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									Report of the Head of                                     Decision to be Taken After:
Highways and Transport                                    1 June 2006

                           NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE COUNCIL

                               CABINET MEMBER



          1.1     To consider objections submitted by taxi operators to the proposal to
                  introduce a Traffic Order for a Contra-flow Bus Only Lane in Fenton
                  Street/Manley Street, Scunthorpe.

          1.2     The key points in this report are as follows:

                   •   Objections to the proposed Traffic Order have been received

                   •   The council has a duty to develop policies for the promotion and
                       encouragement of safe, integrated, efficient and economic
                       transport facilities.

                   •   The Council is required, within the Local Transport Plan, to take
                       measures to reduce delays to bus services and has currently
                       formed a Punctuality Improvement Partnership with the Bus

                   •   The objections have been considered and responses are
                       contained within the report


        2.1     Bus Operators are experiencing frequent delays to their services
                caused by traffic queuing at entrances/exits to the Parishes Car Park in
                Lindum Street and Cole Street and have requested that the matter be

        2.2     The Council is required within the Local Transport Plan to take
                measures to reduce delays to Bus Services and has currently formed a
                Punctuality Improvement Partnership with the Bus Operators. The
                proposed Bus Lane will reduce identified delays.

        2.3     Fenton Street/Manley Street is currently a One-Way traffic system, with
                the entry to the bus station off Fenton Street and the exit off Manley
                Street. This means that the majority of bus services leaving the bus
                station have to pass both entrances/exits to the Parishes Car Park
                before starting on their route.

     3.1    Two options have been considered:

               •   One-Way traffic, east to west in Lindum Street, between Manley
                   Street and Cole Street.

               •   Contra-flow Bus Only Lane in Fenton Street and Manley Street.

     3.2    The first option maintains the existing bus route entering and leaving
            the Bus Station and does not resolve the queuing and possible
            congestion at the car park entrances/exits in Lindum Street and Cole
            Street. This option was not pursued any further.

     3.3    The second option for the Bus Lane will allow all Bus Services to
            access and leave the bus station by the shortest route and avoid any
            delays that occur at the Parishes Car Park entrances/exits.

     3.4    To enable the proposed Traffic Order to be implemented, it is
            necessary to widen the road at certain places to allow for two-way
            passage of buses.

     3.5    It is necessary to utilise the existing taxi rank lay-by, situated
            immediately east of the bus station entrance, to carry out the widening
            at the sharp bend. There is no alternative other than to relocate the
            main taxi rank, if the Contra-flow Bus Only Lane is to be implemented.

     3.6    A survey of taxi rank usage has been carried out, the results of which
            are incorporated as Appendix 1

     3.7    The taxi feeder rank, situated immediately west of the entrance to the
            bus station, is underused. It is therefore appropriate to use this lay-by
            to relocate the main taxi rank.

     3.8    Bus passengers are dropped off just inside the entrance to the bus
            station, on the same side of the road and almost adjacent to the
            proposed new taxi rank, which makes accessibility to taxis easier and

     3.9    Whilst it appears that the number of taxi bays has been reduced, the
            feeder rank, which is currently underused, will be able to accommodate
            the number of displaced taxis from the main rank and be fully utilised
            as a main taxi rank.

     3.10   It is necessary to amend the Taxi Rank Orders to relocate the existing
            main taxi rank.

     3.11   The attached plan shows the proposed changes necessary to
            introduce the proposed Traffic Order. The proposed Traffic Order was
            formally advertised in the local newspaper and on site by Public
            Notices allowing a 21 day period for any observations.

     4.1   Financial

           4.1.1 Estimated cost of £30,000, is to be met from capital allocation
                 within the Local Transport Plan.

     4.2   Staffing

           4.2.1 From within existing establishment.

     4.3   Statutory

           4.3.1 There are no statutory implications associated with this report.

     4.4   Environmental and Other

           4.4.1 The proposal will assist bus drivers avoid congestion and
                 delays, which will in turn avoid excessive pollution from fumes. It
                 will also benefit bus passengers and make the buses a more
                 attractive mode of transport for members of the public, in line
                 with council and Government policies.


     5.1   Initial consultations have been carried out with bus companies, the Taxi
           Association, internal consultees within North Lincolnshire Council and
           other external consultees as required by the Regulations. Letters of
           objection have been received from the Taxi Association and, initially,
           the council’s Taxi Licensing Unit. The main points of objection and
           associated council responses/actions are listed in Appendix 2.
           Following the results of the taxi survey, the Taxi Licensing Unit see the
           benefits that the proposals will bring and have withdrawn their

     5.2   A meeting has been held with the objectors where it was agreed that
           the Taxi Association would approach Road Car to seek agreement to
           rank on the bus station. No such agreement has been reached


     6.1   That the Cabinet Member considers the objections to the proposed
           Traffic Order and makes a decision on the basis of the information

     6.2   That the objectors be informed of the Cabinet Member decision within
           the statutory period of time.

Church Square House
North Lincolnshire
DN15 6XQ
Author: A. E. Nash
Date: 10 May 2006

Background Papers used in the preparation of this report:
Council’s Local Transport Plan
Letters of objection held in Project File No. TD0011
                                                                      APPENDIX 1

                                 Taxi Ranks Survey
                             Fenton Street, Scunthorpe
                             Thursday 16th March 2006
                               Friday 17th March 2006

A survey has been carried out, of the usage of both the Main Taxi Rank and the Taxi
Feeder Rank, in Fenton Street, Scunthorpe, on the above dates between the hours
of 10.00am and 3.00pm.

During the periods of observation, it was noted that the way in which the Main Taxi
Rank was used, limited the number of Taxis ranking there, to a maximum of 4 at any
one time.

In general the Main Taxi Rank was reasonably well used, to the extent of occupying
77.7% of the spaces available, throughout the survey period on the Thursday and
occupying 64.9% of the spaces available on the Friday.

Not all taxis plying for hire actually picked up passengers while waiting at the Main
Taxi Rank. I can only assume that those taxis that left the Rank without passengers
were called away to other customers.

The Feeder Rank is located approximately 30 metres west of the Main Taxi Rank
and is the official waiting place for taxis when all spaces are occupied on the Main
Taxi Rank.

During the survey period, the usage of the Feeder Rank, which can accommodate 7
vehicles, was very low.

A total of 46 vehicles, inclusive of 9 private vehicles, were recorded using the Feeder
Rank on the Thursday, and 30 vehicles, inclusive of 10 private vehicles, on the
Friday, which equates to 12.9% and 9.4%, respectively, of the spaces used.

The private vehicles were using the Feeder Rank Illegally, generally for dropping off
and picking up, but occasionally parking for up to 27 minutes

The Taxis using the Feeder Rank did not appear to stay very long and some
Taxi drivers chose to park illegally on the double yellow lines opposite the Bus
Station Entrance instead of using the Feeder Rank.

In summing up, the Feeder Taxi Rank can accommodate 7 vehicles and is hardly
used, whilst the Main Taxi Rank is used by only 4 Taxis (maximum) at any one time.
                                                            APPENDIX 1 (cont’d)

                           Results of Taxi Ranks Survey
                            Fenton Street, Scunthorpe.
                             16th and 17 th March 2006

                           10.00 –15.00 hours, each day

                Percentage of use in Main Rank and the Feeder Rank

           ( % ) indicates percentage of Rank with available spaces

Thursday 16th March 2006

TIME                      MAIN RANK                       FEEDER RANK

10.00 – 11.00            60.4%   (39.6%)                   5%     (95.0%)

11.00 – 12.00            76.7%   (23.3%)                   4.5%   (95.5%)

12.00 – 13.00            74.6%   (25.4%)                   8.6%   (91.4%)

13.00 – 14.00            89.6%   (10.4%)                   10.7% (89.3%)

14.00 – 15.00 87.1% (12.9%) 35.5% (64.5%)

AVERAGE %  77.7% (22.3%)   12.9% (87.14)

Friday 17th March 2006

TIME                      MAIN RANK                       FEEDER RANK

10.00 – 11.00            75%     (25.0%)                  13.3% (86.7%)

11.00 – 12.00            77.9%   (22.1%)                  7.6% (92.4%)

12.00 – 13.00            61.3%   (38.7%)                  14.5% (85.5%)

13.00 – 14.00            43.8%   (56.2%)                  0.0% (100.0%)

14.00 – 15.00 66.7% (33.3%) 11.7% (88.3%)

AVERAGE %  64.9% (35.1%)  9.4 % (90.6%)
                                                                      APPENDIX 2

Following the initial consultations, objections to the proposed changes have been
received. Responses to the objections, together with other related information, is
listed below each objection:

Objection 1: It moves away from an integrated transport infrastructure by reducing
the number of available taxi bays.

   •   Buses and Taxis both form part of the integrated transport infrastructure and
       whilst it is claimed that the proposed Bus Lane will reduce the number of Taxi
       Bays, statements from Taxi drivers/Proprietors have been made that the Taxi
       Feeder Rank is not used. This Feeder Rank can accommodate the number of
       Taxis being displaced and be fully utilised as a main Taxi Rank.

   •   If at any time suitable locations for additional Taxi Ranks are identified then
       consideration will be given to increasing the number of taxi bays within the

Objection 2: Passengers have further to walk and are not all able bodied.

   •   The Taxis will only be moved from one side of the Bus Station entrance to the
       other and as bus passengers are dropped off just inside the entrance on the
       same side of the road and almost adjacent to the proposed main Taxi Rank,
       accessibility would appear to be easier and safer.

Objection 3: The proposed taxi bays are not clearly visible for passengers alighting
at the bus station stands.

   •   With regard to the visibility of the proposed Taxi Rank, anyone entering the
       Bus Station can see where the Taxis are parked and within the Bus Station it
       has been agreed that additional signing will be provided.

Objection 4: This is one of the main pick up points and the proposal will affect
potential earnings.

   •   It is claimed that the proposal will affect potential earnings, however, as Taxis
       will still be able to use the proposed Taxi Rank it would not appear to reduce
       the number of Taxis that would normally ply for hire from the existing main

Subsequent to the formal advertising of the proposed Traffic Order, further
objections have been received from the council’s Taxi Licensing Unit, the Taxi
Association, and a total of eleven Taxi proprietors/drivers, of which eight individuals
signed and submitted a pre-written letter, reiterating the same objections as listed

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