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					Accommodation Services Acceptable Use Policy


The University of Salford Accommodation community is an extremely diverse one
which draws people from a wide range of social, cultural, religious, ethnic, ideological
and geographical backgrounds. Good conduct on the part of all members of that
community is essential for the well-being and safety of others and for the
maintenance of an environment in which students and staff can work, study and live
together effectively.

The University requires staff and students to treat each other with respect and
courtesy and to comply with University rules. It takes a serious view of conduct which
falls short of the required standard. This applies equally to residents of university

This document sets out the arrangements in place for the management of issues
surrounding conduct within, or related to, university accommodation. The definitions
of unacceptable behaviour are taken directly from sections of the Accommodation
Contract and provision therein for re-charging of costs and/or other sanctions.

These arrangements are supplementary to and do not replace those set out in the
University of Salford Student Code of Conduct which applies to students both on
campus and at placements or study visits and to certain other circumstances where
the interests of the University are affected. As laid down in the Charter and Sections
V(6) and XIX. 2(hh) of the Statutes, all students of the University are subject to the
jurisdiction of the Vice-Chancellor and the Senate in respect of both their studies and
their conduct.

This jurisdiction includes the obligation to regulate and superintend the discipline of
students of the University and the power to suspend or expel students.

Where it is appropriate, cases of misconduct may be dealt with under the
arrangements set out in the University Of Salford Student Code Of Conduct. Details
of these arrangements are available here (include a link to the relevant web site

1. Misconduct

1.1 It is not feasible to identify every way in which student misconduct might occur. It
is likely, however, to fall into one or more of the following categories:

a) Misconduct relating primarily to staff and other students:

       a.1) conduct causing or being liable to cause personal injury, offence or
       distress to any other person or damage to University property or premises or
       affecting good order provided that such conduct involves another student(s)
       or member(s) of staff of the University;
       a.2) conduct causing, or liable to cause, a reduction in the quiet and peaceful
       enjoyment of accommodation facilities by others. Such behaviour shall
       include all acts having the intention or effect of harassment, including
       producing (whether within the University or by using University facilities),
       sending, or distributing to any other person any written material (including by
       e-mail or text message) or words likely to subject such person to threats,
       abuse or insult on the grounds of colour, race, sex, sexual orientation, political
       beliefs or ethnic or national origins.
       a.3) conduct which obstructs frustrates or disrupts the administrative work of
       the University or its public or official functions, activities or legal duties.
       a.4) refusal to provide identification when asked to do so by a member of
       University staff in connection with security, administration of accommodation
       business or alleged misconduct;
       a.5) attempting or inciting others to commit any act of misconduct covered in
       this policy.

b) Misconduct relating primarily to regulations and the law:

       b.1) conduct which infringes any Regulation or Code of Practice of the
       University or any instructions relating to conduct given by members of
       Accommodation Services staff in the exercise of their duties;
       b.2) theft, fraud, misappropriation, misuse of, or negligence in connection
       with, accommodation resources or property of any kind;
       b.3) misuse of fire appliances or infringing any safety regulation or
       requirement within accommodation sites;
       b.4) using or knowingly possessing within the accommodation sites,
       controlled drugs as defined in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 or any legislation
       modifying or replacing that Act;
       b.5) the unauthorised possession of a key to accommodation property or
       allowing others such unauthorised possession;
       b.6) behaviour within accommodation sites (including conviction of a criminal
       offence) which is liable to, or does, bring discredit upon, or affect the interests
       of, the University;
       b.7) breaching any undertaking given in connection with previous misconduct.

1.2 The following University Accommodation staff (‘Accommodation Officers’) are
responsible for dealing with cases of misconduct related to any accommodation
services that have not been referred for handling under the University of Salford
Student Code of Conduct:
Director of Commercial Services
Accommodation Services Manager
Customer Liaison Manager
Accommodation services staff

1.3 An Accommodation Officer to whom a complaint of misconduct is made shall use
the Acceptable Behaviour matrix to determine, on the basis of the details of the
complaint, the apparent gravity of the misconduct. To determine the details of the
complaint the Officer may conduct investigatory interviews as appropriate.

The complaint must be dealt with in accordance with Section 2 below, if it is
determined that the complaint warrants it.

2. Misconduct Incident Handling

The table below shows the cases of misconduct that will be dealt with under this
policy. It contains examples of what is considered to be minor and major incidents of
poor conduct but is not an exhaustive list:

                                    (Not an exhaustive list)
                                                                                                     1st step                                   2nd step

                                                Noise nuisance
                                           Untidy communal area
                                    Refuse bags not placed in appropriate
                                                 container                                                                             Where removal of item(s)
Minor Infringement

                                                                               Correspondence will be issued to advise of incident
under section 1.1a

                                    Unauthorised items such as bikes etc.      and request co-operation with policies. Will contain    was requested but has not
   (1st Offence)

                                               in residence                     instructions where appropriate to prevent further      occurred Accommodation
                                                                                action (e.g. remove item and place in appropriate       Officer will remove and
                                      Minor damage to Univ. of Salford         place or it will be removed and penalty charge will      issue correspondence to
                                      property or that of another student                            be raised)                        advise on the action taken
                                         Disruption to local residents                                                                and costs imposed and now
                                       Removal of road signs or street
                                        furniture (e.g. traffic cones)
                                    Fire alarm caused by accidental break
                                              of call point glass

                                     Smoking in an agreed non smoking
                                           Fire door propped open
                                      Items left in corridors, doorways,
                                                 escape routes
                                    Fire alarm caused by malicious break
                                              of call point glass
                                       Fire alarm caused by unattended
Minor Infringement
under section 1.1b

                                    cooking/fire door propped open whilst
  (1st Offence)

                                                   cooking                      Correspondence will be sent advising of incident
                                      Removal of door closers/window              that breaches health and safety or university
                                           locks/extinguishers                   regulations. Will contain notification of fixed
                                                                                     penalty charge imposed and now due.
                                    Inappropriate use of fire extinguishers
                                      Throwing any item from windows
                                    Petty theft (e.g. food from fridges etc)
                                       Unauthorised entry into another
                                         student’s accommodation
                                      Non-production of Student ID on
and repeat offences under 1.1a or

                                     Repeat Offence under section 1.1a         Correspondence will be issued to request a meeting
  Major Infringements Under

                                                                                 to discuss the repeat offence and to ascertain if     Where action required has
                                                                               there is any reason for the continued unacceptable             not occurred
                                                                                                    behaviour.                        Accommodation Officer will
          section 1.1b

                                                                                                                                        take the action and issue
                                                                                 Consequences of incident will be discussed and
                                                                                                                                       correspondence to advise

                                                                               student advised of future actions that will be taken
                                                                                                                                      costs imposed and now due.
                                                                                       in the event of any further breach.
                                                                                                                                        NB costs will include an
                                                                                   Personalised correspondence will be issued
                                                                                                                                         additional amount as a
                                                                                   confirming discussion and any actions to be
                                                                                                                                      consequence of it being a 2nd
 Repeat Offence under section 1.1b.        Correspondence will be issued to request a meeting
                                             to discuss the repeat offence and to ascertain if
                                           there is any reason for the continued unacceptable
                                             Consequences of incident will be discussed and
                                           future actions that will be taken in the event of any      N/A
                                                              further breach.
                                           Personalised email/letter will be issued confirming
                                                 discussion and fixed penalty imposed.
                                             NB costs will include an additional amount as a
                                                 consequence of it being a 2nd offence

   Significant damage to Univ. of
 Salford/Another Student’s property            Correspondence will be issued to advise an
                                              investigation will be instigated and request a
       Interfering with the mail            meeting to discuss the incident with the Customer
  Accessing restricted areas, i.e. lift                     Liaison Manager.
             rooms, loft                   Should the investigation indicate it, the matter will
'Trashing’ of any accommodation area       be referred, along with all available information to
                                                 the Accommodation Services Manager.
 Throwing any items from windows
                                              The Accommodation Services Manager may
   Bullying/Intimidating behaviour            conduct further investigations and decide an
   Criminal damage (Incl Graffitti)         appropriate course of action which may include:

Persistent breaches under sections 1.1a    A) Imposition of a fine to cover any costs incurred        N/A
               and 1.1b                    and any punitive element deemed appropriate

Assault of staff or fellow student/guest   B) Imposition of conditions of continued residence

  Possession of or use of weapons *        C) Transfer to another Univ. of Salford property

           Significant theft               D) Termination of Contract

           Drug use/dealing                E) Referral to the University for the issue to be
                                           handled under the University Student Code of
   Receipt of a caution/conviction in      Conduct procedures
  relation to an offence committed in
         breach of university or           OR any combination of the above
      Accommodation regulations

* knives, swords, deactivated firearms, all firearms, including all imitations, replicas and models, air
guns, BB guns, electric stun guns and all other devices including spear guns & crossbows, or anything
capable of discharging any shot, bullet or other missile or electric charge; explosives, fireworks

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