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ESOL Entry 3 (Term 3) - 9CMS330


ESOL Entry 3 (Term 3) - 9CMS330

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									ESOL Entry 3 (Term 3)

Level: E

Course code: 9CMS330

Course Leader: Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah

Course Description

ESOL Entry 3 courses are for you if you speak English as a second language and wish to improve your
speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to a level which enable you to progress to Level 1 and/or to
improve your work prospects or help you to gain a place on a vocational course in the college. The course
focuses on a different language skill each term, usually speaking and listening in term 1, reading in term 2
and writing in term 3. Each terms ends with a Trinity College Skills for Life ESOL exam at Entry 3 in the
appropriate skill. After a year, you will receive a certificate stating that you have achieved the full Entry 3
qualification. Courses have work-related and citizenship skills built into the scheme of work. You will have a
personal tutor who negotiates an individual learning plan (ILP) with you and meets you for regular tutorials to
monitor your progress. ESOL students are encouraged to develop their language skills through the use of
ICT and you have access to computers in the classrooms and the libraries to follow self-directed study as
well as doing homework.

If you speak English well but have problems with reading and writing, we have courses specially for you.
These are the ESOL Reading and Writing courses which give you intensive practice in reading and writing
skills in order to bring these to the level of your speaking skills.

If you are interested in working in childcare, there is an Entry 3 level course which enables you to study
introductio to childcare alongside improving your language skills at Entry 3. This course is held at
Wornington. Please ask if you are interested in this.

What background and qualifications do you need to join? (Entry

To join an ESOL Entry 3 class you will need to have an Entry 2 ESOL qualification. If you have not studied in
this country before, you will have a short language assessment and interview to make sure that this is the
right level for you. If you have completed Terms 1 and 2 of ESOL Entry 3,you should be able to progress to
Term 3, with the agreement of your tutor.

What does the course lead to?

If you achieve the Entry 3 qualification, you can progress to ESOL Level 1 or another vocational course in the
college - or you may be able to find work immediately.

Where will I study?

You can study ESOL Entry 3 at Wornington, Hortensia or Holland Park centres. If you study the Introduction
to Childcare with English (E3) course, you will study at Wornington. There is also an Enty 3 class at the Open
Door centre, which is community venue close to Wornington. Whichever main college centre you choose,
classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and computers for your use.

What are the facilities and equipment like?

Classroom are well equipped and there are libraries for your use. Students may like to bring their own
learner's dictionary to class, but there is no requirement to buy a course book.

How much should I study outside class?

In order to develop your fluency in the English language, you should take every opportunity to communicate
with English speakers or other ESOL learners outside the classroom. Lecturers set regular homework to be
completed at home.

How is the course assessed?

Every term there is a national, externally set exam which leads to the Trinity College ESOL certificate at Entry
3. There are opportunities to retake exams in term 3 if you are not successful in term 1. You will be assessed
by your lecturers all through the course and your progress will be monitored in tutorials and recorded on your
individual learning plan (ILP).

Are any course materials online?

The college VLE, Moodle, has materials for ESOL Entry 3 students to access for home-based study. There
are also websites dedicated to English langauge learning which you can access at home.

What books and equipment do I need?

We advise you to buy a learner's dictionary but it is not essential.

What else do I need to buy? / What extra costs are there?

There are no additional costs.

         Code             Location          Start         Weeks            Times           Lecturer
9CMS330-01            Hortensia Centre 19 Apr 10     10                                  Team
                                                                               Non-EU: £761 Full: £83
9CMS330-02            Hortensia Centre 19 Apr 10     10                                  Team
                                                                               Non-EU: £499 Full: £60
9CMS330-03            Hortensia Centre 20 Apr 10     10             Tue-Thu 09:30-12:00 Team
                                                                               Non-EU: £788 Full: £85
9CMS330-04            Hortensia Centre 19 Apr 10     10                                  Team
                                                                               Non-EU: £761 Full: £83
                      Wornington                                    Mon,Tue,Fri
9CMS330-20                               19 Apr 10   10                                  Team
                      Centre                                        09:30-12:00
                                                                               Non-EU: £761 Full: £83
9CMS330-21                               20 Apr 10   10             Tue,Wed 18:30-21:00 Team
                                                                               Non-EU: £525 Full: £62
                      Wornington                                    Mon,Tue,Thu
9CMS330-22                               19 Apr 10   10                                  Team
                      Centre                                        13:00-15:30
                                                                               Non-EU: £761 Full: £83
                      Holland Park
9CMS330-41                               20 Apr 10   10             Tue,Thu 18:30-21:00   Team
                                                                                Non-EU: £525 Full: £62
9CMS330-23                               20 Apr 10   10             Tue Various-Various   tba
                                                                                Non-EU: £788 Full: £85

Entry Requirements

All students are admitted to the College on the basis that they:

   •   Agree to comply with the KCC student code of conduct
   •   Provide original documentation that confirms entry qualifications.
   •   Meet the course entry requirements
   •   Provide information so that a school or college reference can be obtained if you are between 16-19
       years old

How to apply

This course requires an interview to ensure that you are placed in the correct level.

Please come along to one of our advice and guidance sessions. For times and dates please check or call us on 020 7573 5333, or apply in person.

What do I need to bring to the interview?

Please bring a pen to the interview.

Supporting our learners

Being a student at KCC, means you can expect a caring friendly inclusive learning environment. We will
support you throughout your studies with us.

Our students benefit from:

   •   Tutorial Support
   •   Information advice and Guidance
   •   Counselling and personal support
   •   Access to learner support services
   •   Study centres at Wornington and Hortensia providing collections of books, journals, DVDs and access
       to PCs and on line learning materials

Financial Help

Financial support may be available to you. Please contact an Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) advisor
on 020 7573 5325 who will be able to give you information about charitable trusts, Career development loans,
Education Maintenance Allowance (16-19 year olds) and Learner Support fund (helps eligible students with
child care costs, travel and material costs) and other schemes that may be able to help you regarding
financial matters.

Additional Learning Support for students with disabilities or
learning difficulties

KCC is committed to improving access to learning for all our students. Please tell us if you have any access
requirements at any stage of the application process. The additional learning support team can provide help
and information regarding your individual needs. For example, the team can provide information on hearing
loop facilities, communication support (e.g. BSL), dyslexia support, physical access, equipment/software (e.g.
JAWS). If you would like to discuss learning support do contact Reg Cobb at or a member
of the team on 020 7573 5308. Further information about our services are available at

Contact Details

Course Information: 020 7573 5333
Switchboard: 020 7573 3600

Full contact details:


Information on this course fact sheet was correct at time of publication, however course offers and details
may be subject to change.

                                                                                                01 March 2010


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