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									Spice Girls for Christmas:                                                     Word from The Harringtons: About Cian: A cutting from The
   I used to think that in the Gospel accounts of the birth of Jesus, Mary     Drogheda Independent: “Slane 7 – Dromin 3: A fine display by Slane
was the only woman named; that the other women, who surely would               earned them the points against a Dromin side who refused to lie down.
have been there, had been written out of the story.                            And the meat of the report was that young Cian Harringtom scored
   I had forgotten the genealogies, the lists of the ancestors of Jesus that   three goals.” Well done, Cian. The two boys have settled down very
are given by both Matthew and Luke. In the genealogy given by                  well in their new school and mum and dad are still househunting!
Matthew, who is in fact mainly concerned with the male ancestry of
Jesus as far back ad David and Abraham, he names four women – five,            Mass Intentions for this weekend:
if you include Mary. Their stories would make good Christmas reading           Midnight Mass – Joe and Tina Poulose (Wedding Jan. 1st)
for you!                                                                       Christmas Morning – 10.00 – Stan Behan (B)
   Tamar had to fight for her rights, even to playing to role of prostitute    Sunday – St. Stephen‟s Day – 10.00 - Elsie Murphy
to her father-in-law, the patriarch Judah (Genesis 38). Judah himself
acted poorly in the whole sordid affair, but at least he had the grace to      Service of Reconciliation: Thanks for turning out in such large
acknowledge that Tamar „is more in the right than I am‟. Tamar‟s son           numbers on Tuesday for what was a very moving service. General
Perez will be an ancestor of David, and so of Jesus.                           absolution is forbidden but I think that we just stayed within the law!
   The David line continues through Rahab, who was an actual prostitute
in Jericho. Two Israelites who had come to spy out the land of Canaan          During the week there will be Communion Services every morning at
arrived at her house: she hid them, at mortal risk to herself and her          10.00 a.m. Next weekend Fr. Michael O‟Connor will say the Saturday
family, and in doing so won life and a lasting remembrance (Joshua 2;          and Sunday Masses.
Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25). In Matthew‟s genealogy she becomes the             The Feast of the Epiphany: January 6th. This is a Holyday of
great-great-grandmother of David.                                              Obligation and Masses will be at 9.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. and again Fr.
   Ruth was an alien from the country of Moab; she gave up her people,         O‟Connor will be here.
her land and her faith in a wild chance and followed her Israelite
mother-in-law back to the land of Israel. „Where you go, I will go;            Sunday December 26th. is the Feast of the Holy Family and also the
where you live, I shall live; where you die, I shall be buried with you;       day that Jim and Christine O’Hare are celebrating their Ruby Wedding
your people shall be my people and your God my God.‟ Through some              Anniversary. Congratulations to you both!
scheming with Naomi, Ruth manages to marry Boaz, and so becomes
the great-grandmother of David. (See the Book of Ruth).                        Next Week’s Newsleter: John McNicholas will be putting this
   With Bathsheba, we meet David directly. He is now king and, simply          together and if you have anything you‟d like including, you can contact
put, he falls for Bathsheba, a married woman. He arranges the murder of        him on 876812, by mid-week if possible.
her husband Uriah, and then takes the widow as his wife. It is not clear
how willing a partner she was in all this, or if she had any choice against    The Three Wise Men: John Stephenson, Peter Rawson and Yours
the will of the king. At any rate, the child of their adultery dies (2         Truly spent most of the daylight hours of Wednesday powerhosing the
Samuel 11-12), but, much later, Bathsheba fights like a tigress for the        area around the church and clearing the drains, nearly all blocked with
right of another son, Solomon, to become king after David (1Kings 1-2).        sand and cement after the builders had gone. God knows what we
   You never know what skeletons you‟ll uncover in tracing your family         looked like at the end but the job‟s done, at least for the time being!
tree. The decisive, irregular lives of these four women are like spice to      Meanwhile… in the church there was pandemonium! Actually it was
the bland fare we have made of Christmas. Their blood in Jesus‟ veins          filled with „little people‟ and adults busy cleaning, decorating, putting
reminds us that Bethlehem was not soft and pretty; it was down and             up trees, arranging the crib, eating and drinking. Thank you ever so
dirty, uncertain, even dangerous. Rather like their own lives. As with all     much for all your efforts. You know who you are! And I do! And
who „sit in darkness and in the shadow of death‟ (Luke 1:79) they had a        outside Dermot was busy with the brasses and cleaning the benches.
need for drawing on God'‟ mercy -–but they were more valiant than              Thanks Dermot!
most. In fact, Mary might have welcomed their questionable company;
she was a bit unconventional herself, and as an unmarried pregnant             Rest in Peace: Edna Swindell‟s sister Kathleen died on Sunday in
woman, was already at odds with her own society‟s values. (Matt 1: 18-         hospital in Lincoln aged 82. Her husband had predeceased her and they
24; Luke 1:26-56). That‟s a lonely place to be, as any of the four could       had no children. Thankfully, Edna‟s son Patrick from Malton was able
have told her. Happy Christmas!                                                to sort everything out. May she rest in peace.

Birthday Girl: Terri Riddiough celebrates her *th. Birthday this               Smartie Tubes for the Orphanage in Bo, Sierra Leone: Quite a few
coming Monday. I think she‟s around my age, give or take a few years.          have made their way back so far, but there are more to come. Thanks in
So how come she looks so good?                                                 anticipation!

Prof.Steve Haswell: “Women in Academia Lose out by a Whisker.” A               Thank You: Many, many thanks for all your cards and gifts so
correlation between having a beard and being a professor has been              generously offered this past week. All the cards are hanging up
uncovered by scientists, suggesting a reason for discrimination against        in the front room of the house and all the gifts are stacked around
women in academia. A study of 1,800 male academics has revealed                the fireplace. Santa will never manage to get down, I fear! Thank
professors are twice as likely as lecturers to have bristles. One theory is
that being unshorn makes men more likely to be appointed to
                                                                               you also for everything you have done during the past year. The
professorships, as facial hair is linked with high testosterone and            last six months especially have been a bit fraught, what with the
aggression.” (I rest my case)                                                  building etc. but that‟s all over. In May we look forward to a
                                                                               visit from the Bishop to administer the Sacrament of
Manna Coffee Shop: What was once The Pine Shop in the village is               Confirmation to our young people and to others from around the
now a slick, up-market Coffee Shop in the traditions of                        deanery area. We‟ll probably use that as an excuse to paint the
                                                                               outside of the church. Watch this space for volunteers!
Starbucks, and, believe it or not, is run by Christ Church from Endyke
Lane. I was at the opening on Sunday afternoon and brought some                Vrolijk Kersfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! (For Willy Parker)
friends there on Monday, and they were well impressed. It‟s open
everyday except Sundays. If you‟re passing by give it a try and wish
                                                                               Froehliche Weihnachten. (for the Bush Family and Margrit H.)
them well. It also supplies Fairtrade products.                                Selamat Hari Natal (for John and Jenny Cleary)
                                                                               Nollaig Shona Dhuit (For our Irish parishioners)
No Room at the Inn: Our Holy Cross tradition of having a Christmas             Buone Feste Natalizie (For the Pennas and Andreas)
collection for the Hull Homeless and Rootless Project (first mooted by         Meri Kirihimete (For the Pikes)
Alison Durkin, a young parishioner now working in London but home              God Jul (For Terry Atkinson)
for the holiday) will take place as usual this year. During the year we        Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia (For Olenka)
send a huge amount of mainly food –stuff to the centre, but also cash,         Feliz Navidad (For Carmen and The Bell Family)
and we are indebted to Gerry Baker for making the deliveries.                  Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal (For Nilluk and Nashadi)

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