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									Quality Assuring the use of PLUS Materials

This document provides a checklist for organisations that will assist them in utilising PLUS materials in a planned way as part of a broader
strategy for the improvement of literacy, numeracy and the wider key skills of young people who have not achieved in line with their peers.

The PLUS Strategy Team can support you by:
 Providing advice and guidance on what materials might be appropriate for use in your settings
 Providing information about how and where to access approved training events focusing on the skills and knowledge staff need in order to
   implement PLUS materials effectively in their settings
 Disseminating the outcomes from its research and evaluation programme.

Criteria                                              You will meet this criteria if:
1. Is there a clear profile of the scale and nature   There is a clear profile of:
    of need for help with literacy, numeracy and       How many young people require additional support with literacy, numeracy and/or the
    the wider key skills for young people who            wider key skills based on initial assessment
    access learning in your organisation?              How many young people are likely to require additional efforts to motivate them and get
                                                         them engaged with the learning process.
                                                      Examples of evidence for this are:
                                                       Records of the initial assessment scores for each young person
                                                       Records that show the levels of motivation/attitude to learning for each young person
                                                         based on an initial interview and other assessments

2. Does your organisation have a strategy,            There is a strategy and an action plan which, in addition to general targets for improving the
   including an action plan, to improve provision     quality of provision also:
   that clearly references how, when, where and        Identifies which PLUS materials are to be used
   with whom the PLUS materials will be used to        Is specific about which young people they are to be used with
   achieve quality improvement?                        States how and when the materials are to be used within the provision offered

3. Are there clear targets for improvement in         There are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-limited) targets based
   performance in literacy, numeracy and the          on an analysis of current performance for:
   wider key skills?                                   The percentage of young people accessing PLUS materials
                                                       The attendance and retention of learners through the use of PLUS materials

Criteria                                             You will meet this criteria if:
                                                      The progress made by learners through the use of PLUS materials
                                                      Other positive outcomes through use of the PLUS materials.

4. Does every young person have a, regularly         Each young person has a learning plan that has been negotiated with them and:
   reviewed learning plan which clearly identifies    Includes SMART targets for improvement linked to the PLUS programmes they are
   which PLUS materials and programmes they             participating in based on an assessment of need
   should access and with SMART targets for           Identifies how much time is to be spent on particular activities
   improvement in literacy, numeracy and other        Includes details of how PLUS materials are to be used in order to reach targets
   skills specific to the PLUS programmes they        Outlines the skills to be learned through the use of PLUS materials
   are participating in that is negotiated with       Contains a written record of progress made through access to PLUS materials and the
   them?                                                plan is revised accordingly

5. Is there access to nationally recognised           Accreditation is available for literacy, numeracy, the wider key skills and/or the specific
   accreditation relevant to the PLUS materials         area relevant to the PLUS materials being used
   being used?                                        Young people are aware of the accreditation routes available to them through
                                                        participating in PLUS programmes
                                                      All accreditation offered is nationally recognised
                                                     Examples of evidence for this are:
                                                      Access to Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications in adult literacy and numeracy
                                                      Access to the Arts Award for those undertaking arts enrichment programmes
                                                      Learning plans for each young person that clearly states the accreditation route being
                                                        taken and the steps needed to get there.
6. Do young people and practitioners make full        Young people are using PLUS materials as part of their learning programme
   and appropriate use of PLUS and other related      Staff are using the practitioner guidance provided to inform their planning and delivery of
   resources to ensure access, participation and        programmes
   progression in learning programmes?                Each learner owns his/her PLUS materials which are high quality and in good condition
                                                      Any additional material provided values and respects the young person and relates to
                                                        their age and interests.
                                                      Staff utilise a range of approaches relevant to the delivery context of PLUS programmes
                                                        that motivate and inspire learners
                                                     Examples of evidence for this are:

Criteria                                            You will meet this criteria if:
                                                     Lesson/session observations that record evidence of the materials being used
                                                     Positive statement about the materials used during interviews/consultation with young
                                                       people as part of the evaluation process

7. Is there an effective procedure for monitoring    There is a clear procedure for monitoring the strategy and plan, and for assessing
   the action plan and assessing improvement in        improvement of effectiveness through the use of PLUS materials
   effectiveness through the use of PLUS             All programmes utilising PLUS materials are evaluated using a range of quantitative and
   learning materials?                                 qualitative methods
                                                     There is a designated member of staff responsible for monitoring the impact of PLUS
                                                       materials on learner motivation and progression
                                                    Examples of evidence for this are:
                                                     Evaluation reports at key points in the learning programme that provide figures relating to
                                                       the attendance, retention and progress of young people as well as feedback from the
                                                       young people taking part, practitioners working with them and other key stakeholders in
                                                       the programme

8. Are all staff who deliver or support young       All staff have been trained in the appropriate use of PLUS materials and effective
   people in PLUS programmes appropriately          approaches to planning, delivering and evaluating PLUS programmes.
   trained?                                         Examples of evidence for this are:
                                                     Training plans for members of staff working with PLUS that clearly outline their
                                                         development needs with regard to delivering PLUS effectively
                                                     Delivery of PLUS is an integral aspect of the Continuing Professional Development for all
                                                         staff involved.
                                                    One day workshops in various aspects of PLUS are available through a company licensed
                                                    by the PLUS Strategy Team. Contact plustraining@sallybrown.me.uk for further details.

The PLUS Strategy Team can be contacted on plusinformation@ecotec.co.uk or 020 7921 3803


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