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					      Guzzler’s Worksheet
      My name is

      Go through the different rooms of the house
    and circle the ways that Guzzler is using energy.

1                                  How many things can Guzzler
                                   switch off to save energy?

                                   I have counted       things

2                                  Can you count the number
                                   of ways Guzzler could save
                                   energy in the bathroom?

                                   I have counted       ways
Can you help Guzzler to spot the things that are using
  wind energy by colouring them in green and then
          colour the rest of the picture in?
                       Spot the difference?
                       Can you spot the differences
                       between these two pictures
                       of Guzzler?


In which picture
is Guzzler using
less energy?
To save energy Guzzler is cycling to school.
Can you help him to find his way?

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