Please remember these events which are taking place amongst the

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					  Please pray for these events which are taking place amongst
          the church family during the coming week
Monday          8.30 am        Music Meeting – suggestions                       St Mary the Virgin
                               of Lentern and Passiontide                           Twickenham
                               hymns welcome
Monday          Evening        Keith Robinson’s Lent Group
Monday          Evening        Julie Hall’s Lent Group                                    Sunday 21 February 2010
Monday          Evening        Kerry Samuel’s Lent Group                                     1st Sunday of Lent
Tuesday         11.00 am       Home Communion
                2.30 pm        Funeral of Lionel Lambourn at
                               Mortlake Crematorium             Welcome to the Church`s worship on this the first
Wednesday       10.00 am       Holy Eucharist.                  Sunday in Lent, a Season in the Church’s year when we
                12 midday      Café Church
                                                                are all encouraged to make renewed efforts to conform
Wednesday       Afternoon      Barbara Williams Lent Group
                                                                our lives to the life of Christ, live more simply and focus
Wednesday       Evening        Charlotte West’s Lent Group
Thursday        Afternoon      Jean Love’s Lent Group           our energies on the things that really matter. An
Thursday        Evening        Sandy Dempsey’s Lent Group       especial welcome to all our children and young people
Friday          3.20 pm        Messy Church at All Hallows      who are joining us for the Parish Eucharist this morning
Sunday 28 February 2010 – 2nd Sunday of Lent                    and to those who will help lead our service. Please
8.00 am Holy Eucharist             Philippians 3.17-4.1         come over to the Hall after the Parish Eucharist for
                                   Luke 13.31-35                coffee. Our hosts today are the Flower People.
9.30 am Parish Eucharist           Philippians 3.17-4.1
                                   Luke 13.31-35                8.00 am          Holy Eucharist
11.15 am Meeting of the PCC in the Vestry                       Reading          Deuteronomy 26.1-11 (Richard Tatham)
11.30 am Mattins                   Mattins 119.161-168          Gospel           Luke 4.1-13
                                   Philippians 3.17-4.1
                                   Luke 13.31-35                9.30 am          Parish Eucharist with children
6.00 pm. Evening Prayer            Psalm 119, 116-176           Hymns            145, 220, 106 & 135
                                   Gen. 17.1-7, 15-16           Gospel           Luke 4.1-13
                                   Rom. 11.13-24
                                                                11.30 am         Holy Eucharist
                                                                Hymns            145, 133, 112 & 106
Parish Priest:                                                  1st Reading      Deuteronomy 26.1-11 (Jill Grant)
The Revd R J Hopkin Williams                                    2nd Reading      Luke 4.1-13
020 8892 2318
email:                            6.00 pm          Evening Prayer
                                                                Psalm            Psalm 50.1-15
Assistant Curates:                                              1st Reading      Mic 6.1-8
The Rev’d Dr Kerry and Dr Adrian Samuel
                                                                2nd Reading      Luke 5.27-end
020 8891 4807
email :
                                                                We pray for Mengo Hospital, Uganda, Vellore Hospital, India
Kerry will be available
                                                                and Fairtrade.     We pray for all those seeking God’s
Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
                                                                intervention, guidance and healing in their lives, amongst them
Adrian will be available
                                                                   John Palmer            Debbie Johnson          Winnie de Voil
Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
                                                                   Lynn Mace               Brian Hilton           Jane Galloway
                                                                      Simon              Rachael Diamond         Claudette Bradley
Churchwardens:                                                   Vivienne Drudge               James             Margaret Hastings
Lesley Prior – 020 8891 6975                                     Lionel Wadeson            Alison Harris            Peter Ball
Charlotte West – 020 8891 0461                                         Evie                  Nicholas              Betty Weston
                                                                  Barbara Todd               Joy Frost            Robert Hatton
Parish Verger:                                                    Marion Wills                                     Jude Harvey
Mandy Hunter
E-mail Address –                 We pray for those who have died that they may know new and
                                                                 eternal life – Jane Ellis, Doris Douglas & Lionel Lambourn
Parish Office:
020 8744 2693 (Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri mornings)               Please can we remind you to keep your valuables with you at all times
Email:                                         while you are in church. Thank you

Parish Visitor Co-ordinator:
Margaret Mence – 020 8977 3679
Forthcoming Events
                                                             APCM - Next to our worship, the most important time
Next Sunday - we will be re-commissioning our team of        we gather together as God`s people at St. Mary`s is for
Pastoral Assistants at the Parish Eucharist and at 11.15 a   our Annual Meeting, which this year will take place on
meeting of the PCC will be held in the vestry .              Sunday March 21st. On that day the Eucharist will be
                                                             at 10am followed by the Vestry Meeting and the Annual
Revision of Church Electoral Roll – The Electoral Roll       Parochial Church Meeting at about 11.15am over in the
will be revised beginning today and ending on 28             Hall. We will be electing 2 Church Wardens, 1 member
February. You must be on the Electoral Roll to vote at       of the Deanery Synod and 3 members of the Parochial
the Annual Parochial Meeting on 21 March.                    Church Council. Nomination forms are available on the
Application forms are available in the Parish Office.        board at the back of the church.
                                                             Reports – please do not forget your Group Reports
                                                             should have been with the office by last Friday!
Hymn Singing – at Nightingale House will take place
today. New Singers welcome. Please meet Pat Ingham
in the Hall at 10.50 am                                      Passion Sunday – The Marble Hill Singers will sing ‘A
                                                             Sequence of Words and Music for Passiontide’ at 6 pm
                                                             on Sunday 21 March. All are welcome.
Fairtrade Fortnight – from 22 February to 7 March and
it is being supported by Richmond upon Thames.
During Fairtrade Fortnight do think about switching to       Walsingham Pilgrimage - the annual St Mary's and All
Fairtrade products.        More information from             Saints' Hanworth pilgrimage will take place from Friday                                24th to Sunday 26th September. Booking forms and
                                                             more information are available from the Parish Office.
Ecumenical Group - the Ecumenical Group meets
Monday, 22 February, 8pm at Adrian's.                        General Notices

Lent Groups - this year’s theme is ‘Called to be             Curates - For those of you who have not heard
Transformed’, looking in particular at how we are            yet.........Congratulations to our Curates, Kerry and
transformed by our participation in the Eucharist. The       Adrian, who have recently found out that they
five weekly sessions start this week and there is still      are expecting their 3rd child in August. We pray for
time to add your name to the lists in the porch.             them and for all those others in the congregation who
                                                             are increasing the membership of St. Mary`s
Sale of Cards – there will be a sale of Handmade cards
in aid of the MU Emergency Fund after the 9.30 am
service on 28 February. Mother’s Day and Easter cards        Tools with a Mission – ( – is an
will also be on sale.                                        organization which collects tools in any state,
                                                             refurbishes them and sends them to developing
                                                             countries.   Janet Nunn from St James’s Church,
Lunch Out – Thursday 4 March at 12.30 pm at the
                                                             Hampton Hill is organizing this locally but a contact
Fountain on the corner of 6th Cross Road and Staines
                                                             person is needed in each church to liaise with Janet.
Road. Contact Joan Reddrop on 8892 5911 for further
                                                             Please speak to one of the churchwardens for more
Women’s World Day of Prayer – Friday 5 March at
                                                             Mothers’ Union – wish to thank members of the
10.30 am at All Saints Church, Campell Road,
                                                             congregation who supported coffee and pancakes on
Twickenham. The service will be led by women from
                                                             Shrove Tuesday. £60 has been sent to ‘Away from it
many churches in Twickenham and Whitton. Do join us
                                                             all’ the fund for holidays for needy families in the UK.
and women throughout the whole world for this year’s
service, written by the women of Cameroon.
                                                             Ida Curtis – Ida thanks you all for your prayers and kind
                                                             thoughts whilst she has been in hospital and for the
Saturday 6th March - The PCC is delighted that so
                                                             many friends from St Mary’s who came to visit her. Ida
many people want to become involved in our thinking
                                                             is making good progress at home and friends are always
about how to enhance our church and make it a more
                                                             welcome to visit.
flexible and beautiful space in which to worship God,
feel involved in the services and offer hospitality to the
wider community. To this end there will be an                Winnie de Voil – thanks all her friends at St Mary’s for
opportunity for all members of the worshipping               their cards, prayers and visits during her current stay in
congregations to come along to a workshop on Saturday        hospital. She is improving slowly
6th March, from 10am until 1pm in the church where we
can talk this through in greater depth and where your        Readers and Intercessors at 9.30 am – please sign up
insights and suggestions can be recorded and used as a       on the list at the back of the church to read or intercede,
basis for any plans that may then be commissioned.

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