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									  Collaboration tools for managing your partnership effectively, 23 Feb 2009

                                            How to collaborate
                       IMPLEMENT – Managing your partnership effectively

  Drawing up an action plan alongside careful partnership management and building
  effective processes into your collaboration will check and ensure it’s functioning

  Below is an initial mapping of tools and templates to help guide your thinking in this area.

TASK or process            Tool/ Template name: description/ notes & page              Reference: Resource name,
                                                                                       Organisation, year

Draw up an action          Effective action planning: Discusses the need for           Working in partnership: a
plan                       careful planning and management in the form of a            sourcebook, New
                           clear action plan to guide implementation. Helps you        Opportunities Fund
                           to consider what your action plan should contain as
                           well as undertaking a risk assessment against the plan.
                           Pages 44-46
                           Template Project Roadmap: Describes some of the             A practical guide to working
                           different stages that the partnership will go through       with partnerships.
                           before becoming a reality. A more detailed partnership      Nottingham CVS, 2008
                           plan is also available in this resource, highlighting the
                           various activities needed for the successful completion
                           of each stage of the partnership roadmap.

Develop an                 Developing an evaluation strategy: Guides your              Working in partnership: a
evaluation plan            thinking around what you want to evaluate, who              sourcebook, New
                           should do it and the evaluation stages to include. Self     Opportunities Fund
                           evaluations and independent evaluations are discussed
                           alongside the tendering process for appointing an
                           external third party.
                           Pages 54-59
                           Evaluating partnership working: Tips for evaluating         Working in partnership: a
                           the collaboration in terms 3 areas: the partnership         sourcebook, New
                           process, the operational systems and the partnership        Opportunities Fund
                           value. A qualitative evaluation form is presented to
                           assess the quality of your collaboration and how it
                           works breaking down each of the above 3 areas into
                           between 4 and 8 subcategories for assessment.
                           Pages 60-64

Project                    Implementation: This worksheet discusses briefly            Collaborate resource kit
management                 some of the immediate common issues for successful          worksheet 8 -
                           tenderers. It looks at settling contracts, resolving        Implementation, produced
                           management information systems, agreeing start-up           by Neadon Consulting with
                           times, managing staffing as well as communications          the Housing Associations'
                           and relationships. If your successful collaboration is      Charitable, July 2008
                           taking on an existing service TUPE and other service
                           user transfer issues are discussed.
                           Planning and delivery self evaluation checklist: Helps      Working in partnership: a
                           you check whether you have considered all of the            sourcebook, New
  Collaboration tools for managing your partnership effectively, 23 Feb 2009

                           issues that might affect the success of your               Opportunities Fund
                           Page 52
                           Effective monitoring and management: Looks at              Working in partnership: a
                           defining, collating and using monitoring data alongside    sourcebook, New
                           some of the pitfalls and issues that can arise in          Opportunities Fund
                           collaborative working.
                           Pages 47-48
                           Template Stakeholder Analysis and Communication            A practical guide to working
                           Plan: Identifies key stakeholders and plans how they       with partnerships. N2
                           will be communicated with throughout the project.          (squared) Consulting with
                                                                                      Nottingham CVS, 2008
                           Template Risk log: Example showing some potential          A practical guide to working
                           risks to the partnership and mitigating actions.           with partnerships. N2
                                                                                      (squared) Consulting with
                                                                                      Nottingham CVS, 2008

Avoiding and/ or           Problem solving in partnership: Looks at some of the       The Step by Step guide to
resolving conflicts        key challenges and reasons for frustration in              successful partnership
                           partnership work and provides exercises to help            working for voluntary and
                           organisations think these through. The challenges          community organisations,
                           assessed fall under the following headings: Bringing       Regional Action and
                           about change; Culture and dynamics; Attitudes and          Involvement South East,
                           understanding; Accountability and representativeness;      RAISE, 2002
                           and Resourcing and practicalities.
                           Worksheets and learning points in Section 4, pages 65-
                           Maintaining the involvement of partners and                Working in partnership: a
                           Improving Communications: The risks involved in            sourcebook, New
                           losing momentum as time goes by are discussed              Opportunities Fund
                           alongside ways of addressing this.
                           Page 49-50
                           Template Issue Log: Example recording issues that          A practical guide to working
                           have occurred that may affect the partnership and the      with partnerships. N2
                           actions taken to resolve them.                             (squared) Consulting with
                                                                                      Nottingham CVS, 2008
                           Internal Collaborative Functioning Scales: A               Nonprofit Collaboration &
                           questionnaire designed for partners to indicate how        Mergers: Finding the Right
                           they feel the collaboration is functioning on a range of   Fit, A Resource Guide for
                           areas such as shared vision, decision making,              Nonprofits, EPIC.
                           leadership, communication, trust… and to start thinking
                           about how things can be done more effectively. Tool
                           taken from Evaluating Collaboratives University of
                           Wisconsin-Cooperative Extension, 1998
                           Page 9

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