Christmas Lunch Menu 2010 by mut20824


									                                Christmas Day Menu
                                           Chicken Liver Pate
                  Served with a Cumberland Sauce and Homemade toasted bread
                                          Garlic King Prawns
                    King prawns pan fried in garlic chilli and ginger with peppers,
                      spring onions and olive oil served with homemade bread
                                    Grilled Portabella Mushroom
                     Portabella mushroom stuffed with Sharpham goat’s cheese
                          served with a pink peppercorn and walnut dressing
                                   Celeriac, Potato and Garlic Soup
                                  Served with our homemade bread
                                         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                                          Poached Plaice Fillet
                              With a white wine, shrimp and cream sauce
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                              Free Range Turkey with all the Trimmings
 Chicken liver and sausage meat stuffing, pigs in blankets, bread sauce and a golden turkey gravy
                                         Rib Eye Steak Rossini
         8oz Rib eye grilled to your liking stuffed with are homemade chicken liver pate
                   On a garlic crostini with a Madeira and wild mushroom sauce
                                          Pan Fried Cod Loin
    On a bed of crushed spring onion and garlic mashed potato with a tomato and basil sauce
                                       Leek and Gruyere Crown
     Leeks infused in a rich creamy Swiss and Cheddar cheese sauce with Dijon mustard and
                  black pepper encased in puff pastry on a bed of creamed spinach
                                         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                                          Christmas Pudding
                             Flamed in rum and served with brandy sauce
                                            Chocolate Torte
            Chocolate torte served with are own homemade after eight mint ice cream
                                  Pineapple Glazed with Rum Syrup
            Pineapple glazed with rum syrup and served with rum and raisin ice cream
                                       Waterman’s Cheese Board
Sharpham Withybrook, Maryland Cheddar, Port Fed Stilton, Okehampton Smoked and Sharpham
            Brie served with a Waldorf salad, red onion marmalade and our own bread

                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                            Coffee and Handmade Christmas Fudge

                            Pre booking and Pre Order Required

                                       £50 per person
                             Children 12 and under or OAP £30

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