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Empower your voice


Empower your voice

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									   Empower your voice                                                  For the last 20 years Laura Spicer has
 A one day training to enhance your NLP & communication skills         been training business executives,
                                                                       groups and individuals in how to be
                                                                       more impactful and expressive with their
On this one day event, Laura will be teaching how you can use          voice and presence.
your voice in your NLP practice to increase the efficiency and
speed of every intervention, whether with a client, friend or on       15 years ago, Laura added NLP to her
yourself.                                                              mix of skills and incorporated
                                                                       accelerated learning techniques and
Some of the aspects she will cover so you can empower your             NLP tools into her trainings and clinic
voice are:                                                             work. She is a Master Practitioner and
                                                                       Trainer and she continues to work closely
   •   What is your voice for and how did you get the one you          and regularly with the creator of NLP, Dr.
                                                                       Richard Bandler.
   •   How to use your voice to increase your NLP skills massively     Although she specialises in all things to
   •   Become more flexible Vocally so you can express more            do with voice (she is known world-wide
       States more thoroughly                                          for her work in getting stammerers to
   •   How to make your words really count                             become fluent using the Spicer Method)
   •   How to gain more rapport when wanted, just through your         in her clinics in Harley Street and Surrey,
                                                                       UK, she helps people get through and
                                                                       out the other side of every problem and
   •   How to pace and lead more efficiently by harnessing your        difficulty imaginable.
   •   Find your own unique Voice Power and learn to express it  Fears, phobias, addictions, habits,
       more easily and naturally                                 depression, OCD are just some of the
                                                                 problems that find their way to Laura.
Whatever your skill level, however new or experienced you are in And her success rate in helping these
NLP, by working with Laura on your VoicePower you will multiply people is extremely high.
your effectiveness. This is like putting higher octane fuel in your
                                                                    This year (2010) Laura is focusing on
car, same car - better driving!                                     bringing her many years of spiritual
                                                                       training to the public. She is a trained
Date & Location: 9 th May 2010, Majorca                  Price: € 175 witch, shaman, druid and ritual
                                                                       magician and perhaps most importantly
For bookings contact Laura on              of all at this time a Light Body worker.

                                                               When you work with Laura, expect to
                                                               laugh and learn; expect to be finding
                                                               out some of the wonderful things you
                                                               can do with your voice; expect to be
Laura´s event takes place in between the Neuro-Linguistics.Net
                                                               shining from within and really expressing
NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training and the Practitioner of your own unique power as you optimize
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Training. For information about those and expand your skills.
two internationally recognized Certification Trainings contact
Neuro-Linguistics.Net on          Skype: Neuro-Linguistics.Net       Email:

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