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					              Have you got these Mathematics publications?
All Teachers
       Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics updated DVD-ROM 2007 Ref: 00449-2007DVD-EN
       Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics Ref: 02011-2006BOK-EN
       Framework for Teaching Mathematic from Reception to Y6 Ref: NNFT
       Mathematics Vocabulary book – Ref DfES 0313/2000
       Mathematical Challenges for more able pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 Ref: DfES 0083/2000
       Teaching Mental Calculation Strategies – Ref QCA/99/380 £3
       Teaching Written Calculations – Ref QCA/99/486 £3
       Standards in Mathematics – Exemplification of key learning objectives R – Y6 Ref QCA/99/364 £3
       Learning and Teaching using ICT – Ref: DfES 0315-2004 G (CDs need distributing to appropriate year groups)
          TAs also need copies of the frameworks and vocabulary book
The maths co-ordinator and Headteacher
       Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics Subject Leader Handbook Ref: 02009-2006DVD-EN
       Primary Frameworks Key Messages Poster Ref: 00390-2007POS-EN
       Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics supporting guidance for headteachers and chairs of governors Ref:
          02009-2006BKT-EN and 02009-2006CDO-EN
       Using Assess and Review lessons Ref: DfES 0632/2001
       Using ICT to support mathematics in primary schools Ref: DfES 0260/2000
       Mathematics co-ordinator’s handbook Ref: DfES 0285/2002
       Planning Plenaries Ref: DfES 0751/2001
       Building on Improvement Ref: DfES 0613/2002
       Working with Gifted and Talented Children Handbook Ref: QCA/01/801 £4 Written Examples Ref: QCA/01/802 £6
       Guidance on Teaching Able Pupils Ref: DfES LNGT
       National Numeracy Strategy – the first 3 years 1999-2002 Ref: HMI 554 ( Phone Ofsted Publications. Can also be
          downloaded from the Ofsted website)
       Problem Solving CPD pack. DfES 0247-2004 G
       Problem Solving: Parts 2 and 3(Draft) Ref: DfES 1386 -2005 and DfES 1387- 2005 (Only available to download)
       Supporting children with gaps in mathematical understanding (Wave 3 materials) DfES 1168-2005 G
       Leading on Intervention Ref: 03817-2006PCK-EN
Foundation Stage
       Mathematical Activities for the Foundation stage Ref: DfES 0223/2002
       Organising the daily mathematics lesson in mixed Reception/Y1 classes Ref: DfES 0189/2002
 Y1 -3 Teachers
         Using Models and Images to Support Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Year 1 to 3 CDrom Ref: DfES 0508/2003
          (Order limit is 1 per Y1, 2 or 3 teacher)
 Y6 Teacher
       Transition from Y6 to Y7 Mathematics DfES 0118/2002
       Bridging units in mathematics. Algebra Ref:QCA/00/577 £18
                                        Linking fractions, decimals and percentages Ref: QCA/00/578 £18
       Framework for teaching mathematics: Y7,8 and 9 Ref: DfES 0020/2001
       The National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies Revision Guidance for Y6 pupils Ref: DfES RGY6
       Helping children achieve throughout Y6 – English and Mathematics Ref: DfES 0033/2002
       Mathematical Activities for Y6 CDrom Ref: 0282-2004 CDI
       Primary Support Materials for Years 5 and 6 Teachers: Ref: 00390-2007CDO-EN
       Guidance to support pupils with specific needs in the daily mathematics lesson Ref: DfES 0545/2001
       SENCO training pack Ref: DfES 0256/2002
       Including all Children in the Literacy Hour and Daily Mathematics Lesson Ref: DfES 0465/2002
Intervention Programmes
       Springboard 3 Ref: DfES 0091/2001
       Springboard 4 Ref: DfES 0092/2001
       Springboard 5 Ref: DfES 0151/2000 Additional Materials DfES 0103 -2005 G
       Springboard 6 Ref: DfES 0778/2001(1st pack) 0778/2001A (2nd pack) 0068/2003 (3rd pack)
       Sample Y6 Booster lessons Ref: DfES 0326/2000
       Effective implementation of Springboard 5 Ref: DfES 0377/2002
Unit Plans
       Unit plans CD Ref: DfES 0507- 2003CD

 Publications can be obtained from:
 DfES Tel: 0845 6022260 QCA Publications Tel: 01787 884444
 Ofsted Publications Tel: 07002 637833
DfES Publications are free QCA Publications are ½ published price to schools You may only order
limited copies of some publications
Some publications which can no longer be ordered are available to download from the standards site, or
there are links within the Renewed Frameworks website:

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