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Commentator: Hundreds of people turned up to cheer on their local boys marching through the
streets of Guildford. Soldiers from the 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment
marched along the High Street in a Homecoming Parade. They have recently returned back from
serving in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lieutenant Colonel Sykes: The Homecoming Parades that we’ve been going through, and this is
Number 5, of a series of 8 Homecoming Parades across the whole of our recruiting area from
Hampshire through to Kent are really there for 2 things: they’re partly to give the troops a really
good feeling of the level of public support which we know is out there, and also an opportunity for
the public to show that support and demonstrate it, particularly given the sad news recently of the
number of deaths in Afghanistan.

Commentator: Two soldiers were presented their Operational Service Medals during the Parade.

Private McGuire is 18 years old, he’s been in the Battalion for 2 years and he has just served his
first tour of Iraq.

Lance Corporal Denham is 21 years old, he has been in the Battalion for 5½ years and he has
served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Denham: I received my medal during the Parade and you feel really proud just
when you do things like this, it makes you realise that you’re actually in a good job.

The support has been absolutely tremendous and, without exception, every single Parade that
we’ve been to so far has been beyond expectation in the level of public support and the numbers
of people crowing in order to support us.

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