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					                             Street cleaning

This fact sheet can be made available in other languages or formats on
request by contacting 0161 770 6666. For further information please see our
detailed fact sheet Information for all.

What service do we provide?

There are a range of things we do to keep areas clear of rubbish and litter.

• clean all public roads, footpaths, verges and public green space;
• provide and empty litter bins;
• remove graffiti and fly posters from public buildings and street furniture;
• remove fly tipped or dumped waste from public land;
• take enforcement action against people who drop litter, dump waste or let
  their dogs foul on public land;
• work in schools and with young people to promote clean and green
  issues, particularly by use of our ‘litter critter’ campaign;
• work with businesses, particularly fast-food take outlets, to help prevent
  littering; and
• work with members of the public in our ‘litterwatcher’ initiative.

What standards have we set?

We have a responsibility to clean streets to certain standards. These have
been set nationally within a Litter Code of Practice, which is part of the
Environmental Protection Act 1990. This Code divides streets into zones,
which are based on how frequently the street is used, and councils are
required to bring these zones back to high standards of cleanliness after they
fall to unacceptable levels.

Within the framework set by the Code of Practice, we have our own internal
performance targets for the street cleaning service. These can be found in
the specific fact sheets for each of the services we provide.
What if the land is private?

If a piece of private land is littered, the owner is responsible. However, the
Environmental Protection Act 1990 gives councils some legal rights to
enforce landowners to clean up areas.

Schools have a responsibility to clear litter and refuse from their own land, but
not for litter outside the grounds. However, we do work with schools to help
prevent littering in their neighbourhoods.

Reporting a problem

There are a number of ways you can report a problem. You can use the
contact details below, or you can do it online using our form at
Alternatively, you can upload or send pictures to the

Contacting us
If you would like more information about street cleaning services you can
contact us by:

Writing to
Street Scene, West End House, Westend Street, Oldham OL9 6DW

Contact Oldham: 0161 770 6644

Contact Oldham: 0161 770 6944

Contact Oldham:

Contact Oldham’s opening hours are 8am – 6pm (Mon-Fri) and 9am – 1pm

For more information about the street cleaning service you can also see our
detailed fact sheets:

   •   Litter bins
   •   Removing graffiti
   •   Fly tipping and dumped rubbish
   •   Cleaning roads, streets and footpaths
  •   Litter enforcement
  •   Litterwatchers
  •   Dog Fouling

We value your comments and suggestions

We want to provide good quality service for people in Oldham and as we are
a public service you have a say in what we do. We want you to be completely
satisfied with our services but to ensure this we need to know what you think.
What do we do best? Where could we improve things? Do you have any
ideas or suggestions? Only by listening to you can we give you the service
you deserve.

If you wish to make a comment about our services you can e-mail us on
Or you can phone us on 0161 770 4191
Or you can write to us:    Complaints Officer
                           Strategy and Resources Directorate
                           PO Box 160
                           Civic Centre
                           Oldham, OL1 1UG

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