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									                                                 AV-1301 STEREO AMPLIFIER
                                                 THE DEFAULT VALUE INSTALLATION AMP

              CABLES INCLUDED                                2 x 25w (RMS)                            2 MICROPHONE INPUTS
       Two patch cables to allow instant easy        Powerful sound reinforcement for all     Soundfield research has proven that learning in a
        connection of AV peripherals such as          applications, optimised to power a       lecture or classroom environment is dramatically
       iPods and CD players: 1 x 2-phono to              pair of 80w Vision SP-1300              improved if speech reinforcement is provided.
         2-phono cable, and 1 x 2-phono to                       loudspeakers                 Without reinforcement students in the middle row
                  3.5mm minijack                                                              achieved 71% word recognition, but at the back
                                                                                                   they only achieved 60% word recognition!

                                                                                                                  SECURITY SLOT
                                                                                                           A Kensington Lock slot on the rear
                                                                                                           panel means if you need a secure
                                                                                                             amplifier solution, you can lock
                                                                                                           the AV-1301 down with the Vision
                                                           RACK MOUNTABLE
             4 STEREO INPUTS
                                                        The AV-1301 can easily be rack
      For flexibility you need plenty of input           mounted on a rack shelf, and
      options. The AV-1301 gives you loads            because it’s black it will match your
        of inputs for a typical installation            other rack mounted equipment

installation:innovation T +44 (0)845 60 70 478
          AV-1301 STEREO AMPLIFIER
            SPECIFICATIONS:             AMPLIFIER DIMENSIONS                     420 x 290 x 100mm

                                        CARTON DIMENSIONS                        500 x 360 x 175mm

                                        PACKAGED WEIGHT                          5.6kg

                                        COLOUR                                   Black

                                        INPUTS                                   4 x Stereo inputs via phono connectors
                                                                                 2 x Microphone inputs via 6.3mm jack
                                                                                 [No Phantom power (48v), so condenser micro-
                                                                                 phones must have own battery pack]

                                        TECHNICAL DETAILS                        2 x 25w @ 8Ω
                                                                                 Total Harmonic Distortion ≤1% (80H~12.5kHz)
                                                                                 Frequency response (line in): 80Hz~12.5kHz(±2dB)
                                                                                 Signal to noise ratio (line in): ≥77dB (A-weighted)
                                                                                 Rating input level/Impedance:
                                                                                 line in 500mV/47kΩ Microphone in 15mV/600Ω
                                                                                 Power consumption (rating condition): ≤90W

                                        ACCESSORIES INCLUDED                     1   x   2-phono to 2-phono cable 2m long
                                                                                 1   x   2-phono to 3.5mm minijack cable 2m long
                                                                                 1   x   Euro Figure-8 Power cable 2m long
                                                                                 1   x   UK Figure-8 Power cable 2m long

                                        POWER RATING                             230V Internal Power Supply

                                        RECOMMENDED PALLET QUANTITY              72

                                        WARRANTY                                 2-year return to base

                                        COMPLIANCES                              RoHS, WEEE & CE compliant

                                        ORDER PART CODE                          AV-1301

           Rear Panel:

           Front Panel:

                                                       Because we are committed to improving our products the spec of this product may change without warning.

installation:innovation T +44 (0)845 60 70 478

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