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									Starting a Real Estate Investing Company

This Article is about how to start in a Real Estate Investment Company from scratch.
Most people now have heard of renting to own, Lease with an Option, How to assume a
mortgage, and the various other techniques that go along with being a Real Estate

What most people never consider is HOW you have to set up when becoming a Real
Estate Investor. You can believe that it will just be handed to you on a silver plate, but
This will never happen.

You have to roll up your sleeves, dig in, learn, then follow that learning down it's path's,
finally change from not looking, to always looking for deals.

No Distractions!

A big thing to have is your OWN Workspace

This sounds trivial and not very smart to put into a Real Estate Investment Manual, but I
have seen so many people lose deals, forget about hot leads, or just look completely
unprofessional over their lack of organization of a Workspace.

Your Workspace will look like your Business. If it's messy, unorganized, and hard to find
things in then chances are your business will be the same.

Consequently your clients will never feel like your on top of things. This leads to loss of
profits, a bad reputation, and therefore I have realized my manual needed to touch on this
aspect of the Real Estate Business.

1. Have a proper Office.

This doesn't mean, go out and rent an Office for $1000 a month in an exclusive part of
town. Wait till you can buy the property for those offices.
Just simply, make sure you have an organized desk, with a computer ready to draw up

Install Microsoft Office (preferably Office Premium so it has all the extras), Publisher,
Adobe Acrobat, and have access to the Internet.

There are many free downloadable forms you will need to make the contracts you will be
2. Have a decent Printer.

There are many printers that are Copy machines as well as printers.

HP All in One's are perfect and cost effective for ink.

Any kind of laser printer is good but then you usually do not get a copy machine built in,
which is needed because you will be making copies of your contracts everyday.

3. Have boxes of yellow Legal Pads and printer paper.

Legal pads are for jotting notes down, ideas, address's of homes, phone numbers of
clients, and whatever other creative idea's you come up with looking and thinking about

Once your mind embraces my system, your brain will continually think up idea's for
Business's, deals for house's, you will be amazed what's in there.

4. Have a decent Vehicle.

You don't think about this, but most Real Estate Investors homes become their vehicles.

I know this sounds like a lot of money.

I think the percentage of people without vehicles are very small, so most people have
them or will get them. So, when you purchase your vehicle, make sure it has three things.

       1. Space for people to ride in, your clients need a place to sit when you show them
       their new house.

       2. Make sure it has a place for signs in the back.

       3. Find Something that is good on gas, finding deals means driving through town

Suggestions: Any Family seven-person Van (solid and usable), Newer station wagon that
is fuel efficient. (not, I repeat not, anything over ten years old your clients look at what
your driving), get the best you can for now and watch how in a few month's even your
vehicles will become nicer looking, more fuel efficient, and as impressive as the rest of
your life.
Here are four places you may not think of as workplaces but they are.

1. Buildings you show clients.

Always make sure any building you show someone is clean and presentable.

Sometimes the ugliest house on the block can be sold as long as inside it has a nice smell,
has no garbage on the floor, or just has a new coat of paint.

2. Restaurants you take Clients to.

Again we never think about this, but remember that your client is looking at your lifestyle
as well as your house. He/she wants to see that your life is good and eating at decent
restaurants goes a long way.

Never, I repeat NEVER take clients to shabby establishments

3.The Residence you Live in.

I'm not saying you have to buy a new house here. But if your renting and the paint in
your apartment is in need of refreshment, then paint it.

Spend a couple of hours and the thirty dollars to make it look nice. Your clients will
notice if your home isn't in decent shape.

4. Supplies you use and where you buy them.

Remember that when you have to paint a building, put in windows, carpet, shades or
curtains, try to go to the proper stores for each.

Don't take your client to Wal-Mart for paint, curtains, and everything else the building

The client will think your not knowledgeable enough or too cheap and wonder if your
truly going to help them or scam them.

These are designations you do not want. Look for ways to present a professional manner
in everything you do.

Your bottom-line will mirror how much the clients respect you and your opinions which
relate to your taste in the good things.
Remember they are buying the house anyway

I hope this article will help you to start thinking about all that is involved in the Real
Estate Investment Industry.

Enjoy your ride if you choose to go on it.

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