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					                                                                                                                 August 2007

                                        We Help You Become Financially Independent
  Market Highlights
                                        Dear Friends,                                       pied, a second home, or an investment.
- The Lowest Rate Interest              I want to personally thank you for your busi-       Through our asset protection strategies you
  Only ARMs in the Nation               ness and referrals! So far 2007 has proven to       can:
  starting at 5.875%                    be an incredible and dynamic year for real                 Avoid probate.
  6.25%APR                              estate. There seems to be an abundance of prof-            Avoid litigation.
                                        itable opportunities in the market place and our           Maintain privacy/anonymity.
- Fixed Rate Option Arm                 goal is to help guide you in your financial,
  Loans                                 investing, and wealth building strategies. We       Thinking of Buying or Selling Your Real
                                        are pleased to announce that we have added                   Estate? Call Us First
- 100% Financing                        some very exciting and powerful financial tools     We have a new in house real estate company
                                        and programs, and have opened a new head            ready to help serve you with all of your buying
- New Loan Expert head-                 quarters at 180 7th Street Suite 103 in down-       and selling needs. If you know anyone who is
  quarters at 180 7th Street            town San Francisco.                                 experiencing trouble selling their home, is
  Suite 103 in downtown                                                                     behind payments, or may be losing their home,
  San Francisco!                              We Now Lend In All 50 States                  please contact us. We have a waiting list of
                                        We offer the same great service and now we          buyers looking to own and have ways of help-
  Featured Properties                   can help you with your real estate investments      ing sellers in these situations.
Special Seller Financing!               in all 50 States. Invest or relocate out of state
                                        with confidence knowing you can depend on us        You Can Set Up Your Own Private Bank
            1401 Mendocino              to always do what is best for your family. Take     That's right, we can teach you how to think and
            Creek Drive                 advantage of emerging markets in other parts        act profitably like a banker with no risk. Now
            Patterson, CA
                                        of the country to build your real estate portfo-    you can learn how to self-finance, saving
            $565,000 5bd/3bth
3500sqft. Take over payments at         lio. We can help with:                              yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in
$2,800/month total payment.                                                                 interest that is being paid to banks. Why pay
+ $20K in closing costs.                        Purchase                                    the banks when you can pay yourself? These
                                                Refinance                                   powerful strategies can empower you to:
            1724 Serenidad St
                                                ARMs & Fixed loans
            Livermore, CA
            $688,000 4bd/3bth                   Commercial loans                                   Save for retirement TAX FREE.
            2,000sqft. Take over pay-                                                              Pass on your wealth to your heirs TAX
ments at $2,800/ month + tax and            Access to Private Capital is Just a                    FREE.
insurance, $20K closing costs.
                                                    Phone Call Away                                Finance all that you buy and recover all
            Investment                  Private capital is available for both your resi-           your principal and interest.
            Potential                   dential and commercial real estate. We also
             High rise Ocean View       help you become an investor with your money           Schedule A Free Review & Financial
             Miami, FL Condo
$499,000 2bd/2bth 33rd floor. Get it
                                        secured against real estate.                                   Strategy Session
for only $2,500/ month total payment                                                        Give us a call to learn more about our exciting
including HOA, + $25K closing costs.    Think You Don't Have Money to Invest?               services and to schedule your FREE financial
                                                    Think Again                             strategy review. We look forward to continue
   For more properties go to:
                                        We have special programs which can allow for        serving you and setting up your custom tailored
                                        you to invest using your 401K, Traditional IRA      financial blueprint to help make your financial
                                        and other tax deferred accounts, without penal-     goals a reality.
                                        ty. You can also super charge your retirement
      Loan Expert                       portfolio by investing using your Roth IRA to
   180 7th Street Suite 103
                                        generate tax free profits!
  San Francisco, CA 94103
                                        We Can Protect Your Real Estate Assets
  1-800-370-4995                        Proper protection of your properties and
   fax   1-800-520-1807                 insightful estate planning is key to the success
        Andre@Loan                      of your wealth building plan. We now can help                 you set up specialized real estate living trusts    Andre Paez
         Broker # 01491412
                                        for all your properties, whether owner-occu-        Your Trusted Family Broker


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