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									FMS6.40 Release Information                                      ScoMIS July 2002

                              FMS Processes: Exclusive Use.

Some of the functions within FMS 6.40 require Exclusive use of processes. This will only
be of concern to you if more than one user is using FMS at the same time.
If you wish to work on any process requiring exclusive use by the operator, please ensure
that all other users log off the system, so that you can work on the process. It is also
considered good practice not to leave a machine logged on to SIMS and standing unused in
any option which requires exclusive use of files, as this will prevent other users from using
the files you may have opened exclusively.

Exclusive use of FMS 6.40

Tools | Define Financial Years | Define/Edit Years. Adding a new year.

Tools | Define Financial Years | Update Next Year’s Structures. Updating

Tools | Define Financial Years. Year end closure (Preliminary and Final closure).

Exporting a Budget Plan

Updating Salary Projection, i.e. changing Service Terms, Apportionment, Pay Awards,
Clearing Commitment
Running the database fix utility SDBFix
Upgrading the Database - Running the Upgrade Wizard to upgrade the SIMS Database
e.g., upgrading the database from FMS6.30 to FMS 6.40.

Importing to Equipment Register. When you wish to import equipment from
FMS6.40, please make sure that no invoices are entered during the import process, as this
will result in an Exception Error.
Manual Journal Processing

Exclusive use of Accounts Receivable

Tools | Penny Write Offs. Processing a Penny Write Off.

Reports | Statement Run. Producing statements showing Debtor balances.
FMS6.40 Release Information                                    ScoMIS July 2002

Recommended Exclusive use of FMS 6.40

Focus | Central | Automatic Reconciliation. Automatic Reconciliation requires
exclusive use of many parts of the system and it is recommended that no-one else uses
system during the reconciliation process.

Reports | General Ledger | VAT Reports. When running VAT reports it is strongly
recommended that no other Windows are open and no other applications are running.

Focus | Budget Management | Cost Centre Allocation. Fixing the Budget.

All Setup routines.

Single use of FMS 6.40

Budget Planning. Only one person should be working within the Budget Planning
module at any one time. It is perfectly possible, however, for other personnel to be
in FMS6.40, Equipment Register and Accounts Receivable (Invoiced Income) at the same
Cheque Processing. Although, only one person can process cheques at a time, FMS
permits others to be working within FMS, including Budget Planning, Accounts Receivable
and Equipment Register. The only exception to this is in Invoice/Credit Note Processing,
when the addition and editing of records for Cheque Processing is denied and vice versa.
Petty Cash Processing. This process also only allows one user to be working within
Petty Cash, although other users are able to carry out other processes at the same time
within FMS.

Single use of Accounts Receivable

The following areas in the Accounts Receivable module are also single user:
_ Write Offs
_ Refund Cheques

FMS 6.40 and Multi-users

The following area of FMS permits several users to be working simultaneously.
_ Purchase Order Processing.
_ Invoice Processing
FMS6.40 Release Information                                  ScoMIS July 2002

Accounts Receivable and Multi-users

The following areas in the Accounts Receivable module are multi-user:
_ Debtors
_ Invoice/Credit Note Processing
_ Receipt Processing
_ Pay In Processing
_ Reports (not Statement Run*)
_ Accounts Receivable Parameters
_ Manage Books
_ Manage Products
*The Statement Run requires exclusive use of the Accounts Receivable module, although it
will be perfectly possible for other users to work elsewhere within FMS

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