Unitized GroUp ration - aâ„¢ (UGr-aâ„¢) MenU iMproveMents DoD CFD by mut20824


									Unitized GroUp ration - a™ (UGr-a™)
MenU iMproveMents | DoD CFD

2004 Production                                             ITEMS OUT:
ITEMS IN:                                                   Breakfast: Creamed ground sausage, Turkey sausage
                                                            links, Fried egg patty, Bagel w/Spanish omelet, Banana
Breakfast: Bagel w/ Spanish omelet, Fried egg               nut loaf
patty, Ham & cheese omelet, Cheddar cheese omelet,
Canadian bacon, Blueberry muffin, Spice cake w/             Lunch/Dinner: Salmon in lemon herb sauce, Chicken
cinnamon crumb topping, Banana nut loaf, Peppers &          strips, Peppers & onions, Rice pilaf, Peppermint patty
onions                                                      brownie, Ranger cookie, Oatmeal cookie, Peanut butter
                                                            chocolate chip cookies
Lunch/Dinner: Rotisserie chicken, Pot roast, Pork
ribs, Pizza filled bread stick, Banana cake (frosted),      2007 Production
Peppermint patty brownie, Chocolate cake w/ vanilla
frosting, vanilla cake w/ chocolate frosting, Lemon         ITEMS IN:
glazed cupcakes, Carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting,
Brownie w/ butterfinger® pieces, Ranger cookies,            Breakfast: Scrambled eggs (dehydrated, BIB), Chorizo
Chicken gravy, Peas                                         breakfast wrap, Omelet kit (eggs, onions, peppers,
                                                            ham), Cheddar sausage gravy, Breakfast chorizo
ITEMS OUT:                                                  (Mexican sausage) & diced potatoes, Ranchero steak,
                                                            Assorted grits, Assorted oatmeal, Corned beef hash,
Breakfast: Creamed ground beef, Blueberry scones            Creamed ground beef, Creamed ground sausage,
                                                            Waffles, Apple juice, Egg sausage & pancake sandwich,
Lunch/Dinner: Pork loin, Roast beef, Boneless pork          Cinnamon bagel, Cinnamon twists, Assorted Danish,
meat, Devils fudge cake, Spice cake w/ cinnamon             Blueberry pancake & sausage stick, Frosted Blueberry
crumb topping, Banana nut loaf, Chocolate cake, Sweet       Pop-Tarts®
potatoes, Apple dessert, Chocolate brownie
                                                            Lunch/Dinner: Stuffed pork chop, BBQ beef brisket,
2005 Production                                             BBQ pulled pork, Beef w/broccoli, Asian chili garlic
ITEMS IN:                                                   chicken, Meatballs in marinara sauce, Sweet potatoes,
                                                            Potato wedges, Herbed mashed potatoes, Garlic mashed
Breakfast: Taco (egg, cheese, vegetable), vegetable         potatoes, Turtle brownies, Cornbread (jalapeño & plain),
omelet, Almond biscotti, Poptarts® w/ brown sugar           White chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookie, Chocolate
frosting, Bagel w/ cream cheese                             chunk cookies, Apple pie slices, Jelly roll, Snickers®
                                                            brownie, Assorted iced teas
Lunch/Dinner: Blackened catfish, Salmon in lemon
herb sauce, Meatloaf in barbeque sauce, General Tso         ITEMS OUT:
chicken, Peaches in peach gelatin, Zucchini w/ tomatoes,
Peaches in peach gelatin, Mixed fruit in cherry gelatin,    Breakfast: All frozen egg products (cheddar cheese
Chocolate pudding tubes, vanilla pudding tubes, Straw-      omelet, fried egg patty, & frozen whole eggs), Santa Fe
berry banana pudding tubes, Chocolate chunk brownie         steak, Raspberry Danish, Bagel w/cream cheese, Sweet
                                                            potato pancakes
                                                            Lunch/Dinner: Country style pork ribs, General Tso
Breakfast: Raspberry swirls, Spice cake w/ cinnamon         chicken, Blackened catfish, Meatballs (w/o sauce), Pork
crumb topping, Cinnamon scones                              chops, Au gratin potatoes, Frosted banana cake, Short-
                                                            bread cookies, Lemon glazed cupcakes, Peanut butter
Lunch/dinner: Fried chicken, Barbeque beef, Teriyaki        chocolate chip cookie, Chocolate chip cookie, Chocolate
chicken, Chicken breast, Mixed vegetables                   cake w/chocolate frosting
2006 Production                                             2008 Production
ITEMS IN:                                                   ITEMS IN:
Breakfast: Maple sausage patty, Santa Fe steak con          Breakfast: Cinnamon roll w/icing, Chocolate toaster
queso sauce, Egg patty w/cheese, Powdered sugar donut,      pastry sticks, Strawberry toaster pastry sticks, Chocolate
Coffee cake muffin, Raspberry Danish, Butter Buds®          chocolate chip muffin, Strawberry waffle cookie, French
                                                            toast cookie, Blueberry pancake, Pork chop, French toast
Lunch/Dinner: Shrimp scampi w/penne pasta, Chicken          sausage taquito, Shelf stable bacon, Southwest skillet
& broccoli w/penne pasta, Hot dogs, Mashed potatoes         potatoes, Sausage skillet potatoes, Tropical juice blend,
w/ skins, Italian style green beans, Corn muffin, Italian   Caffeinated sugar free beverages (apple, cranberry)
lemon cake, Confetti cupcakes, Reese’s Pieces®,
Chicken fajitas, Chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting,       Lunch/Dinner: Southwest chicken pasta, Shelf stable
Gatorade® (Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry, Lemon Lime),           chili, Pollock w/mustard sauce, Pork chop w/enchilada
Butter Buds®                                                sauce, Chicken nuggets (plain & buffalo), Apple taquito,
                                                            Cinnamon roll cookies, Apple cinnamon snack cake,

Crisp rice & marshmallow bar, Lemon cooler cake,           Breakfast: Chocolate chocolate chip muffins, Strawberry
Bite-size chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate decadence      waffle cookie, French toast, Blueberry muffin, Cinnamon
cake, Strawberry cream cake, Honey mustard BBQ             bagel w/maple cream cheese, Blueberry pancake & pork
sauce, Sugar free electrolyte beverages (fruit punch,      sausage stick, Egg taco w/cheese & vegetable, Pork chop,
lemon lime)                                                Creamed ground sausage, Southwest skillet potatoes,
                                                           Queso sauce
                                                           Lunch/Dinner: Southwest chicken pasta, Sweet potatoes,
Breakfast: Raspberry Danish, Waffle, Buttermilk biscuit,   Chicken fajitas, Pollock w/mustard sauce, Pork chop w/
Potatoes w/chorizo, Bacon, Roast beef hash, Cheddar        enchilada sauce, Pork chop w/apple cornbread stuffing,
sausage w/gravy, Minced onions, Cinnamon maple             Macaroni & cheese, Pineapple, Cinnamon roll cookies, Jelly
sprinkles, Cran-orange juice                               roll, Apple cinnamon snack cake, Carrot cake, Lemon cooler
Lunch/Dinner: Chicken parmesan w/spaghetti sauce,          cake, Strawberry cream cake
Ziti, Meatloaf w/BBQ sauce, Asian chili garlic chicken,
                                                           2010 Production
White rice, Chocolate cake w/white frosting, Oatmeal
cookies, Chocolate chunk brownie, White cake w/            ITEMS IN:
chocolate frosting, Italian seasoning, Parmesan cheese,
Soy sauce                                                  Breakfast: Chicken breakfast fillet, Beef breakfast skillet,
                                                           Sausage & egg quesadilla, Blueberry pancake & sausage,
2009 Production                                            whole grain strawberry toaster pastry
ITEMS IN:                                                  Lunch/Dinner: Tomatillo pork, Pasta Alfredo w/ chicken,
                                                           Meatloaf, Cashew chicken, Loaded mashed potatoes,
Breakfast: Variety pack muffins, Oatmeal (indiv.           Poblano corn chowder, Collard greens, Cinnamon coffee
packets; apple cinnamon, Golden brown maple, Raisin        cake, Caramel apple pecan coffee cake, Blueberry muffin
spice), Whole grain cinnamon glazed French toast,          (shelf stable), Whole grain strawberry toaster pastry, Dulce
Cinnamon bagel w/apple filling, Bacon & egg quesadilla,    de leche mini cheesecake bites, Pineapple coconut cake,
Ham slice, Cheddar sausage w/gravy, All-purpose sauce      Almond pan coated chocolate discs, Ready-to-bake cookies
Lunch/Dinner: Chicken fried steak, Fried chicken,          w/ chocolate discs, Red velvet cake, Dulce de leche cake,
Sausage scaloppini, Enchilada kit (chicken & beef),        Peanut butter cookies
Blackened catfish, Chicken teriyaki thighs, Prime rib,     ITEMS OUT:
Potato wedges, Long grain & wild rice (garden vegetable
blend), Country gravy w/black pepper, Oatmeal raisin       Breakfast: Sausage skillet potatoes, Creamed ground beef,
cookies, Peanut butter cookies, Pecan praline snack        Strawberry toaster pastry
cake, Harvest pumpkin cake, Amaretto cream cake,
Chocolate cappuccino cake, Pecan pie slice, All-purpose    Lunch/Dinner: Chicken nuggets (Buffalo & plain), Penne
sauce, Horseradish sauce, Sugar free tube beverages        w/ chicken & broccoli, Hamburgers & hot dogs
(blueberry white tea, Cranberry pomegranate, Fruit
punch, wild berry w/calcium)                               2011 Production
                                                           ITEMS IN:
                                                           Breakfast: Beef tornado, Chipotle bacon, Whole grain
                                                           muffin, Potato pancakes
                                                           Lunch/Dinner: Buffalo macaroni & cheese, ACES recom-
                                                           mended steak cut, Spicy pork wings, Burgundy beef short
                                                           ribs, BBQ ribs, Spicy General Tso’s chicken, Maple glazed
                                                           sweet potatoes, Chocolate/Vanilla cupcakes, Individual
                                                           cheesecakes (chocolate & vanilla), Almond cupcakes, Sweet
                                                           potato pie, Lemon raspberry white chocolate cake
                                                           ITEMS OUT:
                                                           Breakfast: Pancake sandwich, Maple sausage patty,
                                                           Muffins, Blueberry pancakes
                                                           Lunch/Dinner: Tri tip steak, Chicken nuggets, Chicken
                                                           fried steak, Cashew chicken, Cappuccino cake, Pecan
                                                           praline snack cake, Confetti cupcakes, Pecan pie, Italian
                                                           lemon cake

                                                           point of ContaCt:
                                                           Combat Feeding
                                                           Phone: COMM (508) 233-4670, DSN 256-4670
                                                           E-Mail: nati-amsrd-nsc-ad-b@conus.army.mil
  Harvest pumpkin cake, cHocolate
  cappuccino cake (“in” items, 2009)

                                      TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN. WARFIGHTER FOCUSED.

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