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					                        CITY OF SHAWNEE
                     SHAWNEE CIVIC CENTRE
                           March 3, 2005

Committee members present: Pam Cremer, Kevin Fern, Amy Ruo, Donna Sawyer, Jenny
VanLerberg, and Doris Yantis. Others present: Neil Holman, Parks and Recreation
Director and Deputy Parks and Recreation Director Lecuru.


      Doris Yantis, seconded by Jenny VanLerberg, moved to approve the February 3,
      2005 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board minutes. The motion carried 5-0.


      Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated they have recommended the firm
      Grindline for the new skate park. He stated Grindline is from Seattle,
      Washington, and are a nationally known company and have done a lot of
      construction throughout the U.S. and abroad. He stated there will be a public
      meeting held on March 23, 2005 at the Civic Centre in the Senior Room at 7:00

      Deputy Parks and Recreation Director Lecuru stated the information she emailed
      out to the Board along with the minutes, noted a different firm and that has,
      obviously, changed. She stated Grindline will make their presentation to the
      Parks Board with their recommendations, and then the kids will have a chance to
      come forward and ask questions or give suggestions. She stated the meeting will
      be recorded and the minutes will be prepared and placed online for those who are
      not able to attend. She stated she already invited the City‟s scouts to attend. She
      stated the scouts are not skateboarders, but will pass the word around.

      Amy R. asked what other ways is the word getting around - besides in the

      Neil answered in the City Line, the newspapers, and flyers to the high schools and
      middle schools.

      Tonya stated flyers will probably not be distributed to the grade schools.

      Kevin asked if the City has received a lot of inquiries about a skate park through
      the years.
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 2

      Neil stated he has a list of names from people who have emailed or phoned into
      the City and he will contact those individuals and make them aware of this

      Amy R. stated that every time she mentions to someone that that area is going to
      be a skate park, people respond with, “Oh, my”. She stated some people think a
      skate park might bring in some types of problems.

      Neil stated there have not been any major problems with any of the other skate
      parks. He stated no one really wants these parks, but the kids need to be provided
      a place to skate. He stated he will find kids, from time to time, trying to skate the
      pool. He stated he believes this skate park will benefit the beginner street skaters,
      onto the intermediate skaters who will use the bowls. He stated they would also
      like to have an advanced area, with a cradle or shell, which is a different kind of

      Tonya stated the park will not have lights, so it will be a daytime activity for the

      Kevin stated out of all of the surrounding areas skate parks, this one will have the
      least disruption, as it is the area that is least developed.

      Neil stated it will be on two major streets, 63 rd Street and Lackman.

      Kevin stated that a church sits on one corner and a museum sits on the other. He
      asked about an agenda for the skate park meeting.

      Neil stated they will start with a presentation and pictures to get the ball rolling.
      He stated he went to the meeting over in Prairie Village with City Engineer
      Wesselschmidt and Project Engineer Bert Schnettgoecke. He stated Grindline is
      constructing the skate park in Prairie Village and have already broken ground. He
      stated there were probably around 50 kids who attended that meeting and it turned
      out to be a nice workshop/public meeting with a lot of input from the kids.

      Tonya stated they will present a PowerPoint presentation at the meeting. She
      stated the kids can express their opinions and be made to realize that this will be
      their park, to give them a sense of ownership. She stated by taking that kind of
      approach, they hope the kids will be less likely to vandalize, or in turn, speak up
      when they see any vandals doing damage to the park.

      Neil stated that obviously, like with everything, they can not get everything they
      want, but this is setting the tone for future generations. He stated they need to
      balance all of those elements and strive for the park to really be something
      special. He stated these kids will still be able to use the park when they go off to
      college. He stated it will end up being a destination park for these kids to return
      to and continually learn from the park.
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                           PAGE 3

      Neil stated that Chris Hildebrand gave a very nice presentation at the Prairie
      Village meeting and will be present at the Shawnee meeting. He stated Chris is a
      landscape architect and a skater. He stated one thing he really liked about
      Grindline were the pictures that were shown. He stated that even when the
      concrete is still green and they can just barely get on it, the Grindline people start
      skating on it. He stated they make sure the angles are good and fully approve
      everything. He stated if the angles, for whatever reason, are not accurate or there
      is any other problem, the concrete, in that early stage, is easy to tear out and they
      would redo another pour. He stated they are really serious about their work.

      Pam commented that it was stated earlier that Grindline is doing a skate park in
      Prairie Village, and asked if they had done other parks in this area.

      Neil answered, no. He stated Prairie Village is the closest park so far. He stated
      Grindline did a lot of parks on the east and west coasts and in Colorado. He
      stated just because a company knows how to pour concrete and builds pools, it
      does not mean they can do skate parks. He stated skate parks are a specialty, the
      angles are different. He stated a lot more design/builds are starting to be seen in
      this area, because the kids skating in the parks in Lenexa and Overland Park do
      not have the correct angles. He stated HNTB, Lickel Architecture, and a regular
      concrete company constructed the skate park in Lenexa – not a true skate park

      Neil stated he believes California Skate Park is doing the park in Independence,
      Missouri. He stated Kansas City is starting to see these teams coming in that
      specialize in these skate parks. He stated Prairie Village has started the
      design/build process, as well as Independence and Shawnee. He stated he is
      confident Shawnee will end up with a good product.

      Kevin asked if the skate park cost is $545,000.

      Neil stated it is $300,000. He stated they added a 98-stall parking lot, so it would
      not take away from the soccer.

      Kevin asked if the total for Swarner is now at almost $1 million.

      Neil stated it will probably be over that amount.

      Neil stated the skate park meeting on March 23 rd should be fun to attend. He
      stated the meeting will be run just like the meetings for the public pools. He
      stated Chris Hildebrand and Alan Mackey, who designed the park, will be on
      hand to answer any questions.

      Amy R. asked if the Parks Board members should try to attend.

      Neil stated it would be nice if they could all attend.
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                           PAGE 4

      Kevin asked if this is an official meeting.

      Neil answered, yes.

      Donna stated she thinks this is exciting and it is time the City did something
      geared to this age group.

      Neil stated he received just as many emails from the east side of the City as from
      the west side. He stated that geographically, population-wise, Swarner is now the
      center of the City.

      Pam asked how the rest of Swarner is coming along. She stated she believes it
      was mentioned at the last meeting that the pond was dug out.

      Neil stated the pond is finished. He stated they are waiting on bids to see who is
      going to do it. He stated they advertised for bidders, and currently there are
      seven (7) firms, and hopefully more, who received plans. He stated he thinks it is
      going to turn out nice and they are just waiting for the bids to come back in.

      Doris asked when the bids are due back.

      Neil said the bids are due back on March 28, 2005. He stated this past
      Wednesday, Pioneer Crossing went out for bid. He stated Swarner Park is going
      to have a lot of dirt left over and Pioneer Crossing needs dirt, so if he is a builder
      he can spend the whole summer in Shawnee on two park jobs. He stated that
      hopefully that will be an incentive for these companies and the City will end up
      getting a good bid.

      Donna asked if everyone was aware of the location for Pioneer Crossings.

      Neil clarified for the new members that Pioneer Crossings will be located at the
      entryway to the City, where Nigro's sits – that whole stretch. He stated it will be
      where the Tinting Place used to be and the old camper sales place on the south
      side of Shawnee Mission Parkway.

      Amy R. stated she noticed in the newspapers that Charles Goslin is going to do
      that project.

      Neil stated he would do all of the bronzing, and they already have people in
      Virginia doing the stonework.

MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 5

      Tonya stated that most of the Board already knows about the Moonlight Golf
      Tournament, which is a fundraiser for a new scholarship program for Shawnee
      youth. She stated the purpose of the tournament‟s inception, is to provide funds
      to start the seed money for this scholarship program. She stated she hoped to
      have more information to give to the Board this evening, but she would first like
      to have a work session. She stated there is a lot of different ways to do a youth
      scholarship program. She stated she gathered information from other surrounding
      communities that offer these programs and ways that they implement them. She
      stated she gathered information from communities who do not have these
      programs and reasons why they do not have them. She stated she thinks it would
      be a good process for the Board to be involved in the development of this

      Tonya stated the majority of these programs are funded through special events
      and corporate donations. She stated that some communities do it as a sweat
      equity, meaning if someone applies for a child or family member scholarship,
      there are volunteer hours tied in where they are required for “X” amount of
      dollars and they need to come back in and do this or that. She stated that is a
      possibility. She stated some communities are 100% funded to whatever limit is
      set by the policy. She stated other communities do a percentage. She stated she
      believes Merriam covers 80% and 20% of the total cost is expected from the
      person, so they have a buy-in to it and an understanding of what it is.

      Tonya stated the next thing to discuss is who would be eligible. She stated some
      people require SRS forms if someone is eligible for a free lunch or a reduced
      lunch meal, then they would be eligible for this. She stated some people have
      very extensive forms and tax return forms that are expected to be turned in to be
      eligible for scholarships. She stated that Lawrence has a sliding scale, dependent
      upon how many people are in a family. She stated other ways are letters of
      recommendation from clergy or counselors. She stated these are ways to do this
      kind of program, but she would like any input from the Board and hear from
      anyone who has any experience with scholarship or assisted programs such as

      Amy R. asked if it is more like financial assistance or aid, or more like a
      scholarship where they would actually submit an application.

      Tonya stated they are called scholarships and basically they help pay for program
      expenses. She stated it is not a scholarship to go to college or anything like that –
      it is a financial aid scholarship for people who can not afford the registration
      amount for a program, the entry fee for an event, or a swimming pool pass. She
      stated it could be used in any recreation activity. She stated her recommendation
      would be that it is for Shawnee youth only and the kids receiving these
      scholarships have to be a Shawnee resident. She stated Johnson County Parks and
      Recreation have a scholarship program available for people who live outside the
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 6

      area, but all the others are specifically geared to the community in which they

      Tonya stated a lot of communities will do limits. She stated in either Raymore or
      Harrisonville, people can register for one class per season. She stated other places
      just do $100.00 per family. She stated if a family chooses to buy a pool pass, that
      would take care of most of the amount allotted in a year‟s time. She stated others
      are on a per season basis. She stated she had not provided the Board any
      information prior to tonight, so she did not expect anyone to be prepared to
      discuss this, but it is something she would like to see them address.

      Kevin asked if this will specifically be for Shawnee‟s programs and pool permits.

      Tonya answered, yes. She stated it will be strictly for Shawnee parks and
      recreation activities and programs. She stated it would be great to just give these
      away to whoever, but the majority of the programs are set up with fee based
      contractors and it is one thing to say the City will eat the cost, as opposed to
      having the instructor eat it. She stated that is one of the hardest times every year
      when those brochures go out, because the City starts getting calls from people
      asking if they provide scholarships or financial aid.

      Tonya stated Merriam does not do any events that raise money for the
      scholarships, but they do have specific corporate donors within the community
      that they go to every year who help fund the program. She stated Lawrence does
      a golf tournament to fund their program.

      Jenny asked if the City gets a lot of calls about scholarships.

      Tonya responded that the week the brochure goes out, they receive lots of calls.
      She stated she had someone come in last week and ask about financial assistance.
      She stated it is not easy to ask in the first place for most people, and it is really
      hard to tell people that the City does not offer any kind of assistance.

      Kevin asked Tonya if she could put together a program and bring it back to the

      Tonya stated she will have more samples from the various communities who offer
      these types of programs and will provide a guided outline so the Board can
      discuss the different options. She stated she will get that out to everyone for their
      review, prior to the April meeting.

      Donna asked Tonya when she hoped to have this program implemented.

      Tonya answered the golf tournament is April 30th, so it would be nice to do
      something with that money once they get it, or have something in place.
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                         PAGE 7

      Pam asked how much money is anticipated that the City will get from the golf

      Tonya answered they are not expecting to raise a great amount of money from the

      Kevin asked for Tonya‟s best estimate. He asked if $3,000 or $4,000 would be
      adequate to get through a year, or is she talking about $25,000.

      Tonya stated she thinks $2,500 to $3,000 would cover a lot of it throughout a
      year‟s time. She stated those are possibilities. She stated that up until last year,
      Coca-Cola was the beverage of choice at the pool until they switched over to
      Pepsi. She stated Coca-Cola came back to the City requesting to again be their
      provider and they talked with them briefly about a scholarship program. She
      stated part of Coca-Cola‟s bid was a $1,500 donation, per year, towards the
      scholarship program. She stated she has not met with Pepsi yet, so that is still

      Kevin stated this could be tied into the concert series or other City-sponsored

      Tonya stated she thinks the golf tournament will build over the years and she does
      not see it being a huge fundraiser, but more of an awareness piece to get the seed
      money started. She stated other revenue can be earmarked through other
      activities at other points throughout the year.

      Jenny asked if the City would advertise the scholarship fund.

      Tonya answered it would be advertised in the recreation program brochure. She
      stated it will benefit those who have been told „no‟ over the years. She stated she
      personally does not want to go through everyone‟s financial information, so she
      would lend herself more to a recommendation from an approved agency. She
      stated those are options to further discuss. She stated she will put together a
      packet and asked everyone to look through it thoroughly prior to the next Board
      meeting on April 7, 2005. She stated if anyone knows of any other agency or
      non-recreation agency that provides some sort of financial assistance, to gather
      any information.

      Tonya stated they get a lot of families where the husband has been laid off for six
      months and are not necessarily in that system yet, but they could maybe qualify.


      Tonya stated the meeting was cancelled, so there will be no update.

      Kevin asked if the Parks Board is not also the Bicycle Board.
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                         PAGE 8

      Tonya answered the Parks Board is the Tree Board as well. She stated there is a
      separate Bicycle Board.

      Neil stated the Bicycle Board meets at 7:00 a.m. and Rebecca asked to be on that
      Board. It states in the Bicycle Board Ordinance, there is also one Park Board

      Amy R. asked what types of things the Bicycle Board does.

      Neil answered the Bicycle Board does the Bicycle Master Plan. He stated they go
      over the Tour de Shawnee routes and try to look for connections. He stated they
      are currently working on connections with Merriam to go down from Shawnee to
      hook onto the Turkey Creek trail.

4.    THE SHAWNEE 150.

      Neil stated that Shawnee‟s 150 th Birthday was reported in the newspaper. He
      stated it will take place in 2006. He stated there was an invitation printed in the
      newspaper to start a committee and to date, they have not had any takers. He
      stated if anyone would like to be involved with that 150th birthday celebration
      committee, please let them know so they can get things moving forward.

      Tonya stated the article was very small and it asked if anyone wanted to be
      involved with Shawnee‟s „fete‟ and everyone probably wondered what „fete‟
      meant. She stated it did not mention anything about a birthday party.

      Neil stated the City Council is busy and they are going to Washington D.C. next
      week to discuss state and city issues included in the legislative packet. He stated
      it takes 10 months to organize Old Shawnee Days, which is a huge festival that
      spans only four days. He stated with the City‟s 150 th anniversary, they want to
      plan events and festivities over the course of a year. He stated there is a lot of
      planning that needs to go into this thing – more than people realize. He stated the
      ball needs to get rolling to get some things out on the table. He stated when the
      City Council returns from next week‟s trip, he will talk to them again and get their
      input and ideas.


      Neil stated they are in the process of getting ready for the design of the new east
      pool, but they hit a snag in the process. He stated they are going to discuss it on
      Tuesday night at the Finance and Administration Committee meeting. He stated
      when the Thomas A. Soetaert pool was done, the best guess scenario given was
      $4.5 million for the east pool. He stated they all know the CIP is a
      working/planning tool. He stated the $4.5 million number was based on just
      having completed the Thomas A. Soetaert pool.
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 9

      Tonya stated those numbers were also based on replacing the east pool on its
      current site and not purchasing new land.

      Neil stated Donna and Doris will remember all of this from past discussions. He
      stated there is now a new site and new miscellaneous expenses. He stated Flint is
      a street that has been improved and the initial idea was to come off of that street.
      He stated they want a nice connection for the kids that attend Wonderscope to be
      able to go back and forth and not have to cross the parking lot. He stated they
      wanted that for the little kids that are 12 years old and under. He stated they
      wanted a continuous corridor to the pool for lessons and birthday parties. He
      stated they did come over to King. He stated these improvements are not listed on
      the old site because they did not have to buy the land, but they do have to buy the
      land for this new site.

      Neil stated that everything incorporated with this pool is in the project number.
      He stated the way to do this project is to include everything. He stated it includes
      the demolition of the east pool. He stated this number includes the pool, the
      improvements, and also the improvements to Wonderscope on their parking lot,
      as there are some drainage piping that is undersized and needs to be redone. He
      stated they also asked other people on the new construction to have their side of
      the street brought up to standards. He stated all of that comes to $7.4 million.

      Neil continued that a lot of things go into this number and there are also the City
      legal and administrative costs. He stated there is a lot of costs involved and
      contingencies, but those are because of inflation because of the steel problems the
      world is facing today. He stated the $7.4 million is just an estimate and they will
      really not know the exact figure until they start getting in bid estimates. He stated
      the price has gone up, but to just do the pool, the City is good. He stated to just
      do the pool, they could maybe go up to $5.3 million. He stated the road
      improvement is over $500,000. He stated when they factor in the parking lot, it is
      amazing how much it all adds up.

      Neil stated, when looking at the site, they are doing a pool, but they are also doing
      a neighborhood revitalization to three full blocks of downtown Shawnee. He
      stated there will be new curbing, guttering, a new drainage and will go before the
      Finance and Administration Committee on Tuesday.

      Neil stated if they do not get going on this now, they are probably looking at
      around 2007 before it is finished. He stated they never know about the weather
      and there are four months in every year where it is tough to do any work at all,
      especially on a huge three-block sized project. He stated November and
      December may be good, but in February it may be wet.

      Kevin stated they waited this long, so it is his opinion that it would be great to
      have it open, but why not wait another year and do it right.
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                        PAGE 10

      Neil stated he hopes everything goes good at the F&A meeting. He stated that
      immediately following that meeting on Tuesday night is a Special City Council

      Kevin asked if the land is a done deal.

      Neil answered, yes. He stated they would hate to not do the project, because it
      will create a domino effect. He stated there are aspirations for Old Shawnee
      Town – there are a lot of things on the line. He stated a lot of money is tied up in
      this process, as they have spent over a year and a half in negotiations.

      Donna asked how long is anticipated from the time of Council approval of the
      design and bid process, before the construction would begin.

      Neil answered it will probably take five months. He stated there are nine (9)
      meetings in there. He stated there will be a public hearing to receive City input
      and reveal a design. He stated they will come back with schematic design groups,
      like they did with the last pool at the Park Board. He stated there will be two of
      those meetings. He stated there will be two City Council meetings – one for the
      presentation and a second meeting to answer any design questions and then get
      final approval. He stated that is 18 weeks of meetings before the design is even
      approved. He stated the design would then be taken to bid and there is a one-
      month period for the bidders to review and work up their numbers. He stated it
      will then be approved, and it is another month for the lawyers to get the contracts
      worked up and signed. He stated after all of that is done, then they can start.

      Neil stated they are going to get into the winter months and he does not want to be
      so rushed, both on the design and construction sides, because they all want a good
      final product.

      Donna asked if they anticipate resistance from the Council to fund this amount of
      money, and if so, is there anything they can do.

      Neil stated he does not have an answer to that question. He stated that for one,
      they are taking a number from 2001, which was the best guess scenario they could
      come up with, and they have now moved the new pool to a new site. He stated
      they have to improve King Street now. He stated King Street is a ditch street and
      there will be a lot of cars on that street, once this pool opens up. He stated he
      hopes there is not a lot of resistance from the Council, but if they look at a
      breakdown of everything with any type of project the City does, including
      bonding, the costs are just there.

      Kevin stated there is nothing in the CIP in 2006.

      Neil stated they have not yet done the 2006 budget.
MARCH 3, 2005         PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                            PAGE 11

      Kevin stated to date, with the CIP the Board has been provided, there is currently
      nothing planned.

      Neil answered that is correct. He stated when the Parks Department presents their
      projects in April and then in June and July when the Council decides on the
      projects for the Parks Department, they get put on the CIP.

      Kevin stated they have $10 million listed in the CIP for the west pool in 2007.

      Neil stated that obviously those projects bond and some are from Parks and Pipes.
      He stated that also includes street projects. He stated it is just one big pot.

      Kevin stated if it is going to be another $3 million for the east pool, the Council is
      going to have to decide where that money is going to come from and it will have
      to come from somewhere on this list. He stated it will have to be decided if the
      pool is a higher priority than doing Monticello Road – Midland to 75th – and if
      that project can be delayed a year or two,.

      Neil stated a big million dollar ticket item is the street and the other parking lot.
      He stated it is just not the pool and reiterated that the pool number is not that bad.

      Kevin stated that Neil is saying in order to do it right, it will take $7.5 million.

      Neil stated for the road project and everything involved, he does not know where
      the City Council would want to cut things off. He stated he would hate to start
      reducing things to where it is just a regular pool.

      Donna asked for the alternate plan.

      Neil stated it will be up to the Council. He stated they have no idea at this point.

      Pam asked if there is anything the Parks Board can do to help that cause, like
      show up at the committee or Council meetings.

      Neil stated if any of them would like to attend the F&A meeting, they are more
      than welcome. He stated he believes this project will help revitalize downtown.
      He stated the discussion may come back up if an east pool is even needed, or do
      they really need a west pool. He stated it will come up whether it is worth having
      a pool down the street from another pool or if they should just go out west.

      Kevin stated that is a political discussion.

      Neil stated that is correct. He stated there are a lot of different answers to that
      question and he does not have the answer.
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                        PAGE 12

      Doris stated they will hear the argument that there is a growing need for a pool
      out west. She stated she hears the discussions all the time.

      Neil stated the City spent $3 million on Stump Park. He stated they spent $1.7
      million on Garrett Park and they are doing Monticello Park.

      Doris stated she hears really great things about Stump Park.

      Neil stated things are just growing too fast.

      Tonya stated that last week, on February 22, 2005, she made a presentation to the
      Public Works and Safety Committee, at the request of Councilmember Kuhn,
      regarding a community center with an indoor aquatics facility in western
      Shawnee. She stated it was just a discussion and nothing more. She stated she
      presented what is out there and what is possible to get the Council to continue to
      think about a facility such as that out in western Shawnee.

      Amy R. stated everything takes time.

      Neil stated they try very hard to do projects each year that serve both East and
      West. He stated he knows the parks are there, but they have been there for over 30
      years, so they are lacking in style, amenities, and other items that the newer parks
      have. He stated they are not going to cost as much as the parks out west, but they
      do need some attention. He stated they do try to set a balance. He stated they did
      Listowel Park and Herman Laird and went right out and did Garrett Park. He
      stated they are behind, but trying.

      Donna stated she does not really think they are behind, but who knew that
      Shawnee was going to have this tremendous growth, even back 15 years. She
      stated the potential was there, but nothing had happened yet.

      Neil stated he hopes everything goes good at the committee meeting. He stated
      these costs came from Engineering and now the price is up to $7.5 million, but he
      hopes a lot of that cost does not go back into the pool. He stated his main concern
      is that it has dwindled down to just funding a regular pool and that was not the
      idea when they started this process. He stated it is a lot of money and was not
      happy when he saw the cost.

      Tonya stated the Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2005,
      unless they have inclement weather, as has happens the last two years. She stated
      they will try it again on March 26, 2005, if the weather turns bad. She stated they
      have 35,000 eggs this year and really good candy like Snickers, Milky Way,
      M&Ms, and candy bars. She stated they also got good eggs this year.

      Tonya stated Riverview Elementary School already stuffed 15 cases of eggs. She
      stated they will pick those up tomorrow. She stated Broken Arrow stuffed 11
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                        PAGE 13

      cases, plus have another 16 cases on hand to finish. She stated both schools make
      commitments to stuff eggs every year and always do an awesome job. She stated
      they have always taken the eggs to Riverview, but took them to Broken Arrow
      this year and they loved it. She stated they are doing them during their indoor
      recesses when it is cold outside, or during inclement weather or break time. She
      stated tomorrow there will be staff stuffing over lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30
      p.m., if anyone wants to stop by for pizza and to help out.

      She stated Doris‟ group is coming back again next week to stuff eggs. She stated
      they came last year and had such a good time.

      Doris stated they are a unique group.

      Jenny asked how many cases it takes for 35,000 eggs.

      Tonya stated she thinks they are about halfway finished with the stuffing and she
      believes there are around 438 eggs per case. She stated they should be fine. She
      stated they have already had one crew of firefighters in the building for some
      training and only half were training at a time, so they stuffed eggs and did a
      couple cases in about half an hour. She stated she does need volunteers on the
      19th to distribute eggs onto the fields and help monitor the fields to keep kids off
      them until they are opened for the hunt. She stated the event starts at 10:00 a.m.
      with the siren and they will be done by 10:15 a.m. She stated they usually try to
      meet around 8:00 a.m. She stated the event is held at Gum Springs. She stated
      they will have a bounce house on Field D and hopefully people will use it this
      year. She stated HyVee stuffed some eggs with prizes and giveaways.

      Tonya stated Darla is conducting interviews for all aquatic positions. She stated
      they have interns applying, managers, assistant managers, head swim coaches,
      assistant swim coaches, concession kids, lifeguards, and swim instructors. She
      stated they have had lots of kids around the Centre lately and they are no longer
      accepting applications for any position.

      Amy R. asked what was coming up in May.

      Tonya stated that the Bike Rodeo is on May 7, 2005. She stated the Johnson
      County EMS Bike Team will be here again to help out. She stated that Trek will
      be onsite to do adjustments to bicycles. She stated the Police DARE Officers will
      be present, as well as some City staff. She stated there are usually around 100 to
      125 people who go through that and they will purchase helmets through the grant
      program to pay for those, so that everyone who participates will receive a bike
      helmet and, hopefully, a bike bottle.

      Tonya continued with sponsorships for the golf tournament. She stated dinner has
      been picked up by Zig and Mac at no cost. She stated they are covering all
      expenses for dinner. She stated she is very excited and thinks it will be wonderful.
MARCH 3, 2005        PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 14

      She stated the Shawnee Dispatch is the reception sponsor. She stated HyVee 1 is
      the sponsor for the post party. She stated Bates City BBQ is a hole sponsor and
      will sponsor a hole-in-one contest with great things to follow. She stated she will
      let the Board know more about it next month, if it comes to fruition. She stated
      Shawnee Mission Ford is sponsoring either a chipping or putting contest. She
      stated the new Hereford House, to be built this summer, is sponsoring a hole. She
      stated there are a couple more sponsors who have confirmed and will be joining in
      on the activities. She stated she and Eric have both made calls and visited with
      businesses and they are giving them a smorgasbord of what is coming up this year
      and just asking them how they would like to be involved.

      Tonya stated they already have a $1,000 sponsor for the Tour de Shawnee in
      August. She stated Everest is joining them again this year to help out with lunch.
      She stated sponsors are coming in piece by piece, so if anyone knows of a
      business who would like to join in on the community involvement, they would
      like to work with any company to make it a win/win for everyone.

      Jenny asked how much it costs to sponsor a hole at the golf tournament.

      Tonya answered a hole costs $100.00. She stated they then ask that sponsor to be
      present at that particular hole. She stated the sponsor can really do whatever they
      want beyond that. She gave some examples. She stated Bates City is handing out
      ribs to everyone. She stated the Hereford House will have snacks and giveaways.
      She stated she thinks the event will involve a lot of eating. She stated HyVee is
      doing the post party, which means they will provide more food at the end.

      Donna asked if volunteers are needed for the golf tournament.

      Tonya answered, yes. She stated any organization interested in volunteering for
      that event will be a great thing. She stated it is at night and the balls are glow-in-
      the-dark. She stated they will have golf carts and the course will need to be lined
      with glow torches, so the people stay on the paths. She stated volunteers are
      needed to guide people on certain areas of the course. She stated the volunteers
      can take shifts. She stated if the Irish American Club or German Club are
      interested – great. She stated there is an alcohol sponsor at this event, so they are
      not asking high school kids to volunteer to help out.


      Amy R. asked about the parks tour. She stated they were talking about scheduling
      a time for the Board to take a tour of the City parks.

      Neil stated he would be happy to take them on a tour of the parks. He stated they
      need Park Board members for Ward I and Ward IV.

      Kevin stated Donna is the parade co-chairman.
MARCH 3, 2005         PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                       PAGE 15

       Donna stated she is wearing one of the bracelets that the Parade committee is
       selling for $3.00. She stated they have some printed with the Irish flag and some
       that say, „Kiss Me I‟m Irish‟. She stated they also have Duck tickets for sale. She
       stated the parade is going to be great this year and they already have around 30 to
       40 float entries. She stated the parade starts at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 13,

       Amy R. thanked Troop 194 for attending this evening. She asked for their names
       for the minutes.

       David Blair
       Bill Blair
       Chris Blair.


Kevin Fern, seconded by Donna Sawyer, moved to adjourn. The motion carried 6-0.
The meeting adjourned at 6:42 p.m.

Minutes prepared by: Cindy Terrell, Recording Secretary


Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Parks and Recreation Director

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