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					                                                                                      SECTION:         10.3.15
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                                                                                      APPROVED:        11/17/99


A. Purpose

   The purpose of this policy is to identify the responsibilities of the program administrator and
   employees who participate in the State of Texas Travel Credit Card Program.

B. Guidelines for employees

   1.     The card will be used for official state business travel charges only.

   2.     The card will not be used for personal purchases.

   3.     The employee is expected to take at least three trips or spend a minimum of $1,500 during
          the fiscal year.

   4.     The employee is responsible for all charges made with the card.

   5.     Employee, upon receipt of the statement, will pay all charges.

   6.     The account will be suspended if delinquent after 60 days.

   7.     The account will be canceled if delinquent after 90 days.

   8.     Severely delinquent cardmembers will be reported to credit bureaus.

   9.     The right to use the credit card may be terminated at any time for any reason.

   10.    The card is to be surrendered immediately upon request or upon termination of

   11.    Failure of cardholder to follow institutional policies could result in cancellation of the card or
          disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
                                                                                 SECTION:        10.3.15
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                                                                                 APPROVED:       11/17/99


  C. Guidelines for program administrator

  1.     Upon request for application for a State of Texas Travel Credit Card, the user is instructed
         as to guidelines and conditions of use of the credit card. A credit card application,
         cardholder agreement form, along with a handout from the Texas State Travel Directory is
         given to the employee.

  2.     When forms are returned, the application is forwarded to the Vice President for Business
         Affairs for approval. Application is then faxed to the credit card company by the
         Purchasing Office.

  3.     Review of the monthly Delinquency History Report and Cardholder Activity Report is to be
         completed no later than 48 hours after receipt. If delinquent accounts and other problems
         are identified; cardholders are contacted to correct the problem(s).

  4.     The Employee Exit Clearance Checklist includes a credit card surrender area. The program
         administrator will phone the credit card company to ensure $0 balance on card prior to
         signing form. Account will be closed, card will be destroyed.

D. Review

  This policy and related procedures shall be subject to periodic review by the Director of