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									Free Drop Shipping Available at Big Drop Ship is offering free drop shipping. Marketing experts can
expand their drop ship online business without paying drop ship or
handling fees. Big drop ship supplier has helped many Internet Marketers
to grow their business.

San Jose, CA, February 25, 2010 -- is pleased to announce
no fee drop shipping available to drop shippers. The absence of a drop
shipping fee makes it more affordable for individuals and businesses to
pursue drop shipping during our current economic recession. Resellers
only pay a one time set up fee.

The website provides instructions, FAQ’s, and products
for drop shipping. The economic crisis and employment instability have
resulted in more people looking for alternative ways to make a living.
“Increasing numbers of people are realizing the drop shipping advantages
of no inventory cost, no warehousing, and no shipping hassles”, says
Mark, marketing manager of

Anyone with a website and good marketing skills can start their own drop
shipping business. The reseller only place the drop ship order from the
drop ship supplier after the customer has paid the reseller. In addition, offers a wide variety of health and beauty products that
are not readily available in retail stores. “This eliminates time
consuming product research because all of our products are reliable and
in demand,” says Mark.

Unlike other drop shipping companies, does not believe in
charging drop ship fees and there are no hidden costs. The Internet has
no shortage of drop ship companies but one has to be extremely cautious
when choosing one. “Many drop ship companies try to make extra money by
charging significant drop ship fees and they charge hidden costs when you
place your order”, says Henry, drop ship customer service rep at

Many people need and want extra income regardless of whether they are
working full time or part time. Ideally, most people want to start a
business without spending time on shipping and stocking the products in
large quantities. Drop Shipping with allows
people to make extra money with no fees and no hidden costs. New drop
shippers are given instructions and marketing tips on how to promote
their website. Customer service representatives at are
available via telephone or email to answer questions and offer advice at
no cost. presently has close to 400 resellers with product and
service testimonials from chiropractors, doctors, and customers. “All of
our customer service representatives have tried our products and have
benefited from them so they believe in the products they are selling,”
says Mark. has been in business since 2004. Their
business philosophy is to promote natural health by offering health
products that are not available in retail stores to customers and
About Big Drop Ship
Big Drop Ship is a wholesale distributor. At Big drop Ship you can start
easily and think big. Big Drop Ship Supplier has helped many small and
medium size businesses to save time, so they can focus on sales and
marketing to grow their business. Many busy business owners can now spend
less time on operations and focus more on the marketing side of the
business. Internet marketing tips are also available at Big Drop Ship.

Contact :
Big Drop Ship
1750 Lundy Ave
San Jose, CA 95131

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