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									Blue blood of Liverpool
THE granting of Liverpool’s first                Circa 1500 - The first Earl of Derby builds       1698 - William Norris, MP, is appointed
Royal Charter in 1207 will be                    Knowsley Hall to mark a visit of his stepson.     Ambassador to the Court of the Mogul
celebrated all over the city                                                                       emperor Aurangzeb. Consequently Speke
                                                 1538-1541 – Henry VIII’s Act of                   Hall passes to a granddaughter who
on August 28.                                    Supremacy dissolves the catholic                  marries Lord Sidney Beauclerk, son of the
                                                 Birkenhead Monastery and the monks                Duke of St Albans and grandson of Charles
   But, although most people know of King        rights to the Mersey Ferry pass into              II and Nell Gwynn.
John’s gracious act, Liverpool’s Royal           private hands.
connections run much, much deeper.                                                                 1779 – 1780 - The 12th Earl of Derby
   And with the Queen set to visit the                                                             establishes two of the world’s most famous
city in December for the Royal Variety                                                             horse races -The Oaks and The Derby.
performance at The Empire, here’s a special                                                        (Note: the 16th Earl - Frederick Arthur
Liverpool 800 look at the city’s connections                                                       Stanley as Governor General of Canada
to the monarchy.                                                                                   from 1888-1893, gave his name to the
                                                                                                   Stanley Cup – the premier trophy for
Circa 900 A.D - Forget 1207! Liverpool’s                                                           Canada’s national sport of ice hockey)
royal connections begin when Aethelflaed,
daughter of King Alfred grants land on both                                                        1851 – Queen Victoria visits Liverpool –
sides of the river Mersey. Place names                                                             the first by a reigning Monarch since 1323
with Scandanavian roots include Toxteth,                                                           and knights the Mayor – Councillor John
Aintree, Aigburth, Croxteth and Thingwall.                                                         Bent.
1066 - Duke William of Normandy sends            1575 – Croxteth Hall is built as ancestral        May 15 1880 - Queen Victoria grants
William Molyneux to take charge of the           seat for the Molyneux family as Earls of          Liverpool city status.
area called Sefton, where his family would       Sefton.
later become the Earls.                                                                            July 19 1904 – King Edward VII lays
                                                 1604 – The Royal Park of Toxteth is sold for      foundation stone for Anglican Cathedral.
1207 – As well as the Charter, King John         £1,000. At the southern edge, Puritan             Unbeknown to the monarch socialist
creates the Royal Park of Toxteth to protect     tenants from Bolton give religious names to       pamphlets were placed under there the
what were now the King’s deer.                   their farms. This area is called “The Holy        night before by a radical stonemason!
                                                 Land”, with the brook re-christened as the
                                                 River Jordan. Other names survive from            July 1934 – King George V and Queen
                                                 those days in Jericho Lane and Jerico Farm.       Mary open the Queensway tunnel, East
                                                                                                   Road and
                                                                                                   Walton Hall
                                                                                                   Park and
                                                                                                   library all on
                                                                                                   one day!

                                                                                                   1949 -
                                                                                                   begins work
October 1323 - Liverpool ‘welcomes’ the                                                            at Croxteth
first visit by a reigning monarch when King                                                        Hall as chef.
Edward II stays for a week. Royal visit                                                            Originally trained under King Edward VII’s
stretches town’s budget as Castle roof has                                                         French chef, Monsieur Gonin he was
to be repaired at cost of £18. Population at                                                       recommended to Lady Sefton by Mrs
the time was less than 1,000.                                                                      Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor.
                                                 1651 – Thomas Norris inherits Speke Hall.         Croxteth Hall passed into council hands
1445 - Richard Molyneux obtains from             The first head of the family to espouse           after the death of the last Earl in 1972.
King Henry VI the hereditary constableship       Protestantism. He was regarded as a Royal-
of Liverpool Castle and the Master               ist and his uncle, Edward, was a staunch          1957 - The Liverpool Philharmonic
Forestership of the forests and parks,           supporter and holds Liverpool for King            Orchestra, the second oldest in Britain – the
which included Toxteth.                          Charles I for a period. At the end of the Civil   society was established in 1840 - acquires
                                                 War the Norris estates were confiscated by        Royal status from Queen Elizabeth II.
1485 – Sir Thomas, the 2nd Lord of Stanley,      Parliament and not regained until 1662.
swings the Battle of Bosworth in the final                                                         2007 – Prince Charles re-opens St George’s
stages for his stepson who is crowned            1658 – King Charles I dissolves Parliament        Hall after a five-year £23m upgrade. The
Henry VII after defeating Richard III. His       and to raise revenue he sells off towns.          Small Concert Room and a new heritage
rewards from the War of the Roses include        Liverpool is sold for £400 to London              visitor centre are among the key attractions.
the title of Earl of Derby and land, including   merchants who then sell the town back to
Toxteth.                                         the Molyneux family.

1989                                   1991 John Parrott                                  1992 The Tall        2000 Liverpool announces
Hillsborough                           wins the World Snooker                             Ships return to      it is bidding for the European
Disaster                               Championship                                       Liverpool            Capital of Culture title in 2008                                                                                                 ISSUE 48 CITY magazine 35
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                                                   Tesco congratulates Liverpool
                                                   on its 800th Birthday.

                                                          Proud to be investing in the future of Liverpool.

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