   53458   51050   22779   28452
13   23125   52877   50189   21275   26601
14   22674   75874   54871   73512   29712
15   23288   44622   43349   18886   19538
16   23342   36042   37646   30743   27636
17   28797   32925   33449   22871   24161
18   34011   38587   36843   26747   31867
19   47136   28110   28937   48074   51146
20   26638   39570   38002   31075   31380
21   39872   43018   39079   31764   34170
22   19290   49018   47532   22717   22136
23   30740   35306   34553   28110   28070
24   23106   53206   51558   27379   28464
25   53248   34606   30079   49260   57194
26   49983   31165   28306   47748   53159
27   25352   46888   44350   20513   22146
28   18341   48017   49151   24161   22489
29   50278   31782   42267   31488   37226
30   50278   31782   29232   52821   54172
31   44668   25698   27065   49910   48350
32   29314   42246   41342   30971   34800
33   18978   48648   47443   22122   21712
34   29140   33348   34234   24289   25830
35   25206   37768   39277   28140   29644
36   35168   39852   36692   37035   32138
37   50112   31570   29219   52312   53030
38   46833   27795   28026   47502   49597
39   25779   38401   38822   28084   29187
40   34334   38930   35578   25739   31940
41   50373   22845   21565   40987   44857
42   32343   36743   34615   24155   29423
43   22109   43385   44095   19801   18433
44   27087   40043   38989   31733   31063
45   25071   46571   44957   20741   20919
46   22909   52941   50849   26047   26977
47   51356   24226   23529   47270   47934
48   52895   25665   24844   45298   49607
49   49068   21504   22172   42239   43630
50   32750   37164   34147   23590   28724
51   28185   49695   46412   18892   25397
52   50179   23569   23124   47306   47175
53   19133   48887   18810   24234   22305
54   31046   44062   40204   29577   35388
55   25360   55574   51445   26686   30874
56   43899   33349   34196   36774   39515
57   25585   38411   36774   29650   28861
58   32843   37297   34122   24056   28875
59   27166   48890   46654   23191   24772
60   43118   32452   33193   35098   37300
61   27183   31489   32628   26426   23671
62   32919   37677   34934   29000   29615
63   45550   26426   28038   47551   49204
64   29541   33989   33249   26559   25369
65   26767   48167   47107   19255   23959
66   55003   27875   24655   44519   51835
67   49323   21987   21111   44463   45035
68   28721   41533   39747   28601   33661
69   28634   50168   49399   19550   25080
70   49430   30586   28698   48227   53676
71   22965   44253   42501   17891   17929
72   28780   33146   32173   25346   25262
73   34348   39204   34998   29037   32238
74   48110   29384   27497   50328   52276
75   27876   49600   44984   21195   24086
76   50682   31928   30103   49358   54360
77   54439   27297   24288   44598   51167
78   50977   23531   21806   41754   45645
79   33660   28440   33960   27827   30174
80   48770   21408   21503   44942   43504
81   29544   42456   40102   29497   34722
82   22269   52009   51783   23185   27105
83   23917   53773   51961   23351   27953
84   49955   22451   23387   43155   45907
85   28870   41992   40597   33588   34492
86   49009   21669   21554   45494   43837
87   25866   28754   38280   31425   29576
88   30268   43466   39965   32802   35870
89   50073   22831   21428   45316   46005
90   27298   48774   47310   19979   24656
91   51263   24067   21441   44801   46247
92   29448   51010   46463   18420   25730
93   55079   28229   23354   47460   51039
94   47327   28569   27016   50278   51335
95   30344   52012   46856   19359   26882
96   48444   29726   26991   49720   51486
97   24361   45835   44514   20734   20069
98   25981   56039   52962   24978   30561
99   48683   30017   27042   50272   51819

Cold Shadow

       Level Codes

Colin McRae Rally

DARKSIDE - drive all stages at night
BACKAGAIN - drive all the tracks backwards (Finish to Start)
FREEWAY - dnlock all stages
PASSEDOUT - give Nicky control
WHITEOUT - race all tracks in fog
PRESSFAST - pedal power
CHOIRBOY - give Nicky a squeaky voice
SPECIALED - replay transition mode
ROCKETMAN - turbo boost
BIGGUNs - double power
TURNBACK - forklift steer
ALIENGOO - jelly car

College Slam

 Cheats: Players can be powered up. These powerups are activated with
 special controller and button moves during the "Tonight's Match-Up" screen.
 After a powerup is enabled, horns will sound. Some powerups can be
 combined with other powerups. These powerups only work on the
 "Head-To-Head", "Tournament Time", and "Semi Final" modes; the
 "Season Match-Up" mode has "No Hotspots, Powerups, or Secrets".

Hard Push = Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up
Turbo = Up, Up, Up, Pass, Pass, Pass
Quick Hands = Down, Shoot, Down, Shoot, Down, Shoot
Offense = Pass, Pass, Pass, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot
3 Pointers = Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Up, Up, Up
Goal Tend = Shoot, Pass, Shoot, Pass, Shoot, Pass
On Fire = Shoot, Shoot, Down, Shoot, Shoot
Big Heads = Down, Down, Down, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot
??? = Up, Shoot, Up, Shoot, Up, Shoot


      Hold down the and type WIN. You'll call up a new
      "cheats" menu. You'll be able to create additional
      units, destroy tribes, and a lot more.

         Now when you're on the Country select screen, select
      Europe and press Shift+4 for more money.

           Instant Build: When you are in cheat mode, just enter
      a city and press Spacebar. You'll build instantly.

Comix Zone

To get the cheat menu, type CAMERON

When you are in the game or at the start of the game Click on the
Option menu key at the top of the screen. Then click the menu bar
and the game should be paused. Now push the action key and then F3
once. You should have weapons in your weapon box.


     While holding down the backspace key, type in the
     following code during gameplay:
     kyle-Gain access to a cheat in the main menu to repair
     damage, reload weapons and fuel.

Commanche 3

     When in flight press "R" and enter one of the following:
     RATZ - Invisibility
     COWZ - Freeze opponents for 30 seconds
       IPIG - Ammo overload
       CAT9 - Double damage
       DOG9 - All weapons
       BAT9 - GPS Hellfires

Command and Conquer

     POWERLESS OBELISK-For an Obelisk that doesn't require
     power, do the
     following: Build an Obelisk then place it. Before it
     reaches the end of its
     building cycle click on it and hit S. The Obelisk will
     appear without the power
     requirement bar going up (there is on drawback: you
     can't build more buildings
      unless you have a second Construction Yard).

      ENDLESS MINI GUNNERS-For swarms of Mini gunners, you
      need a Guard Tower. Sell the Guard Tower then quickly click
      on it and hit S. The Mini gunners will pop out but the building
      will stay. This only works on Guard Towers.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

During the game, type 1982gonzo. In some versions, type gonzo1982. Then press the following key

Code            Result
SHIFT+V            Trace user
SHIFT+X            Teleports selected commandos
CTRL+I            Invincibility
CTRL+SHIFT+N           Finishes mission
CTRL+SHIFT+X           Destroy everything
Shift+F1/F2/F3/F4    Video mode

Backpack cheat:
The Diver can take two other men in his backpack. When his boat is in the water, pick it up using the hand. If
you let two
commandos step into the boat st the right moment, they'll go with the boat, into the backpack of the diver/spy.
Now you can
swim as a diver to the other side of the water, which is much less suspicious then when you use your boat. But
when you die,
the men you carry with you will die too! So be careful!

Enter these Level codes on the Password screen:

Mission       Code                   Mission Code
2          4JJXB          3          ZDD1T
4          RFF1J              5         K4TCG
6          DT1WN                      7       IH3W1
8          52WJ7                      9       924BF
10         HYBM3                      11       JF0P3
12         4MB4D              13        BJK4Y
14         TI8D1                      15       XQWDC
16          334MW                     17       VTIM3
18         R4OJF                      19       TFCWB
20         DDKW1

Commander Keen

      Anytime during gameplay, press A, 2, [ENTER]. Then hit
      F10 and one of the following keys:
      B+A+T-Get 99 shots, all keys, and an extra Keen
      D-Record a demo
      G-God Mode
      I-All items
      J-Jump Cheat
      M-Memory usage
      N-No clipping mode (useful only with the map screen)

Conquest Earth

After choosing your race at the Difficulty Selection screen, type in these level codes in all caps:

KICKS BUTT            - 5
TRIFFIDS              - 10
JUPITER                         - 15
BIG GREEN MONSTER             - 20
H G WELLS     - 25
TRIPOD                          - 30

Conquest of the New World

At the title screen before entering a solitary game, type:

quicks for increased movement rates
cheapu for half unit costs
cheapb for half building costs
produc for doubled building production
leader for better leaders
loadmp for editing your map

Note: These only work with the Deluxe Edition


Punk cheat:
If you are getting too many black marks from the council, get a level two
house, and make the tenants 'the punks.' After a while they should start to
complain about a hedge and will give you black marks if you do not
drastically decrease their rent. Drastically decrease their rent, and you
will receive some white marks. Then put it up again and repeat this until
you have no black marks left. Then either replace them, agree to their
demands or make them have children. If you continue to do this, you will
receive many white marks which can be exchanged for cash. (100 marks for

To activate the cheats you must go to the single player selection (these
cheats also work for the network game as well). Remember you can't see what
you're typing so type carefully. If the cheats are entered correctly you
will hear a beep. Once you enter the game press C and a plus sign (+)
should appear next to the date.

speed471       speed up the game in network play
worker902       buy worker whenever you want
gangster822 convert workers into gangsters anytime you want
weapons473       buy any weapon for your gangsters
tenants127     select any tenant anytime
fences673      build any fence whenever you want
loans039      borrow any amount of money from the bank
estates131    build any estate without limits
houses738      select any house at any time
build909      press Ctrl to build houses instantly
actions674     use all undesirable actions on easy level
gadgets337      build every gadget
missions824 use Alt-i to toggle missions off
complain840 turn off complaints by pressing Alt-c
cadets552     supply police cadets by pressing Alt-p and supply mob
          bribes by pressing Alt-m
teams418       change your team in single player mode
map751        play any map with any number of players

Continental Circus

When the first red light comes on, push the joystick forward. When the
second red light comes on, release the joystick. When the green light
comes on, push forward. The faster you do all this, the better you will
Cool Crock Twins

Level codes:

W1-1 :AAAA
W6-16 :MILP

Cool Spot

Type while playing

+ = Skip Level
F4 = Reduce energy to minimum
F10 = Change time to 10 seconds
O = Restore Energy
F6 = Add Cool %
M = Can move freely

Corridor 7

Press and hold W+A+X keys while playing. You will get all 9 Weapons, Full
Life, & Proximity Mines. However, your score will go to 0 every time you
use the cheat.

Cheat Mode:
Start the game by typing C7 LEVEL1DIAGNOSTIC. Now you can use these

Backspace+G = God Mode.
Backspace+W = Level warp.
Backspace+N = No clipping.
Backspace+R = Puts a skull in front of character.
Backspace+I = Increases score.


Pressing [C] [0] [F10] down simultaneously will give you a full
health and bombs. This cheat only works once per game.

Debug Mode: Pressing [tab] [del] [F12] at once activates debug mode. They are:

  * [F10] [G] - God mode
  * [F10] [W] - Warp
  * [F10] [M] - Display memory usage statistics

Cover Girl Street Poker

If you enter "BLUE" as your name, you can never lose.

Crash Bandicoot 2

      Jump on the little polar bear on the second floor a few
      times. You will earn 10-15 lives

Crazy Drake

ENTERSANDMAN           = God Mode
NEUROTECH     = Free Life
DRAKENUKEM      = Refills Time
PLUGANDPRAY = Free Smart Bomb
RADIOHEAD     = Finishes Level
ONEREALITY    = Refills Life
COLIN    = Increase To 20 Lives
ROCKETZRULES = 5000 Points
IDKFA    = Reduced To One Life And Very Low Health
DEBUG     = Numbers Displayed On Screen

Crime doesn't pay

Pause the game and ttype 'HALTBAKK IS KING' Restart. Infinite hoods are yours.

Critical Path

Edit the file ;CRITPATH.INI' using a DOS editor or NOTEPAD. Look for the strings
"Gates=", "G1=", and "G2=". Edit the figure in after "Gates=" to advance a level. To
have loads of lives at the end of each stage cange the figure after "G1=" and "G2=" to 8.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

   All secrets:
   Enter at the Password screen: Left, Left, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right,
   Left, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right

  argolife - Unlimited lives
  argoskip - Level select

Creature Shock

       At the DOS Prompt in the game directory, type :-
       L [Enter]
       E 0108 03 [Enter]
       W [Enter]
       Q [Enter]

Cricket '97

To use all of the following cheats you must first pause the game then type
in the codes...

Type in 121 and see what happens!

Type in 323 to make 'em run faster.

Type 111 and see what happens when the batsmen is bowled.

Type in 131. Kerrack.

Type in 321 to play with low gravity.


ARGOLIFE = Unlimited lives.
ARGOSKIP = Level Select
Croc : Legends of the Gobbos

L = Left, R = Right, D = Down, U = Up

R,R,D,U,L,U,U,R,L,U,R,R,L,U,D = access to all levels
L,L,L,L,D,R,R,L,L,D,R,D,L,U,R = all secrets

Crow: City of Angels

F6 - unlimited energy
F8 - next level part
F9 - no enemies

Crusin' USA

On the track select stage, hold down view 1 and 2 on the H280 for a
new stage. Hold down views 2 and 3 on the beverly hills stage to get
a new stage. And hold 1 and 3 down in Mount Rushmore for another new track.

Crusader: No Regret

      LOOSECANNON16 = Enable Cheats
      CTRL-F10 = Enable Immortality
      F10 = Get all weapons, max out energy, and get all
      H = Hack mover (Hold down shift, then click and drag
      F = Display object framework
      CTRL-V = Memory stats, version #, and other misc. stuff
      F7 = Display grid over level
      ALT-F7 = Display a different grid over level
      CTRL-F7 = Display yet another gred over level

      Useful Command Line Parameters
      -warp x (where x is a #) = Warp to level x
      -skill x = Change default skill level to x (useful when
      using -warp)

      Useless Command Line Parameters
      -asylum = Displays message "Enabling ENHANCED mode.
      -demo = Continuously loop intro

      To get a refill on ammo just drop the weapon your using
      and pick it
      up again.

Crusader: No Remorse

      After the game starts type:

      During the game hit F10 to replenish Energy.
      Hit CTRL-F10 to enable immortality

Crystal Caves

Customer Cheat : [X] [T] [R] [A] = Full Ammo
                  [N] [E] [X] [T] = Level warp

In shareware:   [Z] [E] [U] [S] = God Mode, Then [G] to reverse Gravity
Crystal of Arborea

Enter the main character screen. Now choose 'JAREL' and then click on the bottle
icon. Now hold down [CTRL]+[V] to get a lot of everything.

Curse of Ra

Try these:


Cyber Gladiators

      Type in the following code (quickly) at the Fighter
      Selection screen (you'll hear a noise if successful):
      Allows you (and your opponent) to rip limb from body:
      U+L, U, D, D+R (W+A, W, S, S+D on keys for Player 1)
      Gain unlimited continues:
      U, D, U, D, U, D, L, R, L (W, S, W, S, W, S, A, D, A on
      keys for Player
      Disco Mode (long floor and new dance moves):
      U, D, PK+SK (W, D, J+L on keys for Player 1)
      Fight as Bosses:
      Carnigore: Highlight Master Pain and hit SK, PP, PK (L,
      I, J on
      Schrapp: Highlight Psyclopps and hit PK, PP, SK, PP (J,
      I, L, I
      on keys)


      The password to access the computer is "einstein".
      When destroying the mutants in the Cyberia Complex,
      press ENTER and this
      will send a shock wave to get past them.


At the title screen RAISTLIN and press the space bar for unlimited ships. Press N to go to the next level

Cybernoid 2

At the title screen, type NECRONOMICON for unlimited ships. Press N to go to the next level, and L to restart
the level


      cyclone/cyclones 8335791 -w1-8 -a1,2or3 -j -l1-19

Cyril Cyberpunk

RSGOD   - Invulnerability
RSDOC   - Full Health
RSGOODIES - Full ammo, all guns, max boosters
RSKEYS   - All the keys
RSFUEL   - Full booster fuel
RSSHIELD - Shield on
RSEND   - End current level
RSLEVnn - Jump to level nn
RSFLYxxyy - Jump to xx, yy coordinates on current level
RSGRAV     - No gravity
RSNUKE     - Kill all monsters on level
RSLIFE   - Extra life
RSNOWALLS - No collision
RSDIE   - Takes away health and lives

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