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					Eurostar service name Eurostar Direct Ski Train
Sales period          From Tuesday 7th July 2009
                      On 07/07/09, all of the Direct and Indirect Ski services operating up until Saturday 17th April 2010 will become
Booking Horizon
                      available to book on the system, therefore the usual booking horizon will not apply to this service.
                      Outbound services run on Fridays and Saturdays
                      First Overnight service: Friday 1st January 2010
Outbound services     First Day service: Saturday 19th December 2009
                      Last Overnight service: Friday 2nd April 2010
                      Last Day service: Saturday 10th April 2010
                      Inbound services run on Saturdays
                      First Day service: Saturday 2nd January 2010
Inbound services      First Night service: Saturday 26th December 2009
                      Last Day service: Saturday 17th April 2010
                      Last Overnight service: Saturday 10th April 2010
                                                                          Overnight Service
                                    Weekly Friday Outbound Service                               Weekly Saturday Inbound Service
                                               Train No 9096                                                 Train 9099
                      London St Pancras (dep.)                    20:31            Bourg St Maurice (dep.)                  22:15
                      Ashford Intl (dep.)                         21:15            Aime La Plagne*                              -
                      Moutiers (arr.)                             05:37            Moutiers (dep.)                          23:09
                      Aime La Plagne* (arr.)                      06:05            Ashford Intl (arr.)                      06:34
                      Bourg St Maurice (arr.)                     06:27            London St. Pancras (arr.)                07:16
                                                                           Daytime Service
                                   Weekly Saturday Outbound Service                              Weekly Saturday Inbound Service
                                               Train No 9092                                                 Train 9095
                      London St Pancras (dep.)                    10:00            Bourg St Maurice (dep.)                  10:04
                      Ashford Intl (dep.)                         10:47            Aime La Plagne*                              -
                      Moutiers (arr.)                             17:30            Moutiers (dep.)                          10:45
                      Aime La Plagne* (arr.)                      18:02            Ashford Intl (arr.)                      15:36
                      Bourg St Maurice (arr.)                     18:20            London St. Pancras (arr.)                16:11
                        * Customers should be advised at time of booking that there is no stop at Aime La Plagne on the inbound services.
                        (Dep.) = Departure time; (Arr.) = Arrival time. There will be no additional services this season.
                        Day train: 496 seats in Standard and 194 seats in Leisure Select = 690 in total
                        Overnight train: 456 seats in Standard and 194 in Leisure Select = 650 in total
                        In order to accommodate extra luggage on the ski train, the following seats will not be available for sale:
Train Configuration &                                    st
Capacity                   Coaches 7, 8, 11 and 12 (1 ): Seats 21, 23, 24.
                           Coaches 1 and 18 (Std): Compartment 1: Seats 15 - 18 & Compartment 5: Seats 51 - 54
                           Coach 2 - 5 & 14 - 17 (Std): Seats 11, 12, 17, 18
                           Coach 18 (48 seats) will be blocked on the overnight ski trains.
                        Customers must be advised to check-in at least 1 hour before departure.
Boarding                An English speaking member of the customer services team will be available at Bourg St. Maurice station to help customers
                        check in and board.
                        Leisure Select class
                        The following meals will be served to passengers travelling in 1 class and are included in the ticket price:
                        Day Service (9092):                                              Lunch & Afternoon tea.
                        Day Service (9095):                                              Lunch & Afternoon tea.
                        Outbound Night Service (9096):                                   Hot dinner & breakfast
                        Inbound Night Service (9099):                                    Hot dinner & breakfast
                        Passengers boarding at London and Bourg St Maurice will be served a welcome soft drink upon boarding the train.
                        Complimentary wine will be served with the meal (only). Outside of the running times for the meal service, 1 Class
                        passengers must purchase their drinks from the bar/buffet car. The bar/buffet opens at departure and closes at midnight
                        (local time).
                        Kids meals are available on the ski service.
Catering                Standard class
                        Food and drink can be purchased from the bar/buffet.
                        Bar/Buffet – Night Train Policy
                        The bar will be open for the purchase of food and drink until midnight local time. An announcement will be made before the
                        bar closes to allow people to stock up on water etc.
                        The bar will re-open at 5am to serve breakfast & hot drinks.
                        Alcohol policy
                        Each person will only be allowed to carry a limit of no more than four standard cans or bottles of beer, or one bottle of wine,
                        or a half bottle of spirits.
                        Eurostar have the right to prevent the carriage of any alcohol, if in their discretion they consider it appropriate. Their
                        absolute discretion to forbid the carrying of any alcohol by a passenger may be more likely should it appear that the
                        passenger has already been consuming alcohol prior to the journey, and/or there is any concern about the past, present or
                        possible future behaviour of the passenger.
                        It is free to take a pair of skis or a snowboard on the train and this counts as one piece of the luggage allowance (2 pieces
                        of baggage and 1 small piece of hand luggage per person).
                        The ski pack, which contains items such as a blanket, pillow and night mask will be available on the outbound night train
Ski Packs
                        service only in both First and Standard class. Passengers are advised to retain their ski packs for their return journey.

       10 month booking horizon                                          Rail Europe Limited                                         Last updated 23/06/2009
                                              Eurostar Direct Ski Train
Map of Destinations within France.

Map of Destinations and Ski Resorts.

NOTE: Eurostar Direct Ski only stops at Moûtiers, Aime and Bourg St-Maurice.

      10 month booking horizon                            Rail Europe Limited   Last updated 23/06/2009

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