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Who are we?
   The Woodcraft Folk is a national voluntary children‟s organisation and
     as such is part of the voluntary youth service.

      The groups are divided into age ranges: Woodchips (0-5), Elfins (6-9),
       Pioneers (10-12), Venturers (13-15) and District Fellows (16-20)

      There are more Elfin groups than groups of any other age range.

      Most groups meet weekly to participate in an educational programme
       and take part in singing, games and outdoor activities.

      There are about 450 groups throughout England, Scotland and Wales.
       with the highest concentration of groups is in London.

      We are increasingly looking at expanding our provision beyond
       standard group nights

      Each group and district is entitled to send a delegate to vote at the
       Annual Gathering.

      We are described as the “youth wing of the co-operative movement”
       as we have had strong links and support from them since we begun.

      The Folk do not have political affiliations but does endorse and support
       the work of the peace movement.

How did we start?
   The Woodcraft Folk was started in 1925 by a young man – Leslie Paul
     as a reaction against the nationalism and militarism of the Scouts at
     the time

      Leslie Paul‟s aim was to take city children from south London to the
       country to camp and to gain awareness of the wider environment and
       of the world.

      In the old days members had Folk names and hand-made their

      The movement grew steadily with peaks after the world wars and in
       the eighties. There are now groups similar to The Woodcraft Folk all
       around the world.

What are we about?
   The Folk is based upon strong principles of democracy, peace, equality,
     world friendship, co-operation and a protection and awareness of the
     environment and this forms the core and basis of all of our activities

      Most group meetings begin with a circle, where everyone is given the
       chance to share their experiences / opinions / to participate in

      We have an extremely popular book full of ideas for co-operative
       games entitled „Games, Games, Games‟.

      Equality of the genders is important to the Folk. Each group is mixed
       and all are encouraged to participate in every activity on an equal

      Many Woodcraft Folk members participate in international visits &
       exchanges, we aim to provide an awareness of global and
       developmental issues.

      Our motto is “Span the World with Friendship”.

      Most groups have a parachute which is an excellent tool for all sorts of
       non-competitive games.

   How are we run?
    The Folk are managed voluntarily by a General Council of
     democratically elected members.

      There are 2 nations and 6 regions each with their own councils within
       the structure of the Folk.

      The Folk manage and run several residential centres where groups
       can stay to take part in outdoor activities.

      Most groups belong to a district association, so that members have the
       opportunity of sharing activities and camps with other local groups.

      There is approximately 15 paid staff and the Head office is „Folk House‟
       in South London.

      Groups and camps are run by voulnteer adult members who must
       follow the child protection policy.

      The Woodcraft Folk is a registered charity (1073665)


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