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					                       FIRST ARMY FACT SHEET
                                       9 May, 2008

SUBJECT: Soldiers’ Demobilization Responsibility

Army Combat Uniform (ACU)

According to the National Defense Authorization Act signed by the President Jan 08,
soldiers who have been deployed in support of a contingency operation for at least 30
days are allowed to retain their combat uniforms that were issued as OCIE:

       a. ACU LINS: Coat (C10345); Trousser (T85614)
       b. Flame Resistant ACU LINS : Coat (DA151X) ; Trousser (DA150Z)
       c. Aviation Aircrew Combat Uniform LINS : Coat (DA150L) ; Trousser
       d. Combat and Improved Combat Vehicle Crewman Uniform LINS: CVC
          (C31189); Improved Universal (DA1521

The combat uniforms remain on the soldiers’ OCIE clothing record as transferable non-
recoverable item. Soldiers will remove and destroy the IR square sewn on the uniform
coat if the coat is no longer required for its intended purpose.

Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) Equipment

The following RFI equipment is considered non-recoverable and remains in the
possession of the soldier upon demobilization:

       a.   Boots (both temperate and hot weather)
       b.   Underwear (moisture wicking and silk weight)
       c.   Cold Weather Cap
       d.   Socks
       e.   Rigger Belt
       f.   Ballistic Goggles
       g.   Flyer’s Gloves

All other RFI equipment will be turned in to the Demobilization Station even if it is

Outer Tactical Vest (OTV) / Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV)

When RC units are fielded IOTVs in CONUS for deployment, they will return with them
and turn them in to the Demobilization Station CIF before departing for Home Station.
When RC units are fielded OTVs in CONUS for deployment, they will return with them
to the Demobilization Station. However, only extra small and small OTVs are turned in
to the CIF. All other size OTVs are annotated on the soldiers’ clothing record as OCIE
and on the units’ property book in PBUSE.
Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI) / Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts

SAPI plates are for pre-deployment training only. For deployment MTCs will exchange
SAPIs for ESAPIs. Upon demobilization, soldiers will turn in to the Demobilization
Station CIF all ballistic inserts and accessories other than medium size OTVs and larger.

Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE)

All deployment/theater specific, non-unit fielded OCIE purchased by MTCs with GWOT
dollars will be turned in to the Demobilization Station CIF upon redeployment. During
redeployment from theater, soldiers are required to return with all issued OCIE as To
Accompany Troops (TAT) and not packed in with unit equipment. For that purpose
soldiers are authorized to carry four (4) duffle bags and one (1) carry-on bag. Soldiers
arrive at the MTC with two (2) duffle bags as part of their peace time OCIE. For
deployment soldiers receive one (1) additional bag from the MTC CIF and one through
RFI fielding. Upon redeployment soldiers turn in the one (1) duffle bag issued by the
MTC CIF. The one (1) bag issue as RFI remains on the soldiers’ clothing records and
will not be turned in. Four (4) duffle bags and one (1) carry-on bag is the maximum
quantity of authorized baggage not to exceed 70 lbs each. Fewer bags can be used if the
redeployer can fit the equipment and personal items into a lower number of duffle bags.

Weapons and Protective Masks

Weapons and Protective Masks are organizational equipment, Class VII, and remain with
the unit. It is a COMPO responsibility to fill shortages for active drilling reservists prior
to MTC arrival. Protective masks and weapons remain on the property book of the
agency that issued them to the individual and will be returned upon redeployment to the
unit of origin. According to the Department of the Army Personnel Policy Guidance
(PPG) for Contingency Operations in Support of GWOT chapter 6-6, para b.(2),
individual augmentees without a parent unit will process through the CRC where they
will be issued OCIE, Weapons, and Protective Masks prior to deployment. Equipment
issued by the CRC will be laterally transferred via PBUSE from the CRC to the gaining
unit. When this occurs, issued items become unit owned property and are not required to
be returned to the CRC upon redeployment.

Logistics Automation
All units are required to redeploy with all unit MTOE authorized logistics STAMIS
(SAMS-E, PBUS-E, ULLS-A, ULLS-G, and SAAS-MOD). Unit will ship STAMIS as
To-Accompany-Troops. The intent is to enhance recovery at HS by gaining order-ship
lead time and receipts for parts shortages of stocked items and maintenance repair items
identified and recorded in ULLS/SAMS prior to a unit’s departure from the AOR. Units
will backup all databases and hand-carry the storage device (disk or tape).
Container procedures

 Containers will redeploy to an MTC, designated by First Army G4. Shipment of
personal property (TV’s, rugs, personal computers, bicycles, etc.) in government
containers is not authorized IAW Joint Federal Travel and Defense Transportation
Regulations (JFTR and DTR). Personnel in Temporary Change of Station (TCS) status
are not authorized to ship household goods or unaccompanied baggage at government
expense. While at the DMS, containers will not be opened by anyone other than the unit
or unit designated representative in order to maintain accountability and control of the
unit property. The unit will provide personnel to open/empty the containers. A complete
inventory of the container contents will be made by the unit or unit representative with
the ITO/DOL and documented. After inventory and removal of any GWOT/CONOPS
purchased materials, the contents will then be moved to the home station, via
transloading to unit and/or commercial conveyance to home station. All Compo 3
(USARC) equipment requiring reconstitution inside container’s will be serviced to TM
10/20 standards before shipment back to Home Station by the Equipment Demobilization
Site (EDS).


Direct any questions or concerns regarding equipment sourcing:

ARNG POC: MAJ Woody Arakawa              ; (703)

USARC POC: LTC Robert Reed                     ;
(404) 464-8152

First Army Maintenance POC: Mr. Michael Means; (404-

First Army STAMIS POC: Mr. Kevin Hill            ;
(404) 469-4260

First Army Supply & Service POC: Ms. Gabriele Duke (404)

Division East POC: MAJ Luis Barrera; (301) 833-8436/8325

Division West POC: MAJ Adalberto Morales, (719)