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					Guidelines for formulating an Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet and
Learning Platform

Header in document          Containing
Introduction to use of      Statement of intent to exploit the benefits offered by
the Internet                using connected technology. Include advantages of
                            Internet and connected learning far outweighing risks.
                            Statement of need to educate pupils and carers in good
                            practice and not just adhere to a set of rules when in
 Use of Internet and        Safe use forms part of curriculum in ICT or PSHE
filtering arrangements in   especially SMT assesses how effectively ICT systems
school                      are operating and decides on expenditure and allocation
                            of resources needed for infrastructure and training.
                                 Statement of Duty of care to be vigilant
                                 Statement on measures taken to ensure
                                    adequate filtering of content
                                 Statement on how sites visited are monitored.
                                   Statement that Incident records will be kept.
                                   Guidance of how to deal with incidents in the form of
                                    an easy to follow flow chart. (Recommended that this
                                    is included in staff handbook)
                                    Involve Governors, teachers and support staff.
                                    Should include who is responsible, monitoring,
                                     use of the Internet in the curriculum, sanctions
                                 Schools may wish to publish advice to parents to
                                     contact their own Internet Service Providers to
                                     explore home filtering and child controls
Think U Know training.      Statement indicating that Think U Know training has
                            been undertaken and is current. To include when this
                            training will be revisited.
TUK training for pupils     Statement that TUK training has been/will be taught to
                            Statement specifying when this training will be revisited.
                            Statement identifying this training in scheme of work
Safe and appropriate        Expectation that the use of these devices will not
use of digital video,       harm/embarrass another person.
cameras, webcams and        Expectation that none of these devices will be used to
mobile phones               bully/intimidate.
                            Statement that this policy covers such devices whether
                            or not owned by the school.
E-safety lessons in         Reference to CfBT scheme of work. Available in all
place for all year          classrooms with computers.
groups, supplemented        The following are not permitted:
by assemblies               sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures
                            using obscene language
                            harassing, insulting or attacking others (whether on or off
                            school premises or within/outside of normal school hours
                            damaging computers, computer systems or computer
                            violating copyright laws
                            Not using others people’s logons/passwords

Contact -                                          1
                           trespassing in others’ folders, work or files
                           intentionally wasting limited resources
Email use guidelines for   Bullet points might include:-
staff and pupils           Guidance on message content. (IE non offensive)
                           Guidance on not opening attachments unless their
                           provenance in known and trusted.
                           Guidance on good practice to scan attachments before
                           Guidance on how to deal with an email that is offensive
                           or upsetting.
                           For staff guidance on what is acceptable/not acceptable
                           content. (IE email is not a secure media so children/staff
                           should not be discussed in emails.
                           Flow chart for dealing with breaches of Acceptable Use
                           Policy – who to contact, what to record, what to do
                           Incident Record Sheet.

Nominated staff for        Statement identifying nominated member of staff with
dealing with e-safety      responsibility for dealing with e-safety issues.
matters                    Page: 2
                           In many cases this will be the Designated Child
                           Protection Coordinator(s) (DCPC)
                           Perhaps also a documented monitoring log too? (What
                           is monitored, how often etc)

Advice for parents         Indication of where parents can go for further advice.
                           May include:-
                                 Guidance on making home wireless networks
                                 How to approach Internet Service providers for
                                   help with child controls
                                 How to approach Internet Service Providers for
                                   help with monitoring online activity
                           Practical help that the school may wish to offer parents.
                           (If appropriate)
Acceptable Use policy      This should be a sub section of the main policy and
for the Learning           cover statements on:-
Platform                         Only accessing the platform through user’s own
                                 Not uploading into any area, material that could
                                   be considered to be offensive, racist or sexist.
                                 Guidelines for participation in blogs and online
                                   discussions Storage and time quotas to stop
                                   pupils having large files.
                                 Guidelines for temporary members of the
                                   platform. (IE guest/visitors to the school that may
                                   use the VLE for some pre/post visit work
                                 Statement of what is acceptable for a
                                   pupil/student to upload into their E-profile.

Contact -                                    2
Management of school        Parental permission sought to publish pupils’ work and
website/Learning            photos, which do not name or clearly identify them. (See
Platform                    agreement letter)
                            Schools should clearly identify who has permission to
                            upload to the learning platform. Users need editorial
                            guidelines agreed by staff.

Handling of complaints      SMT are responsible. Make link with school complaint
                            Statement of school complaint procedure and how e-
                            safety/breaches of AUP will be dealt with
Information access and      Statement on how data is made secure from PDAs,
security policy             wireless devices accessing the network? personnel,
                            organisational, physical, communications, business
                            Statement of how and when data will be removed from
                            school premises and by whom

E Safety skills for staff   Planned series of CPD to raise awareness.
                            When the training is or will be delivered.
                            When it will be revisited
                            Arrangements for induction of new staff
Incident Response           Statement of how breaches of Acceptable Use will be
                            dealt with
                            Advice for staff
                            Flow chart for dealing with incidents
                            Incident record

Contact -                                   3
Appendix 1 Parental Permission Letter (Signed by parents)

<< Name of School>>
<< Address>>
<< Date>>

I/we, the parents/carers of ……………………………………………………….give
permission for him/her/them to use the internet for the purposes of teaching and
learning in school. I understand that some elements of internet use are governed by
the National Curriculum Orders for ICT and are an entitlement.

I also give permission for photographs, video, audio clips to be uploaded onto the
school website and/or learning platform.

I confirm my agreement to and support of the school Acceptable Use Policy for the
Internet and Learning Platform.

Yours Sincerely

Contact -                                      4
Appendix 2 Pupil Responsible Use Agreement
Agreement to use the school ICT facilities within the scope and intentions of this

Students must recognise that the use of computer systems without permission or for
inappropriate purposes may constitute a criminal offence under the following pieces
of legislation.

The Computer Misuse Act 1990, The Police and Justice Act 2006, The Racial and
Religious Hatred Act 2006, Communications Act 2003, Malicious Communications
Act 1988, Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1998, Protection from Harassment Act
1997, Obscene Publications Acts 1959 and 1964 and The Data Protection Act 1998

Such inappropriate purposes include but are not limited to: accessing and/or
modifying or deleting the personal files of others; searching for or sharing obscene or
violent material; installing viruses onto the computer network or publishing libellous
statements or defamatory images of comments.

Duty of pupils to scan files they bring into school whether by email attachment or
physical media to ensure safety.
Appendix 4 Staff Acceptable Use Agreement
To include statement on only school staff using school equipment. (IE not
partners/spouses), bringing in laptops to be connected to the network at least once a
week for virus definition updates and not connecting to unprotected wireless
networks at home.
Any data on children/staff that needs to be taken offsite must be sanctioned by a
member of SMT and done so via secure, encrypted means

Appendix 3 Sanctions.

      Temporary or permanent ban on Internet use, with letter to parents
      additional disciplinary action
      Police or local authorities involved where appropriate
      Possible recoup of costs in the event of an attack that involves the school in costs to

Appendix 4 Review of Policy by stakeholders
Schools may wish to form a working party of stakeholders to consider the Acceptable Use
policy. This working group may involve parents, teachers, governors and pupils

Contact -                                                 5

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