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					                                                                                                           GCBC News
Tales from the River Bank                                                                                   Lents 2008
                                    Editor: Hannah James. Contributors Mark Beevor, Andy Marsh, Owen Patey and Jennifer Gulliver

Welcome to the first edition of GCBC News:
Lents 2008 has brought its ups and downs and
                                                           Lents Bumps 2008: 7 Up! For the Men,
hopefully these pages will give you some idea of           disappointment for the Women.
just what we have been doing as we mess around
on the river.                                              M2 win blades, M1 narrowly miss out, and the women’s side battle valiantly
                                                           against the odds.
The Lent Bumps and their results were of course
the focus of the term, and proved to be a
particularly victorious set of races for the men’s
side (Up 7 overall), though anyone who saw W1
row can see why, despite the results, the women’s
side should be confident of a strong future. Race
reports can be found on the following pages. The
results in Lents were the end result of a term of
races that saw both M1 and W1 acquitted
themselves well and a full list of our races is also
                                                           M2 on their way to winning blades: Photo A Marsh
GCBC has continued its strong tradition of                 Race Reports W1: Down 4 (13th Women’s Division 1)
providing triallists for the University crews this
year, and March saw the boat club cheering on              Wednesday: Carnage results in that rare thing- a division 1 re-row- to be held
Katie Wood in Blondie and Richard Stutt in
Goldie. It is a shame that neither were able to            Thursday: Bumped by Pembroke (re-row) and bumped by Queens
celebrate victories.
                                                           We had the re-row before the M4 division of the first race. Just us vs
As always we look forward to seeing you all at the         Pembroke! We had a good start, but the nerves of the situation got to us
                                                           and we failed to set into a race rhythm. We stayed strong and held Pembroke
Mays Marquee. It promises to be an interesting             off until Ditton, but they bumped us on the corner.
year with all our crews aiming to add to Lents
victories. More information on this term’s races          We had half an hour back at the BH to recover and put the re-row behind us
can be found on the new GCBC webpage:                     before having to set off again for race 2! We aimed to power onto Pembroke
                                                          before they got Newnham. We stayed level with Pembroke off the start, but
                                                          Queens being fresh for the race powered onto us. We held                             Queens off and there were a few times when they pushed onto us and we
                                                          pushed off them, but coming round Ditton they got very close. Andy steered
We hope to see you all out on the bank during             us away from the bump and we ended up side by side on the reach. We
May Bumps and thank you for your on-going                 managed to push them half way down the reach before they managed to get
support.                                                  bow ball past bow ball. An epic race!

                                                           Bumped twice in one day - it's not often that happens in bumps!!!
The GCBC Committee
                                                           Friday: Bumped by Christs
Bumps Reports: Pg 1-3                                      Saturday: Bumped by St Catz
Lent term results round up: Pg 4
Equipment News: Pg 4
This year’s Triallists: Pg 4
The Mays Marquee: Pg 4
Contact the editor:
Contact the Infidels:
The GCBC Committee 2008-2009: President, Mark Gosling; Women’s Captain, Katie Wood; Men’s Captain,
Junior Treasurer and Sponsorship, Mark Beevor; Secretary, Simon Hay; Women’s Captain Elect, Hannah
Sensecall; Men’s Captain Elect, Alex Broadhurst; Webmaster and LBC, Owen Patey; LBC’s, Matt Tovey,
Alex Stockler, Jonathan Fuhrmann; Social Secretary, Andy Marsh; Coxing Rep, Wei-Fong Chan; Senior
Treasurer, Dr A Reid; Health and Safety: Fran Malaree

                                                                                      M1 on their way to bumping Wolfson (left) and Caius II
                                                                                      (above): Photo A Marsh 2008

Race Reports M1: Up 3 (3rd Men’s Div 2)                                                   Race Reports M2: Blades (6th Men’s Div 3)
Tuesday: Bumped St Catz                                                               Tuesday: The 2nd men went off with very quick start and left
                                                                                      Cauis for dead!. We soon got whistle on LMBC and just before
I don't think much could have stopped my 1st men from stepping in the boat            grassy they caught a crab and we pushed on and bumped
today, fully pumped and eager to finally show the other colleges (and the             them!!
bumps programme) what they are made of. Equipment failure in Caius M2
meant we waited slightly longer than expected.                                        Wednesday: M2 went off with good start pulling away from
                                                                                      LMBC (till Eddies got them). We soon got whistles on Fitz II
The start was fast, and definitely not one of our tidiest. Peterhouse were also       and bumped them before the first corner!! They then rammed
fast off the start, faster than us, and after starting a bit within station weren't   the bank and had to send their 4 man to A+E with broken ribs!.
far off a length away before we strode. The gun was deafening on the ears
from our station, but the stride call is something you always hear. Adrenaline        Friday: Bumped Robinson II
saw us go from 42 to 39 for a while, but a lengthen call calmed the boat
down and the rating came down to more controlled rhythm. At half way                  Saturday: Bumped Trinity Hall II
down the Motorway reach Peterhouse had closed the gap even more, and we               Andy Marsh, M2 Captain
were a whistle from Catz. The rowing wasn't our best, it was quite far from           Ed’s note: The Fitz M2 rower and boat are absolutely fine. A
our best and we knew it.                                                              steering error had put them into the bank a few seconds before
                                                                                      M2 hit them and the injuries were the result of that impact.
But the guys did what needed to be done, and as we heard that first whistle
from Catz, something clicked, and the crew settled down and really started
moving. Coming round first post corner we were pushing away from
Peterhouse, and gaining on Catz, being about half a length away, until                    W1 paddling home. Photo A Marsh 2008
Hannah screams hold it up. Confusion set in. Catz had taken the run around
the corner to get out of the way of Fat 2 who were clearing the river, so our
half a length had turned into a big overlap quite quickly. According to the
marshal, Catz had enough room to get past, and had taken a bad line, and as
we looked like getting them somewhere around grassy, we were awarded the

The decision for no greenery was taken due to confusion around our bump
and not 100% certainty, but they'll be lots of other chances for it later in the
week! :D Continued Pg 3
Race Reports M1: Up 3 (3rd Men’s Div 2): continued from Page 2              Race Reports M1: Up 3 (3rd Men’s Div 2): continued.

Thursday: Bumped Wolfson: Head of the Boathouse!                            Friday: continued.
Today was a big day for Girton M1. We were chasing Wolfson,                 The plough reach was the fastest this crew had ever gone. The rating
which meant that boathouse dominance was up for grabs. From races           stayed at 35/36, but felt more like 32 with the power that was being
throughout the term, the crew knew that we were more than capable           put down. By the start of Ditton, we had 3 whistles on Cauis II, and
of catching Wolfson, and so confidence was on our side. The row             were still gaining fast despite the wash. With the Cauis II cox refusing
down to the start was perfect, the first day butterflies had gone, and      to concede, we hit their stern half-way round the corner, and hit them
the boat was starting to enjoy the experience. Moving one position up       hard. A very well deserved bump for the crew, and most enjoyable as
on the river meant that we were no longer directly next to the cannon       well!
and the outflow, two things I was very much grateful for.
                                                                            Saturday - Rowed over
Our start was fast, and much more controlled than the first day. We         Today we were chasing Robinson M1. A crew that were more on
strode from 41 to a comfortable 36. St Catz had stayed roughly on           pace with our speed, and so would be much harder work to catch. The
station until now, but as we settled into a rhythm we starting moving       crew by this stage in bumps was having an awesome week. We were
away without a problem, it was all about hunting down Wolfson now.          rowing well together, and getting the results we wanted, so
Coming round 1st post we had started to gain on them, and we                confidence was on a high. Everyone knew what getting a bump today
received our first whistle at the crossover point.                          would mean, but the word 'blade' was not mentioned, in order to keep
                                                                            nerves from playing a role. Once again the row down was beautiful.
The rowing remained controlled and the rate had gone down to about          The crew has really come together over the past few days and is
34 at this point. Coming round Grassy, our cox Hannah took an               having some of the best rowing all term.
incredible line, which then brought us to 2 whistles coming out of the
corner. The crew remained very settled down plough reach, as we             The start was once again fast, winding to 41, and the stride, to 37 then
slowly reeled the bump in. Wolfson put in some strong pushes in a           35, nice and controlled. 1st post seemed to arrive in a second, and
bid to lose us, but we were a fit crew and stayed with them, gaining 3      Robinson had pulled away slightly by grassy corner. They knew we
whistles coming into Ditton. Our rowing suffered slightly in the            were quick and hit it off the start as hard as they could. Grassy was
strong wash around the corner, but another excellent line by Hannah         tidy, but not as powerful as the previous day and so coming down
kept us right on them. The continuous whistle was blowing as we             plough reach, Robinson were a bit over 2 lengths away. We were
came out of the corner and then the wondrous screams of 'Hold it up'        rowing well, and fast, Cauis II were left behind after plough reach,
soon followed.                                                              but we needed more if a bump was going to happen.

A first 'proper' bump for some of the crew, and a very well deserved        Coming round Ditton the crew really started to attack the race, and the
bump for the whole boat, lots of greenery was needed!                       power fully came on. We knew Robinson must be starting to tire, and
                                                                            strong pushes down the reach saw the distance start to close. The
Friday: Bumped Caius II: About Time!                                        powerful reach saw us get to a length behind Robinson, when they
The crew was on a high, and wanted to hit more things. This time we         started to respond, determined to get away. The rating had dropped to
were chasing Cauis II. The row down was once again perfect, and I           33, but the power and rhythm was still there and a huge push off the
was very happy with the attitude of the crew. Today it felt that there      Girton bridge saw us close again on the Robinson boat.
was no pressure, for the campaign was already a success, and so we
were able to just go out and do our stuff. The nerves had completely        This last stretch of the race was painful, but the crew didn't stop
gone, which is something that troubles many crews in bumps.                 attacking, desperately trying to get the bump. Robinson though were
                                                                            not going to give up, and were able to push us back onto station every
Our start was once again fast and solid, the best so far this bumps,        time we moved on them. The finish saw us finish roughly just inside
winding it up to 42/43 before striding down to 37 which then                station, and exhausted. Initially disappointment set in as we did not
naturally came down to 35/36 after a few strokes. Due to moving up          succeed in blades, but we rowed a good race and hats off to Robinson
in the bumps positions, we were moving round 1st post corner very           for being able to keep pushing off us (friendly words were swapped in
soon after the stride, and were hungrily searching for the first whistle.   pub afterwards). We just weren't quite fast enough.
Coming down past the crossover point, we managed to convert calls
for inside station into the first whistle. Upon hearing this the crew       The bumps campaign had been very successful, going up 3 out of 4, a
settled into a strong powerful rhythm, and after a fast grassy corner,      huge achievement for the top of the 2nd division. And thanks goes out
everything seemed to click into place and the crew started picking the      to all of the crew for such a big effort throughout the term. Bring on
boat up together and pushing hard for the next whistle.                     Mays!!

                                                                            Mark Beevor, Men’s Captain and Captain M1.
   We would like to hear from you!:
   Please email suggestions of what you would like to see in our Newsletter to the editor: Hannah James

Race Results Lent term 2008                                                Race Reports W2: Level (6th Women’s Div 3):
Winter Head 2 Head:                                                        Day 1: Row Over
W1: 8th of 12 Women’s First Boats: Overall Time: 17:19                     Day 2: Bumped Queens II
Leg 1: 8:04, Leg 2: 9:15                                                   Day 3: Row Over
M1: 15th of 16 Men’s First Boats: Overall Time: 15:22                      Day 4: Bumped by Selwyn II
Leg 1: 7:00, Leg 2: 8:22.

Newnham Short Course:                                                      Successful Triallists 2008
M1: 4th Placed Men’s 1st VIII: 6:06
                                                                           Katie Wood (GCBC Women’s Captain 2007-08):
Robinson Head:
M1: 15th Place Overall: 9:26                                               Blondie.

Pembroke Regatta:                                                          Tough conditions greeted the CULRC and CUWBC crews on race
Men’s 1st VIIIs:                                                           day, and with weather conditions worsening the decision was made to
Round 1: Row over against St Catz M1                                       move the Women’s Blue Boat race to earlier in the day. This meant
Round 2: Lost to Selwyn M1 by ¾ Length                                     that Osiris vs Blondie was held in the worst possible conditions.

Women’s 1st VIIIs:                                                         The start was close and a tight race looked on the cards until a
Round 1: Lost to Christs W1                                                particularly rough patch of water caused a boat stopping crab to be
                                                                           caught by a member of the Blondie crew. Despite a valiant effort to
                                                                           regain ground, Osiris won.
May Bumps Marquee
                                                                           Katie will be rowing with W1 in Mays 2008
The members of Girton College Boat Club cordially invite you to join
them on Saturday 14th June 2008 to support our crews on the last day       Richard Stutt (GCBC Men’s Captain 2006-07): Goldie
of May Bumps at the GCBC May Bumps marquee.
                                                                           The last minute replacement of the Cambridge Blue Boat’s stroke
The May bumps marquee is swiftly becoming a tradition for GCBC.            man gave Rich the chance to row in the Goldie crew in his second
Situated at the top of the reach on the meadow side, the marquee           year of trialling. Isis won the race in 20min 43 seconds, with Goldie
offers food and refreshments to the friends, family, alumni and            finishing in 20min 54. Timings for the race were as follows (source:
members of GCBC. The location is wonderfully positioned to catch  Isis/Goldie: One Mile 4.10/4.09;
all the action in the higher divisions as chased crews begin to tire and   Hammersmith Bridge 7.32/7.33; Chiswick Steps: 12.12/12.17; Barnes
crack, out muscled by superior crews coming around Ditton corner.          Bridge 17.12/17.20; Finish 20.43/20.54

Tickets for the marquee cost £8 each if ordered before the 10th June       Rich will be rowing with M1 in Mays 2008 and is currently training
(non-refundable). Alternatively tickets can be bought at the marquee       with CUBC for Henley.
on the day, for the cost of £10. The price includes 4 items of
food/drink (with a maximum of two food items, but as many of the           Equipment News:
four as you like can be drinks). There will be burgers, hot dogs,
salads, pimms, lagers, juices, soft drinks and much more!                  GCBC are in the process of ordering a Janousek 4+ for use by the
                                                                           Senior men’s squad. The boat will allow the men to enter events such
Alumni should contact Hannah James at the Development Office               as University Fours without having to hire a racing shell.
                                                                           A donation has paid for half of the four, but we are looking for help in
Friends, family and current rowers of GCBC should contact the              paying for the other half. If you think you could help or would like to
President, Mark Gosling:                                   know more about supporting GCBC or about joining the Infidels (our
                                                                           Alumni rowing club), please contact the Development Director, Fran
                                                                           Malaree (Blades with W2 Mays 2007):

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