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Employee Tax Service


Employee Tax Service

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									Employee Tax Service
Maximising your tax savings

Did you know that less than
half the tax payers in the UK
are paying the correct amount
of tax?

Whilst there’s no dispute about the efficiency
of employers’ PAYE (pay as you earn)
schemes. The number of benefits offered by
businesses is increasing, making tax returns
more complicated. Often, additional relief is
only available by claiming direct from
HM Revenue & Customs.

Call us now on 0845 680 7800
to discuss how we can help you
maximise your tax savings.
McLintocks - Employee Tax Service

at mclintocks...                 ComplETing Tax rETurns
                                 The tax experts at McLintocks complete
...the expert tax team have      many tax returns every year and attend
                                 regular briefings by the Inland Revenue
many years experience in the     and other financial experts to keep up to
taxation sector, and provide     date with tax legislation. They are therefore
                                 ideally placed to offer you a
excellent service covering       fully comprehensive tax return service.
every aspect from tax returns
                                 FrEE savings assEssmEnT
and share schemes to maternity   During an initial consultation, which should
benefits and retirement          take no longer than 30 minutes, we will
                                 identify the potential tax savings available
planning.                        to you. If we believe those savings exceed
                                 our fixed fee, then at your request we’ll
                                 proceed to complete your tax return. In
                                 addition to savings found for the current
                                 year, we are able to look back over the
                                 past six years to reclaim savings that have
                                 been missed.
                                 •	 Free feasibility consultation
                                 •	 Fixed fee service
                                 •	 Your own personal expert who
                                    completes your return and liaises with
                                    HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf
                                 •	 Access to expert advice on all tax
                                 •	 The opportunity to claim tax savings
                                    from the previous six years
                                 •	 The confidence to meet tax deadlines
                                    thereby avoiding nasty penalties
                                                           T 0845 680 7800

pErsonal Tax ExpErTisE                     FrEquEnTly askEd quEsTions
 •	 PAYE assessments and                   i have numerous sources of income,
    coding notices                         Hm revenue & Customs has never
 •	 Benefit packages and their             asked me to fill in a return, what
    tax implications                       should i do?

 •	 Company car and                        Many people have additional sources
    alternative schemes                    of income from say rental properties, a
                                           share portfolio or investment funds. It is
 •	 Pension planning to maximise tax       your responsibility to inform the Revenue
    allowances                             of this income with serious penalties at
 •	   Assistance with tax investigations   stake if income remains undeclared. We
 •	   Tax credits                          can advise on tax allowances and reliefs
                                           available on these assets to ensure you
 •	   Share schemes
                                           pay as little tax as possible.
 •	   Capital gains tax liabilities
 •	   Property tax                         i already fill my own return in on-line,
 •	   Budget and tax law updates           why do i need to pay you to do it?
 •	   Statutory sick pay and               Our experts complete hundreds of tax
      maternity benefits                   returns a year. We are up to date with
 •	 Retirement planning                    current legislation and so are aware of
 •	 Inheritance tax planning               all savings available. Make an
                                           appointment to meet with us, bring
                                           along your tax return and we can look
                                           over it. If the additional savings we
                                           identify don’t exceed our fee, then
                                           carry on as you are.
Our Services
How else we can support you

businEss sTarT ups                         What to do now...
From advice on expansion, finance and
buy-to-lease decisions, to successful      Why not contact us to see what
disposal, retirement and investment        we can do for you and your
strategies, McLintocks is the business
associate to trust.                        business? There is also more
                                           information available on our
businEss supporT                           website at www.mclintocks.net
You can count on McLintocks to
provide a cost-effective solution to all
your basic business and accounting

Tax ComplianCE & planning
Specialists in Income Tax and National
Insurance, Corporation Tax, Capital
Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, VAT and
Retirement Planning, you can rely on
McLintocks for the very best advice.

With a thorough knowledge of
business and industry, we can deliver
business health checks, focus upon
how decisions are made, and help you       2 Hilliards Court
to achieve your goals.                     Chester Business Park
                                           Chester CH4 9PX

Company sECrETarial                        56 Hamilton St
With a free consultation service,
                                           Wirral CH41 5HZ
available to both individuals and
companies, McLintocks offer the            T 0845 680 7800
expert company secretarial services        E info@mclintocks.net
that your business needs.                  W www.mclintocks.net

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