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                           Built-in Microsoft Office Templates

Microsoft Word Templates
Business Forms                            Advertisements
Auto Expense Report                       Aquatones Ad
Cash Receipt                              Blue Gray Overlap Ad
Check Requisition                         Maroon Pillar Ad
Credit Reminder                           FYI 11x17
Daily Planner                             Red Black Ad 3
Expense Report                            Vertical Title Ad
Final Notice                              Bohemian Frame Ad
Hourly Invoice                            Ice Blue Corner Ad
Invoice                                   Red Outline 11x17
Job Estimate                              Vivid Tan Ad
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Packing List                              Newsletters
Past Due Notice                           Green Gray 4-page Newsletter
Price List                                Ski Track 6-page Newsletter
Product Data Sheet                        Triangular 2-page Newsletter
Property Receipt                          Golden 4-page Newsletter
Purchase Order                            Quarter Pipe 2-page Newsletter
Purchase Order Log
Sales Quotation                           Product Brochures
Service Invoice                           Dynamic Brown 4-page ProdBrochure
Shipping Label                            Landscape Blue 1-page ProdBrochure
Statement of Services                     Standard Jade 1-page ProdBrochure
Stub Invoice                              Complementary Neutral 1-page ProdBrochure
Subcontractor Agreement                   Triangular Peach 1-page ProdBrochure
Transmittal Letter
Weekly Goals-Objectives                   Reports
Weekly Time Sheet                         Attractive Khaki Report
                                          Elegant Blue Report
Fax Covers                                Distinct Blue Gray Report
Blinded Border Fax Cover                  Concentric Mauve Report
Blue Gray Edge Fax Cover                  Lattice Olive Report
Dashed Line Fax Cover
Gray Circle Fax Cover                     Tri-fold Brochures
Green Envelope Fax Cover                  Clips Tri-Fold Brochure
Green Gray Fax Cover                      Crayon Tri-Fold Brochure
Horizon Lines Fax Cover                   Flower Tri-Fold Brochure
Light Gray Fax Cover                      Slides Tri-Fold Brochure
Main Sail Fax Cover                       Sunset Tri-Fold Brochure
Mondrian Fax Cover                        Tri-Fold Brochure 1
Navy Blue Fax Cover                       Tri-Fold Brochure 2
Orange Stripe Fax Cover                   Tri-Fold Brochure 3
Purple Borders Fax Cover                  Tri-Fold Brochure 4
Quarter Pipe Fax Cover
Shield Fax Cover                 Certificates
                                 Award of Merit
Trade Shows/Meetings             Bordered Attendance Award
Basic Agenda                     Bordered Efficiency Award
Blank Name Badge                 Bordered Leadership Award
Detailed Agenda                  Bordered President's Award
Meeting Action Items             Honor Student Award
Meeting Action Items Fax         Improvement Award
Meeting Agenda Fax               Sales Award
Meeting Reminder                 Sports Award
Meeting Reminder Fax
Name Badge - Education           Business Cards
Name Badge - Finance             Blank Horizontal Business Card
Name Badge - Human Resource      Blank Vertical Business Card
Name Badge - Medical             Builder Business Card
Seminar Evaluation               Generic Business Card
Tradeshow Table ID Landscape     Health-Beauty Business Card
Tradeshow Table ID Portrait      Health-Wellness Business Card
                                 Kids Business Card
Memos                            Patriotic Business Card
Arrowheads Memo                  Photography Business Card
Blade Memo                       Real Estate Business Card
Conservative Gray Memo           Restaurant Business Card
Cream Border Memo                Travel Business Card
Dotted Memo
Flying Boxes Memo                CD-DVD Labels
From the President Memo          Aspect CD-DVD Label
Golden Memo                      Beamer CD-DVD Label
Gray Border Memo                 Black White CD-DVD Label
Sharp Red Memo                   Black White Quad CD-DVD Label
Simple Gray Memo                 Blank CD Insert
Sleek Gray Memo                  Blank CD-DVD Label
Soundwaves Memo                  Blank DVD Insert
Tapering Memo                    Blue Fade CD-DVD Label
Yellow Blue Memo                 Circuit Board CD-DVD Label
                                 Four Color Photos CD-DVD Label 1
Project Management               Hourglass Photos 1
Production Schedule              Lavender Photo CD-DVD Label
Project Log                      Lemon Lime CD-DVD Label
Project Plan                     Ocean Blue DVD Insert
Project Task Assignment          Pastel Diamonds CD-DVD Label
Project Timetable                Pink Clef CD-DVD Label
                                 Racing Flame CD-DVD Label
Calendars                        Slate Line CD-DVD Label
Landscape Blue Calendar          Spacey CD-DVD Label
Landscape Gold Calendar          Turquoise Photo CD-DVD Label
Landscape Green Calendar         Venetian CD Insert
Landscape Olive Calendar         Yellowjacket CD-DVD Label
Landscape Pink Calendar
Landscape Plum Calendar          Stationery & Greeting Cards
Landscape Purple Calendar        Congratulations
Landscape Rose Calendar          Happy Anniversary 01
Landscape Rust Calendar          Happy Anniversary 02
Landscape Sandy Brown Calendar   Happy Birthday 01
Landscape Tan Calendar           Happy Valentine's Day
Landscape Teal Calendar         Invitation 01
Portrait Blue Calendar          Invitation 02
Portrait Gold Calendar          Merry Christmas 01
Portrait Green Calendar         Thinking of You
Portrait Olive Calendar         Blank 2 per sheet Post Card
Portrait Pink Calendar          Blank 4 per sheet Post Card
Portrait Plum Calendar          Celebration 2 per sheet Post Card
Portrait Purple Calendar        Communications 2 per sheet Post Card
Portrait Rose Calendar          Generic 2 per sheet Post Card
Portrait Rust Calendar          Generic 4 per sheet Post Card
Portrait Sandy Brown Calendar   Landscaping 2 per sheet Post Card
Portrait Tan Calendar           Professional Services 2 per sheet Post Card
Portrait Teal Calendar          Real Estate 2 per sheet Post Card
Landscape Yearly Calendar       Sale 2 per sheet Post Card
Portrait Yearly Calendar        Technology 2 per sheet Post Card
                                Travel 2 per sheet Post Card
Education                       Gray Stripes 2 per sheet Post Card
Attendance Sheet                Gray Stripes 4 per sheet Post Card
Band Lesson                     Gray Stripes Business Card
Basic Term Paper                Gray Stripes Envelope
Blank Lined Paper               Gray Stripes Fax Cover Sheet
Classroom Rules                 Gray Stripes Invoice Form
Graph Paper 1                   Gray Stripes Letterhead
Graph Paper 2                   Gray Stripes Letterhead - pic
Graph Paper 3                   Gray Stripes Memorandum
Graph Paper 4                   Gray Stripes Press Release
Graph Paper 5                   Gray Stripes Purchase Order
Parent Signoff                  Gray Stripes Shipping Label
Permission Slip                 Gray Stripes Statement of Services
Science Project Notes           Linear 2 per sheet Post Card
Seating Chart                   Linear 4 per sheet Post Card
Spelling Test                   Linear Business Card
Sport Sign-Up Sheet             Linear Envelope
Student Bday List               Linear Fax Cover Sheet
Substitute Info                 Linear Invoice Form
Syllabus 1                      Linear Letterhead
Weekly Assignment Sheet         Linear Letterhead - pic
                                Linear Memorandum
Flyers                          Linear Press Release
For Sale Flyer                  Linear Purchase Order
Open House Flyer                Linear Shipping Label
Party Flyer                     Linear Statement of Services
Simple Photo Flyer              Offset 2 per sheet Post Card
Special Event Flyer             Offset 4 per sheet Post Card
Springtime Flyer                Offset Business Card
Tear-Off Flyer                  Offset Envelope
Vibrant Flyer                   Offset Fax Cover Sheet
Who's Who Flyer                 Offset Invoice Form
                                Offset Letterhead
Photo Sheets                    Offset Letterhead - pic
16 PhotoSheet Landscape         Offset Memorandum
16 PhotoSheet Portrait          Offset Press Release
18 PhotoSheet Landscape         Offset Purchase Order
18 PhotoSheet Portrait          Offset Shipping Label
4 PhotoSheet Landscape          Offset Statement of Services
4   PhotoSheet   Portrait                    Striking 2 per sheet Post Card
6   PhotoSheet   Landscape                   Striking 4 per sheet Post Card
6   PhotoSheet   Portrait                    Striking Business Card
8   PhotoSheet   Landscape                   Striking Envelope
8   PhotoSheet   Portrait                    Striking Fax Cover Sheet
                                             Striking Invoice Form
HR Forms                                     Striking Letterhead
Cobra Information                            Striking Letterhead - pic
Drug and Alcohol Policy                      Striking Memorandum
Job Application                              Striking Press Release
Job Description                              Striking Purchase Order
Vacation Request                             Striking Shipping Label
                                             Striking Statement of Services
Resumes/Job Search                           Vital 2 per sheet Post Card
Corporate Brick Chronological Resume         Vital 4 per sheet Post Card
Corporate Brick Chronological Resume - pic   Vital Business Card
Blue Step Functional Resume - pic            Vital Envelope
Defined Blue Functional Resume               Vital Fax Cover Sheet
Defined Blue Functional Resume - pic         Vital Invoice Form
Cover Letter Table                           Vital Letterhead
Interview Prep List                          Vital Letterhead - pic
List of References                           Vital Memorandum
Networking Sources                           Vital Press Release
Resume Action Word List                      Vital Purchase Order
                                             Vital Shipping Label
                                             Vital Statement of Services

Microsoft Excel Templates
Business Management                          Company Finance
Auto Expense Report                          Balance Sheet
Basic Invoice                                Break-Even Analysis
Bill Of Lading                               Business Acquisition
Daily Production Report                      Business Indebtedness
Daily Time Sheet                             Cash Budget
Expense Report                               Cash Flow Sensitivity
Inventory Control                            Five Year Projections
Job Estimate                                 Pro-Forma Balance Sheet
Project Cost Summary                         Pro-Forma Income Stmt
Purchase Order                               PV Mixed Stream
Quotation Evaluation                         Start up Budget
Quotation Record                             Start up Capitalization
Request for Quotation                        Statement of Cash Flows
Service Invoice                              Weekly Cash Flow
Shipping Order
Statement                                    Personal Finance
Weekly Work Schedule                         401K Planner
Yearly Project Progress                      401K Reallocation
                                             Balloon Payment Loan
Personal Planning                            Basic Bond Valuation
Appointments                                 Buy vs Lease Car
Cash Receipt                                 Capital Gain and Loss
Collectibles Inventory                       College Monthly Budget
Daily Planner                                Extra Payment Analyzer
Fitness Tracker                              Financial Calculator
Grading Sheet                                                  Financial Condition
Important Documents                                            Future Value Annuity
Monthly Calendar - Land                                        FV of Retirement Plans
Monthly Calendar - Port                                        Holiday Budget
Petty Cash Report                                              Investment Record
Quarterly Planner                                              Loan Calculators
School Budget                                                  Payback Period
Vacation Budget                                                Portfolio Allocation
Vacation Checklist                                             Present Value Annuity
Vacation Planner                                               Present Value Lump Sum
Wedding Budget                                                 Retirement Budget
Yearly Calendar                                                Retirement Income Tax
Yearly Planner                                                 Retirement Plan Contrib
                                                               Retirement Plans
Sales & Marketing                                              Statement of Net Worth
24 Month Sales Forecast                                        Wealth Accumulation
Direct Mktg Analysis                                           Year End Tax Plan
Moving Avg Forecast
Mthly Sales Projections                                        Real Estate
Mthly Sales Seasonality                                        7 Year Balloon Loan
Product Sales Goals                                            Biweekly Mortgage
Qtrly Budget Analysis                                          Closing Costs
Qtrly Marketing Budget                                         Gain on Sale of a Home
Quarterly Sales Record                                         Home Equity Comparison
Sales Channel Analysis                                         Home Equity Qualify
Store-to-Store Sales                                           Home Improvement Record
Summary of Key Accounts                                        Home Mortgage Checklist
Telephone Sales Order                                          Home Rent or Buy
                                                               Household Inventory
                                                               Mortgage Amortization
                                                               Mortgage Qualifications
                                                               Mortgage Refinancing

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates
Note: P refers to the Print version (best for printing) of the template
Note: S refers to the Screen version (best for onscreen display)

Finance                                                        Human Resources
A Closer Look-P                                                Be the Best-P
A Closer Look-S                                                Be the Best-S
Accounts Payable-P                                             Board Meeting-P
Accounts Payable-S                                             Board Meeting-S
Bank Facade-P                                                  Key Personnel-P
Bank Facade-S                                                  Key Personnel-S
Canadian Currency-P                                            Meeting Announcement-P
Canadian Currency-S                                            Meeting Announcement-S
Coin Edge-P                                                    Mobile Worker-P
Coin Edge-S                                                    Mobile Worker-S
Coin Money-P                                                   Organization Tree-P
Coin Money-S                                                   Organization Tree-S
Coin Rolls-P                                                   Organizational Strategy-P
Coin Rolls-S                                                   Organizational Strategy-S
Financial Review-P                                             Organizational Structure-P
Financial Review-S                                             Organizational Structure-S
Franklin Mint-P                                                Orientation-P
Franklin Mint-S             Orientation-S
Franklin Sheet-P            Planning Ahead-P
Franklin Sheet-S            Planning Ahead-S
Global Indices-P            Project Review-P
Global Indices-S            Project Review-S
Money Tree-P                Recruiting the Best-P
Money Tree-S                Recruiting the Best-S
One Day At a Time-P         Silhouettes-P
One Day At a Time-S         Silhouettes-S
Putting Money Away-P        Take Action-P
Putting Money Away-S        Take Action-S
Researching the Numbers-P   Team Huddle-P
Researching the Numbers-S   Team Huddle-S
Risk Analysis-P             Team Members-P
Risk Analysis-S             Team Members-S
Rolling the Dice-P          Teamwork-P
Rolling the Dice-S          Teamwork-S
Stock Quote-P               Working Together-P
Stock Quote-S               Working Together-S
Coins And Clouds-P          Electronic Personnel Folder-P
Coins And Clouds-S          Electronic Personnel Folder-S
Flying Currency-P           Initial Interview-P
Flying Currency-S           Initial Interview-S
Stack of Coins-P            Looking up-P
Stack of Coins-S            Looking up-S

Technology                  Earth Views
Blue Textured-P             Down To The Earth-P
Blue Textured-S             Down To The Earth-S
Bursts of Blue-P            Global View-P
Bursts of Blue-S            Global View-S
Circuitry-P                 The World-P
Circuitry-S                 The World-S
Cutting Edge-P              Up Close-P
Cutting Edge-S              Up Close-S
Gray Cellular-P
Gray Cellular-S             Education
Gray PDA-P                  Back To Basics-P
Gray PDA-S                  Back To Basics-S
Guiding A Mouse-P           Composition-P
Guiding A Mouse-S           Composition-S
Marbled Cellular-P          Fresh-P
Marbled Cellular-S          Fresh-S
Monitor-P                   Make A Note-P
Monitor-S                   Make A Note-S
Motherboard-P               Palm Of My Hand-P
Motherboard-S               Palm Of My Hand-S
Mouse Pointer-P             Summer Imps-P
Mouse Pointer-S             Summer Imps-S
Numeric Keyboard-P
Numeric Keyboard-S          Internet
Orange Burn-P               At Sign Shadow-P
Orange Burn-S               At Sign Shadow-S
Orange Chip-P               Computer Bookends-P
Orange Chip-S               Computer Bookends-S
Purple PDA-P             Getting Connected-P
Purple PDA-S             Getting Connected-S
Red Cellular-P           Glass Web-P
Red Cellular-S           Glass Web-S
Satellite Horizon-P      Net World-P
Satellite Horizon-S      Net World-S
Satellite Shadow-P       Online-P
Satellite Shadow-S       Online-S
Space Shuttle-P          Spider Web-P
Space Shuttle-S          Spider Web-S
Cellphone-P              Universal WWW-P
Cellphone-S              Universal WWW-S
Night Sky-P              Web Access-P
Night Sky-S              Web Access-S
Satellite in the sky-P
Satellite in the sky-S   Nature
Wavy Window-P            A New Beginning-P
Wavy Window-S            A New Beginning-S
Nouveau                  Dusk-S
Abstract-P               Fading Away-P
Abstract-S               Fading Away-S
Arches-P                 Flower Profile-P
Arches-S                 Flower Profile-S
Block-P                  Midnight Leaf-P
Block-S                  Midnight Leaf-S
Blue Vortex-P            Natural-P
Blue Vortex-S            Natural-S
Golf Balls-P             Spring-P
Golf Balls-S             Spring-S
Nouvelle-S               World Currency
Paper Sprockets-P        A Flash Of Euro-P
Paper Sprockets-S        A Flash Of Euro-S
Space Time-P             Dow Jones Chart-P
Space Time-S             Dow Jones Chart-S
                         Global Euro-P
                         Global Euro-S
                         Nasdaq Amex-P
                         Nasdaq Amex-S
                         The Euro Swirl-P
                         The Euro Swirl-S
                         World Currency-P
                         World Currency-S