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					               Environmentally advanced
                alternative to traditional
                pressure treated timber

              Complete protection against
                decay and insect attack.

                No maintenance required
                  following installation -
                simply fit it and forget it!

                  The ideal material for
                 BUILDING and FENCING                                   the NEW CHOICE in
                         timbers.                                         treated timber

                                                                 ... ready and

James Callander and Son Ltd

       TELEPHONE 01324 621563 FAX 01324 634386
                                                   James Callander and Son Ltd
                                                   SAWMILLERS & TIMBER MERCHANTS
               E MAIL
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Environmentally advanced
... make the most of                                                  at     James Callander and Son Ltd
                                                                             SAWMILLERS & TIMBER MERCHANTS
                                                                                                             SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS
                                                                                                             If you are looking for special timber sections or lengths
                                                                                                                                                                                                  alternative to traditional
                                                                                                                                                                                                  pressure treated timber
                                                                                                             that are not in our ready treated range, we can
Timber is still our most           complete protection against                                               quickly arrange treatment to ensure your total                                     Complete protection against
versatile and adaptable            decay and insect attack.                                                  requirements have the very best of protection.                                       decay and insect attack.
construction material. A warm      A protection that will give YOU
and attractive product, it is      and YOUR CUSTOMERS                                                        PROVEN PERFORMANCE                                           No maintenance required
easily worked for a wide variety   complete peace of mind in a                                                                                                              following installation -
                                                                                                             TANALITH® is the original and most renowned brand of
of end uses and has a              job well done that will last and                                          pressure treated timber available. It has a performance      simply fit it and forget it!
tremendous natural strength.       last!
                                                                                                             record going back over 60 years.
Yet timber can be made to          And at JAMES CALLANDER we                                                                                                                 The ideal material for
perform to even higher
                                                                                                                  Now new TANALITH® E has a proven performance             BUILDING and FENCING
                                   have a range of ready treated
standards. TANALITH® E treated                                         1. Timber is placed                                 that makes it the leading choice for                     timbers.
                                   TANALITH® E treated timber              in an industrial
timber has been pressure           components just waiting for         treatment cylinder                                            environmentally advanced
impregnated in an industrial                                                 and an initial                                                  treated timber throughout the
                                   your next job.                      vacuum is created.
process with TANALITH® E                                                  The timber cells                                                             UK and Europe.
environmentally advanced                                                 are evacuated of
                                   James Callander and Son Ltd                 air and the                     BUILDING TIMBERS
wood preservative to add a         SAWMILLERS & TIMBER MERCHANTS           vacuum is held.
                                                                                                               All length packed in range 2.4m - 4.8m                            James Callander and Son Ltd
                                                                           2. The cylinder is                                                                                    SAWMILLERS & TIMBER MERCHANTS
                                                                              flooded under                    Profile                           Pieces per pack
                                                                                vacuum with                    10mm x     38mm                      1008
                                                                           Tanalith® E wood                                                                                 FENCING TIMBERS
                                                                                preservative.                  15mm x     150mm                      252
                       BUILDING TIMBERS                                                                        19mm x     38mm                       504                    POSTS
                                                                                                               22mm x     38mm                       504                     75mm x 75mm
                         JAMES CALLANDER carry a wide                                                          22mm x     75mm                       312                     Pointed or square ended
                          range of ready treated building                       3. Hydraulic                   22mm x     100mm                      240                     112 pieces per pack
                          timbers - JOISTS, SARKING, BATTENS,                     pressure is                  22mm x     125mm                      192
                                                                            applied, forcing                                                                                 1.5, 1.65, 1.8, 2.1, 2.4m
                                                                                                               22mm x     150mm                      168
                         CARCASSING - in the popular sizes.                 the preservative
                                                                             into the timber                   25mm x     38mm                       504                     100mm x 100mm
                            All are TANALITH® E treated to a                            cells.
                                                                                                               25mm x     50mm                       480                     Pointed or square ended
                            desired service life of 60 years.                                                  38mm x     50mm                       336                     80 pieces per pack
                                                                                                               47mm x     50mm                       252
                                                                           4. A final vacuum                                                                                 1.5, 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 3.0, 3.6m
                                                                              extracts excess
                                                                                                                                      Kiln Dried          Unseasoned
                                                                                                                                      Pieces per pack     Pieces per pack   SLATS
                       FENCING TIMBERS                                     solution, which is
                                                                            pumped back to                                                                                   19mm x 100mm
                                                                                                               47mm   x   75mm             224                168
                        JAMES CALLANDER carry a range                                storage.                                                                                300 pieces per pack
                                                                                                               47mm   x   100mm            160                120
                         of ready treated POSTS, RAILS,                                                        47mm   x   125mm            128                 96            1.8, 3.6m
                                                                             5. Low pressure
                         RANCH BOARDS AND SLATS.                           inside the timber                   47mm   x   150mm            112                 84
                                                                            draws in surface                   47mm   x   175mm             96                 72           RANCH BOARDS
                         All are TANALITH® E treated to a                        preservative                                                                                19mm x 150mm
                                                                              solution when                    47mm   x   200mm             80                 60
                        desired service life of 20 years.                           vented to                  47mm   x   225mm             80                 60
                                                                                                                                                                             1.8, 3.6m
                                                                           Treated timber is                   75mm   x   100mm            100                 80
                                                                           then stored until                   75mm   x   150mm             70                 56           RAILS
                                                                                   dry before                  75mm   x   175mm             60                 48
                                                                                    despatch.                                                                                32mm x 75mm
                                                                                                               75mm   x   200mm             50                 40
                                                                                                                                                                             3.6, 4.2m
           O R D E R A N D E N Q U I RY D E TA I L S T O                                                       75mm   x   225mm             50                 40

           PHONE        01324 621563
                                                                                                               All 47mm and 75mm x 100mm up to 225mm are end stamped
           FAX          01324 634 386                                                                          J CROWN C.

           E MAIL
           CONTACTS: BRYAN, GRANT AND ALLAN                                                                                               ... ready and waiting at                                James Callander and Son Ltd
                                                                                                                                                                                                  SAWMILLERS & TIMBER MERCHANTS

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