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					                                    2008 BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW
                                        BRISBANE CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE
                                            Wed 27th - Sunday 31st August 2008

                                    APPLICATION TO EXHIBIT AND PAYMENT DETAILS
    This form determines the cost of your application by making calculations based on fields completed. Calculations are based on
   Membership, Type of Stand and Space required and if you accept the Association's Public Liability Insurance offer. Space Rental is
                                        calculated from the "Display Space Rates" on this page.

Company Name                                                         Contact Name


City                                                             State                        Post Code

E-Mail Address


Area Code + Phone Number                         Area Code + Fax Number                               Mobile

Company/Stand name you wish to appear on the list of exhibitors:

                                                                                                            Membership Period
Are you a financial member of Marine Queensland?        No         Yes          State                 2 Years +       2 Years       1 Year

DISPLAY SPACE RATES (Based on your Membership & Membership Period)
Open Space (Per sqm)           20 - 200sqm      $ 126.00                 200 - 450sqm      $ 121.00            Over 450sqm      $ 116.00

Shell Scheme                   Up to 12sqm      $ 305.00                 Over 12 sqm       $ 289.00

Using the displayed pricing based on your Membership & Membership Period above, please include three (3) preferences for each
space type you require. Your first preference cost will be used in calculating Total Cost. Should your second or third preference result
then the appropriate cost for that preference will be used.

Open Space Application (Minimum 20 sqm)

Preference1; Stand Number                           Metres:                    Price/sqm         $ 0.00   Preference 1 Total        $ 0.00

Preference 2; Stand Number                          Metres:                    Price/sqm         $ 0.00   Preference 2 Total        $ 0.00

Preference 3 Stand Number                           Metres:                    Price/sqm         $ 0.00   Preference 3 Total        $ 0.00

Shell Scheme Application (Minimum 9sqm)

Preference1; Stand Number                           Metres:                    Price             $ 0.00   Preference 1 Total        $ 0.00

Preference 2; Stand Number                          Metres:                    Price             $ 0.00   Preference 2 Total        $ 0.00

Preference 3 Stand Number                           Metres:                    Price             $ 0.00   Preference 3 Total        $ 0.00

You may have a zone preference, please select your preferred option.

Fishing        Water Sport          General Retail Area          Big Boats

Describe your Products and/or Services being displayed and any information which may help us in positioning you.

If applicable, please indicate the brand or brands of boats you will be exhibiting.

If applicable, please indicate the brand or brands of boat engines you will be exhibiting.

Marine Queensland offers a Public Liability Insurance scheme with coverage of $10 Million at a cost of $250.00 + GST. Insurance
coverage is from 0700 hours Sunday 24th August until 2400 hours Monday 1st September 2008 inclusive.

Do you wish to partake in Marine Queensland's Insurance cover? Select 'Yes' only if required.
                                                                                               Yes                       Insurance Fee
If you do not wish to participate you must fax or mail insurance details to Marine Queensland.


Do you wish to pay by Credit Card?        Yes                                      The following Credit Card Fee applies.                                 $ 0.00

Please debit my credit card.      Mastercard              Visa             Bankcard

Card Holder Name
                                                                                                   By sumitting this form electronically the applicant
Credit Card Number                                                    Expiry Date                  acknowledges payment as if a signature appears

BANK TRANSFER                                                                        Bank: National Australia Bank
                                       Bank Transfer Performed? Yes
                                                                                     BSB: 084-004
                                                                                     A/C No: 50839-1874
Amount                                 Deposited on                                  A/C Name: Marine Queensland

COST CALCULATOR                                                                                                  A deposit cheque (for 25% of applied
                                                                                                                 space is attached), or payment by
                                                                                                                 Credit Card or Bank Transfer is
Open Space Cost             $ 0.00     Credit Card Fee              $ 0.00      Sub-Total               $ 150.00
                                                                                                                 indicated in the Payment Amount
Shell Space Cost            $ 0.00     Admin Fee (GST Exc)        $ 150.00      10% GST                  $ 15.00 Payment Made

                                       A non-refundable administration fee
Insurance                              of $150.00 (GST Exclusive) applies       Total Cost              $ 165.00 Amount Owing                        $ 165.00
                                       per application.
The above Company/Business ("applicant") hereby applies to Marine Queensland for a licence to occupy the space/s indicated above in the 2008
Brisbane International Boat Show. By printing and faxing or completing and submitting this form electronically the applicant acknowledges that
it has read, and agrees to be bound by the terms, conditions, rules and regulations applying to exhibitors at the show. A copy of the terms and
conditions are available at
By pressing the 'Submit by Email' Button, the data in this form will be submitted by email to Marine Queensland for processing. For more information please
                                                         contact Marine Queensland on 07 3390 4657.

Applicant Name                                                                                                             Application Date
                                                          Applicant Signature
Signed for and on behalf of Marine Queensland.

Marine Qld Nominee                                                                                                         Date Accepted
                                                         Marine Qld Signature
                                                                           If Faxing your completed Application Form to Marine Queensland the number is
  Submit by Email              Print Form             Reset Form           07 3390 4962.

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