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									                  Café Scientific at Science in the City
          Friday 20 August 2004| Australian Museum| Sydney

               Are you conscious now?
                 With Dr Susan Blackmore and Dr Alun Anderson

                         Hosted by Dr Paul Willis, ABC TV Catalyst

6.30pm       Jazz by the Azo Bell trio (a good time to buy drinks and dinner)
7pm          Welcome from Paul Willis
7.10 pm      Alun Anderson - a brief history of consciousness
7.20 pm      Susan Blackmore – Are you conscious now?
8pm          Break
8.10pm       Alun and Susan – discussion, plus questions from the audience
9pm          Finish – please stay around and enjoy the music.

Tonight, we investigate some of the burning questions about the human mind: what is the
nature of consciousness? How do you know when you are conscious? Could you ever be
‘aware’ of being unconscious? Does the stream of consciousness really exist? What can we
do to develop our own unique consciousness? And what the heck is consciousness anyway?

                Dr Susan Blackmore
                Susan has a degree in psychology and physiology from Oxford University
                and a PhD in parapsychology from the University of Surrey. Her research
                interests include memes, evolutionary theory, consciousness, and
                meditation. Her books include Beyond the Body, Dying to Live (on near-
                death experiences), Test Your Psychic Powers , The Meme Machine and a
                new textbook Consciousness: An Introduction.

                  Dr Alun Anderson
                  Alun has been Editor-in-Chief and Publishing Director of New Scientist
                  magazine since 1999. His PhD at the University of Edinburgh was on vision,
                  then he found time to study Chinese landscape painting, climb the
                  Himalayas, and work in an Indian refugee camp. He did a postdoctoral
                  fellowship at the University of Kyoto in Japan on the visual systems of
                  butterflies and bees. Alun had been Editor for the journals Nature and
                  Science before joining New Scientist.
Tonight’s host Paul Willis is a reporter with ABC TV’s science program,
Catalyst. A trained palaeontologist, he quickly discovered jobs for fossil
crocodile specialists were thin on the ground and things were looking
grim until the ABC took pity on him. He regularly hosts Café Scientific
and other public science events for the ABC, and can also be heard
with his fellow Science Lout, Bernie Hobbs, doing science talkback on
local ABC radio stations around Australia.

CAFE SCIENTIFIC brings scientists out of the labs and into the cafes and pubs.
In an everyday discussion, they let us in on their expert knowledge and opinions. Find out
about the latest science ideas and issues and join in with your own questions and comments.
Café Scientific is a partnership between ABC Science, British Council and New Scientist
magazine. Based on the UK's Cafe Scientifique, it is a public event for the discussion and
debate of current issues in science. The first ‘Cafe Scientifique’ sessions were held in the UK in
Leeds in 1998. Since then, they have sprung up across England and expanded to the USA,
Canada and even Egypt. When the event came to Australia and New Zealand, the name
Cafe Scientific was adopted.

You are welcome to join the discussion. If you want to make a comment, ask a question or
suggest an answer - just wave or yell for the microphone. We're recording the session so we
want all the questions and comments included. It isn't necessarily going to air - there would
be editing before hand anyway - so if you say something REALLY silly - let us know if
something should be edited out!
Science in the City is brought to you by the Australian Museum, the University of NSW, the University of Sydney and the
 University of Technology. The major supporter is the Australian Government through the Department of Education,
                                                  Science and Training.

                           Live music tonight from the Azo Bell Trio

Don’t forget to fill out the questionnaire tonight for a chance to
                win a New Scientist subscription!

                     Cafe Scientific goes to various locations throughout Australia.
                             See for details.

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