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					This course material has been compiled for persons who lack the                       English is Easy
confidence to speak grammatically correct English. This is also for those
who may have felt helpless in expressing themselves although they know
what they wanted to say. In other words, they hesitated to speak out
because they lacked the courage to do so, besides fearing the possibility
of being looked down upon due to their lack of English.                         Learn to
The Speakwell™ course will help
communication weakness and prepare
course focuses on the conversational
goes, if you can speak well – surely you
                                             you overcome your English
                                            you for a successful career. The
                                            aspects because, as the saying
                                            will work well!
This course will expose you to grammar, which is the foundation of any
language. You will master the techniques of speech and will also be
trained on some of the applications of English. With lots of practice
exercises, this course will ensure that you can converse and write proper

Our approach to grammar and English usage can be summed up in one
                                                                                Fluently &
word – SIMPLICITY, and we will teach you how to enjoy it, NOT fear it!

We will make English, easy for you.                                             Confidentlyl
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                                         English is Easy...
                                                                            Parts of Speech
 Correct usage                                                                       Tenses
 Speech-flow                                                    Simple & Complex Sentences
 Practice                                                       Grammar is the foundation of any language.
  While   speaking   English                                    This book would expose you to the fundamental
  language, there are certain                                   rules of English language and prepare you for
  common errors, which are                                      mastering the method to speak good English.
  committed by learners. This
  book will help you identify
  these common errors and
  train you to avoid these
                                         Personality Development
                                             Conversation Techniques
                                             Interview Tips
                                             Resume writing
Compound Sentences
                                             Etiquette & Manners            Written Exercises
Universal Auxiliaries
                                             Letter writing          Vernacular to English
Active & Passive Voice
                                             Public Speaking         English to Vernacular
In this course, we have broken down          Self Confidence        To be able to speak English well,
the study of grammar into two parts.                                you must also be able to think in
After studying the first part, you are       Video Recording &
                                                                    English. Generally, we think in our
able to speak simple and complex             Action Replay          mother tongue and translate it into
sentences. ‘More Grammar’ book,                                                   English. This book will help you to
trains you to join multiple sentences                                             think in English and hence be able
to make compound sentences.                                                       to speak better English.

 How to Say                                                                              To      master      English
                                                                                         language,    apart    from
 and Pronounce                                                                           understanding the rules of
                                                                                         grammar, you must also
         For speaking any language
                                                                                         have command over a
         properly, you must know
                                             As a student, business                      good vocabulary of words.
         how to use the sounds
                                             person or as an employed                    This book exposes you to
         coming out of your mouth.
                                             person, your knowledge                      more than 2000 words,
         This book will explain to
                                             of English has to be                        with meanings, opposite
         you, how to make sounds
                                             applied in one or more                      meanings and several
         to speak English words
                                             situations. This book                       practice exercises that will
         and how to emphasize
                                             prepares you for some of                    ensure that you know most
         certain sounds to be more
                                             the     most    common                      of the important words to
         effective     in     your
                                             situations.                                 be able to speak good