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					             Invitation to Qualify
                 On-Going Support

               Octagon Information Services, Inc.

03/05/10   ITQ # BD80200S102 On-Going Support Response        Page 1
Mandatory Agreement Questionnaire ..................................................................................... 4
Professional / Technical Personnel Questionnaire ................................................................ 5
Client References.................................................................................................................... 13
ITQ Exhibit A ........................................................................................................................... 14
ITQ Exhibit B ........................................................................................................................... 15
ITQ Exhibit E............................................................................................................................ 16
ITQ Exhibit F ............................................................................................................................ 17
Attachment One Consultant Experience .............................................................................. 18
Attachment Two Octagon Skill Set........................................................................................ 21
Attachment Three Octagon Client Presentation .................................................................. 23

 03/05/10                         ITQ # BD80200S102 On-Going Support Response                                                      Page 2
                                                                    326 West 3rd Street Suite 706
                                                                    Davenport, Iowa 52801

                                                                    1228 8th Street Suite 102
                                                                    West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

April 25, 2002

Ashley Super, Purchasing Agent III
Iowa Department of General Services (DGS)
Hoover State Office Building – Level A
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0105

RE: Invitation to Qualify #BD80200S102 On-Going Support Response

Dear Mr. Super,

Octagon Information Services, Inc. (Octagon) has reviewed the Invitation to Qualify and has
provided a Response, which conforms and is in compliance with all instructions, conditions and
requirements included in the ITQ.

This letter is to notify the Department of General Services (DGS) that Octagon is bound to
providing the services proposed in Octagon’s Response to the ITQ.

We mailed our vendor application and W-9 update in on April 25, 2002.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Barbara Tillberg
President & CEO
Octagon Information Services, Inc.

4 Exhibits
3 Attachments

03/05/10                     ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response                        Page 3
Mandatory Agreement Questionnaire


This section consists of a series of questions that must be answered to the affirmative prior to proceeding with
development of your response. It confirms your understanding of and agreement to our requirements for
submitting a response. Negative responses will disqualify you. Please insert a copy of your answers inside each
of your responses.

1. Do you agree that the contents of your proposal(s) will become part of any
   resulting ITQ and related POs and can not be held confidential?            YES __X__ NO _____

2. Do you agree to submit one original of your proposal, together with two (2)
   copies and a electronic soft copy on diskette?                              YES __X__ NO _____

3. Will you include at least three (3) client references and agree you must attain
   acceptable scores from references for each service category you are
   attempting to qualify for?                                                      YES __X__ NO _____

4. Do you agree that you must maintain an acceptable rating by each agency
   you do work for in order to remain pre-qualified for each service category? YES __X__ NO _____

5. Do you agree to abide by agency specific requirements as outlined in section
   1-25?                                                                          YES __X__ NO _____

6. Do you agree that your response will remain valid for at least 120 business
   days and duration of ITQ and related POs?                                   YES __X__ NO _____

7. Are you a TSB or do you currently have or have had a contracting role in
   three (3) projects for each of the categories you are attempting to qualify for? YES __X__ NO _____

8. Do you agree that if the STATE finds any part of your response to be false,
   you will be placed on temporary suspension from doing business with the
   STATE?                                                                      YES __X__ NO _____

9. Do you accept the requirements stated in sections 1-19 and 1-21?               YES __X__ NO _____

10. Will you provide all documents of proof of insurance as required by this ITQ
    and any related POs?                                                         YES __X__ NO _____

11. Are you aware that the STATE will conduct any and all background checks it
    deems necessary?                                                           YES __X__ NO _____


                                COMPLETED BY ________________________

03/05/10                   ITQ # BD80200S102 On-Going Support Response                                  Page 4
Professional / Technical Personnel Questionnaire
1. How do you intend to provide the resources required by this ITQ?

 Octagon Information Services, Inc. currently has 44 employees on staff as well as an extensive resume base.
We have an excellent recruitment system. We also have a commission system in place for employees who
recommend candidates to us. It has proven to be a valuable tool in acquiring new personnel because it is an
ongoing commission rather than a one-time bonus. Top candidates are recommended since our employees know
that they have to go through the Octagon interview process before they become an employee of Octagon.

2. Identify the SP contract administrator and describe the functions that person will perform.

Octagon Information Services, Inc will utilize two administrators:
         Tom Tillberg, COO, is in the home office located at 326 West 3 Street, Suite 706, Davenport, IA 52801.
Tom will handle all invoicing payments questions and concerns as well as any insurance requirements or needs.
He will also handle any other document needs as well as any reporting requirements.
         Dan Swesey, Marketing Manager, is in the branch office at 1228 8 Street, West Des Moines, IA 50265.
Dan will handle all recruitment needs, employee / team issues as well as any on site requirements.

3. Describe how you plan on providing additional personnel if it becomes necessary to properly staff projects.

In addition to the methods described in question 1 Octagon has a online recruitment system. We also work with
sub-contracting firms when the need arises however their candidates are subjected to the same interview process
that Octagon’s employees go through.

4. Describe your company's ability to uniquely address problems and issues related to the service category.
Octagon works closely with the client to insure that no problems develop. The Marketing Manager checks with the
client bi-weekly to make sure the consultants are performing to the best of their ability. Octagon has an open door
policy and we encourage our employees to contact their supervisor or Octagon if they for see any problems. In
addition the consultant turns in a bi-weekly Status Sheet that the client’s representative signs.

5. Describe your company's practices in adopting client policies and methods.

Octagon’s project approach is unique, based upon individual project criteria and the Client’s methodology.
Octagon provides quality deliverables decided upon by both the client and Octagon. We pride ourselves on project
completion and meeting deadlines, as well as, being under budget. Our communication methods include a bi-
weekly status update, monthly management meeting, and day-to-day involvement with your staff.

6. List each type / brand of operating system/ communication system you are experienced with in each category
   below and make comments.

           In addition to the answers below we have provide ATTACHMENT 1 – CONSULTANT EXPERIENCE is a
           spreadsheet showing the diversified talent of Octagon’s current staff and ATTACHMENT – TWO –
           OCTAGON SKILL SETS which lists all hardware, software and the range of positions that Octagon is
           capable of filling.

           a)   Mainframes: The essential characteristics of a mainframe are: rapid and continuing evolution,
                general-purpose orientation, hardware implemented solutions, and the criticality of user input to all
                of these processes. Octagon has a strong employee base of mainframe programmers with a wide
                variety of skill sets. In addition, through participation in numerous Acquisitions & Merger projects,
                the Octagon staff has created a process for managing data mergers and conversions that has met
                with great success.

03/05/10                     ITQ # BD80200S102 On-Going Support Response                                    Page 5
                          IBM 43XX, 93XX & 3090                                           Linux
                          IBM 9XXX, 43XX, & 30XX.                                         RACF
                          IBM OS/390                                                      SNA
                          IBM MVS / VM / & VSE /                                          TCP/IP
                          ESA                                                             TSO

           b)   Midrange / Minicomputer: The midrange / minicomputer is becoming the mainframe of the future.
                As we move forward there is realization that the power and the centralization were a prime asset.
                This hardware is being built to handle anything that the mainframe can.

           AS400                                     PRIMOS                                     HP
           OS400                                     UNIX                                       Bourne Shell
           PRIME                                     IBM AIX                                    C Shell
           CPL                                       Sun Solaris                                Linux

           c)   Client / Server / Distributed Systems: The tools, languages, and software in this category and the
                next 3 categories can be links between each area and are necessary to achieve an end result and
                to determine which area a item belongs in can be hazy.

           SQL Server                                XML                                        Visual Interdev
           UNIX                                      UML                                        Actuate Reports
           Windows NT                                COM                                        O.O.D.
           Siebel Systems                            Exchange Server                            PVCS
           Sapphire Systems MS                       FaxBack System                             Micro strategy
           IIS, MS                                   COM                                        OLAP
           MFC                                       MS Access                                  UDB Advantage OLAP
           OS                                        ASP                                        UDB HTML
           AIX                                       VS Studio                                  DHTML

           d)   Desktop: It generally can go with out saying that the majority of computer programmers are quite
                literate in the use of all desktop applications due to the use of computers not only in the office but at
                home as well.

           Windows95, 98, 2000                       Visio                                      Outlook
           Windows CE, NT                            XPWord                                     MS Office
           MS Word                                   Excel                                      MS Publisher
           MS Access                                 PowerPoint                                 MS Project

           e)   LAN: The category takes a special kind of consultant. One who is in to the nuts and bolts aspect of
                the business. They sometimes tend to be antisocial however Octagon makes a policy of only hiring
                consultants who have the necessary people skills to operate in today’s environment. I also think
                that it goes without saying that these people are skilled in all of the necessary skills, including the
                hardwiring, to build both LANs and Wans.

           Novel Netware                                      Novell                            Variety of Servers
           WindowsNT, 2000& XP, IIS,                          Linux                             Variety of Firewalls
           Cisco Catalyst Series switches                     Exchange                          Variety of Routers
           All Cisco routers                                  SMS                               CSU/DSU's Switches
           Cisco Secure Firewall Cisco IOS                    SQL                               or Hubs for Data
           Firewall                                           SNA                               and/or Voice
           Cisco PIX

03/05/10                      ITQ # BD80200S102 On-Going Support Response                                       Page 6
            f)    Languages and DBMS: These are too numerous to list here. The majority of Databases are now
                  relational to deal with the client/server/web environments however the legacy systems still exist.
                  Octagon’s has a large percentage of consultants that not only have client / server / web skills they
                  also have a mainframe background which gives them a solid structured base to work from.

            Sybase                                    Rational Rose 2000                      JavaScript
            Oracle                                    Visual C++                              VisualAge for Java
            DB2                                       C, C++                                  Visual Interdev COM,
            VSAM                                      JavaScript                              DCOM Macromedia
            KSAM                                      PowerBuilder                            DreamWeaver,
            IMS                                       PowerDesigner                           Fireworks
            IDMS/ADSO                                 SQL                                     RPG I, II, III,
            Access                                    CICS                                    RPG ILE
            Visual Basic                              COBOL                                   JCL
            Informix                                  MF COBOL                                SAS
            Netscape Application                      COBOL II, Assembler                     Easytrieve
            DreamWeaver                               Visual Basic                            WebSphere
            MS FrontPage                              Visual Studio                           Application Server
            Hot Dog                                   ASP                                     Version 3.0 to 3.5,
            Forest & Trees                            Java

7. Describe your products / experience with Databases. Octagon has no products we only provide the personnel
   to work with the products in your environment.

         a)      Administration:

         MS SQL                                      Windows 2000                             Oracle
         Novell                                      Microsoft Access                         Informix
         Windows NT                                  Borland's Paradox

         b)      Application Development tools:

         SAS                                         Visual Studio                            C, C++
         MS Access                                   Visual C++                               Application Server

         c)      End user tools:

         Crystal Report                              Access                                   SQL
         EasyTrieve                                  Excel

         d)      Structure and methodologies:

         Bachman                                     IDEA                                     FOOM
         Rational Rose 2000                          PMBOK

 03/05/10                             ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response                              Page 7
                 There are those who passionately believe that one methodology or one tool alone can do all the
                 database design one needs. For example, some system designers with excellent technical
                 educations have been trained in nothing but entity-relationship analysis. Some systems analysts
                 use data flow analysis techniques heavily and let other people worry about data structures.
                 Others swear by object-oriented design techniques. Some even would argue that it is unfair to
                 call entity-relationship modeling "data-structure" analysis, since they reserve that term
                 exclusively for techniques developed by industry researchers such as Charles Bachman.
                 Octagon is interested in leveraging a useful set of design techniques to integrate knowledge
                 about organizational activities, information processing, and data structures in order to design
                 business processes that achieve strategically important goals. There are five major approaches
                 to data structures and data flows database management systems: file-oriented, hierarchical,
                 network, relational, and object-oriented database designs. Octagon consultants are seasoned
                 in all of these techniques and we work with the Client on the best choice for their needs.

                 e)   Other

    8. What general software applications have you experience in?

             We assume that you are referring to proprietary user applications.

                 Lawson                                                  LIS (Loan Info System)
                 Hogan (Bank Systems)                                    LPS (Loan Processing System)
                 Retail Transaction System                               LOMA
                 PeopleSoft                                              Outlook Express

9. Please describe any experience and deployed solutions in each of the following specific technologies below.

    The experience and solutions provided are because of our consultants’ expertise. Please understand that even
    though we might not have experience in a specific area it does not meant that we couldn’t find a candidate that
    meets the requirements.

        a)   Help desk solutions / technologies

                 Performed Help Desk support for 150+ to 1900 users

                 Designed and developed a Thin Client Help Desk using Visual Basic and a Fox Pro database, the
                  system presented a web front end to the clients and was administered by using a Visual Basic GUI
                  back end on the MIS users desktop

                 Developed a help desk problem log to assist help desk employees

                 Led a 44 person department with responsibility for all data center systems, desktop support, help
                  desk operations, technical training and quality assurance for internal programming

                 Established Corporate Help Desk

                             Redesigned/simplified mainframe tracking system
                             Trained Corporate personnel on tracking system
                             Established functional, standardized method of problem solving/tracking
                             Supported 150 users across the corporation
                             Merged Corporate and Company help desk into one support center
                             Provided hardware/software support 1900 Users
                             Reported matrixes for Help Desk

    03/05/10                           ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response                  Page 8
       b)   Data development

               Appraisal Management Tracking System

                           Provided a solution and project management to eliminate an existing Appraisal
                            Management system. The old solution was a DOS based application that did not meet
                            the business growth requirements, flexibility requirements or multi-tasking productivity
                            issues. A new customized solution was created within a twelve-month time frame,
                            resulting in the streamlining of loan appraisals from a 20-man day process to a 72 hour
                            and less process. Re-engineering of over 20 high-leveraged processes was done
                            concurrently with the rapid development approach.

               Hazard Insurance - Financial Services / Direct Registration of Loans - Financial Services

                           Performed with Senior Management the analysis of existing insurance process models
                            and external insurance companies same processes, which provided the solution of
                            outsourcing the hazard insurance customer service business. Included were process
                            measurements guidelines, vendor comparisons analysis, cost analysis, time studies,
                            performance issues and additional customer service initiatives. Created and managed
                            a solution for P.O.S. that allowed customer service and sales the ability to automate
                            the registering and retrieval of loan applications away from the branch office. This
                            included extensive analysis of the existing solutions, benchmarking and delivery of the
                            solution within a three-month time frame.

               MortgageFlex to Existing Technology Conversion / HMDA Merge

                           Created a project charter, project plans and managed a solution that converted the
                            technology utilized in branch offices due to major acquisition. The project plan
                            consolidated 19 wholesale branches to 6 and converted 34 retail branches and
                            required legacy software enhancements. The results ensured common business
                            practices and eliminated duplicate IT expenditures. Integration of HMDA reporting of
                            an acquisition into the acquiring company. Consisted of Tier III projects, including
                            building a process to allow the business to correct HMDA edit errors on a monthly
                            basis. Completed on time and the project was recognized by the CIO.

               Joint Venture and Chicago Table Fund Business

                           Developed and managed concurrently, a new business practice that joined top ten
                            Realtors in the nation and a mortgage lender and created a new correspondent
                            funding office that reduced workload in the existing location. The joint venture project
                            increased funding by 350 million the first year. This was an eight thousand plus,
                            man-hour project phased into use over a ten-month time frame.

       c)   Data analysis

           Responsible for the tuning of the MVS workload and used SAS to write tuning reports of data analysis
            for a large telecommunications organization.

           Octagon staff has been involved in the data analysis for a loan number expansion. The Client needs to
            expand the loan number field because they are running out of numbers. Because of all of the
            interfaces to clients and to vendors a great deal of analysis took place to determine the most effective
            way of doing this with out causing problems for anyone. It was a massive assignment and they are
            now in the process of changing the code.

03/05/10                        ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response                   Page 9
           Involved in the due diligence for over five companies that included the analysis of the data for
            compatibility for merging. These were not small acquisitions, for instance one of the first acquisitions
            that Octagon was involved with was Prudential.

       d)   Data modeling

       Octagon’s consultants built a model for the Client to follow for the acquisition of a new company that shows
       step by step what and when each task needs to be done. Responsible for database administration, data
       modeling, and performance tuning functions on team oriented development projects. Participated in the
       data modeling process, assisting in translating specific customer requirements into relational database
       structures and physical data models.

       Successfully installed Oracle 8 into production and provided data modeling and database administrator
       services. Responsibilities include personnel management, working with third party vendors, system design
       and architecture, backup and recovery procedures, database and application development, database and
       programming standards development, data modeling, etc. Managed a large Internet project for The Jockey
       Club that supplies breeders and buyers with on-line Thoroughbred pedigree and racing reports to the
       industry. Also managed a large data modeling project at Chrysler (250+ table data model).

       Provided data modeling, database analysis & design for two applications being re-developed
       Lead and participated in teams to research, install, test and select database administration and data
       modeling tools. Responsible for identifying software and system requirements, data modeling, object and
       relational database design, establishing development schedules, managing software configuration, and
       software development.

       Played a major role in gathering client requirements, data modeling and designing eighty user interfaces,
       fifteen reports and batch jobs. System used by over 300 Best Buy locations including
       stores/warehouses/service centers for their wall to wall inventory and for cycle counts through out.

       e)   Facilitating and consulting

           Octagon established a new position, Project Administrator. Normally Project Managers or Project
            Leads were expected to not only run the project they were required to keep up the project plan (MS
            Project) which took a great deal of time away from running the project at a very high bill rate. We
            suggest that they bring on a consultant who could maintain the project plan, set up meetings, arrange
            travel, take minutes, in short all of the paper intensive work that needs to be done at a much lower rate.
            It has proved to be so successful that we now have 12 project administrators at Wells Fargo.

           Traveled to vendor to help initiate communication between the vendor and a mortgage company and to
            corporate technical data center to coordinate the nightly file transfer. Also traveled to corporate
            technical data center to coordinate the nightly file transfers of a newly acquired acquisition.

           Octagon provided the facilitation for due diligence on five companies over the last 3 years for the
            department of Acquisitions & Merger in a major mortgage company.

           80% of the consultants utilized for the Acquisitions & Mergers were Project Managers, Project Leads or
            Team Leads.

       f)   Photogrametery and remote sensing

           This is an area where Octagon does not currently have the expertise on staff.

       g)   Data collection and clean up mapping

           Because Octagon has been involved in so many mergers our consultants have become expert in this

           Loan Number System Repository using Visual Basic and Access.

03/05/10                        ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response                   Page 10
       h)   GIS / ESRI Software / MapInfo

           This is an area where Octagon does not currently have the expertise on staff.

       i)   Electronic Commerce / EDI

               Responsible for maintenance of the Enhanced Billing System COBOL source module, a sub system of
                the Electronic Data Interface System (EDI).
               Provided analysis, detailed designed and ABAP/4 programming for an Electronic Data Interface.
               EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Coordinator and Programmer (researched definition and
                administrative efficiencies as related to major / main clients).

       j)   Document management

           Programs included customized data extraction and reporting systems, a web based helpdesk system
            for MIS personnel to track and status helpdesk issues, a web based, data driven document
            management system that assisted Litton in becoming ISO 9000 certified.

       k) Telecommunications wide area network

           Program specifications were developed, then coded utilizing Micro Focus COBOL/DB2 and tested for a
            startup telecommunications company to provide a long distance service to Mexico.

           Mapped entire WANS Networks Including Servers, Routers, Hubs, down to PC workstation, and Phone
            System using Visio Professional.

           Mapped Entire WANS, Remote Sites coming into Router, Entire wiring layout down to wall jacks,
            Network Rings, and Hub layout.

           Mapped out computer room, with 2 AS/400’s, Phone System and wiring.

       l)   Biometrics

           This is an area where Octagon does not currently have the expertise on staff.

       m) Wireless networking

           Developed a client side Java applet that communicated with the server using Remote Method
            Invocation (RMI) to give CDS clients access to their mailing plans.

           Cybertek systems support – involved in establishing remote processing site, including JCL
            modifications. Rate file loading and implementation of sysout archiving subsystem. Wrote
            approximately 15 programs and interfaced with remote users and IT staff members across the U.S.
            Was responsible for providing on-site and remote technical and application support/training.

            Programmer Analyst for Installation of a remote file update facility to allow access and manipulate loan
             data managed by a third party. Developed test plan and tested. Successful implementation for the

       n)   IT staffing

           Not quite sure what this means however this is our specialty and we have providing IT Staffing for eight

       o)   Graphic / web design
03/05/10                        ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response                   Page 11
       Project entailed connecting to a new site via a new network, implementing firewalls, converting the loans to
       Wells Fargo systems, coordinating conversions with Alltel, working with the business units to determine IT
       requirements – all platforms involved (mainframe, client server, web), working with GE Mortgage to
       determine their IT requirements, moved vendor contract volume to Wells Fargo established new vendor
       contracts. Assisted Clients with existing web sites, outlining ways to use the web to reduce cost and
       redundancy. Worked with the Clients web infrastructure team, server team, communications team, and
       countless others to help manage the company-wide effort.

       Maintained client server NT network, multiple platform TCP/IP network for 100+ users. Consolidated
       several similar existing client server applications into one process for easier maintainability and increased
       reliability. Designed client server applications with ODBC links to My SQL and Oracle databases. Designed
       and developed Client server application using Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL 7.0. Worked with clients to
       develop client server applications using Oracle Forms 4.5 and Oracle Reports 4.5 along with Intersolv’s
       PVCS for version control.

       Built several web sites for Clients in eastern and central Iowa. Created comprehensive policy and
       procedural manual for Minneapolis development staff to be used as a guide for all client server

       Tested select client server applications which had extensive interfaces with the mainframe. Instrumental in
       the design and development of an interface for a client server collection system. Development of new
       applications and migration of existing applications from mainframe and midrange systems into client server

       p)   Other

       Octagon believes in honesty with both the client and our employees. We
       are proud to say the Wells Fargo has rewarded our efforts by making
       Octagon Information Services, Inc a preferred vendor. We consider this
       a great honor to be one of twenty vendors nationwide to be appointed. We
       would like to provide this same service to you.

03/05/10                       ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response                   Page 12
Client References

The clients that Octagon has requested references from are:

       Harriett Leitch     State of Iowa
       Iowa Department Economic Development

       Walt Hoshaw        State of Iowa
       Department of Human Services & Administration

       Jerry Akers        State of Iowa
       Department of Human Services & Administration

       Donna Stelzer       Wells Fargo Services Company
       Vice President, WFSC, Enterprise Support & Program Management

       Pam Pirie           Wells Fargo Services Company
       Vice President, WFSC

       Marv Hardisty       Pioneer Hibred
       Research Software Development Coordinator

03/05/10                    ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response   Page 13
ITQ Exhibit A

                                    NON-COLLUSION AFFIDAVIT
I, the undersigned, am the person responsible for the preparation of and cost data contained in this
response submitted to the STATE in response to this ITQ and certify that:

Cost data has been arrived at independently and without consultation with any other party.

No information regarding this response content has been disclosed to any other party that may be or
may potentially be responding to the ITQ with a response.

No attempt has been made to induce or to refrain any other party in responding to this ITQ or to influence
the content of their response.

This response and subsequent proposal(s) submitted by my firm to RFPs referring to this ITQ is made /
will be made in good faith and not pursuant to any discussions / agreement with any other party.

My firm and its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors and employees are not currently under
investigation or been convicted for any act prohibited by federal law involving conspiracy or collusion with
respect to bidding on public ITQ and related POs, except as follows:


I understand that any miss-statement in this affidavit is and shall be treated as fraudulent concealment
from the STATE of the true facts relating to the response submission for this ITQ.

Name: Barbara Tillberg________________, Position: President & CEO_____________

SIGNITURE: ____________________________________ Date: _________________

Representing COMPANY NAME: Octagon Information Services, Inc._______________


NOTARY PUBLIC _________________________ My commission expires: ___________

03/05/10                      ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response              Page 14
ITQ Exhibit B

                            LOBBYING CERTIFICATION FORM

The undersigned certifies, to the best of her or his knowledge and belief, that

No federal appropriated funds have been paid or will be paid, by or on behalf of the
undersigned, to any person for influencing or attempting to influence an officer or employee of
any agency, a member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress in connection with the
awarding of any federal contract or agreement, or the making of any federal grant, loan, or co-
operative agreement.

If any funds other than federal appropriated funds have been paid to any person for influencing
or attempting to influence the making of federal contracts or federal grants, loans, co-operative
agreements, the undersigned will submit full disclosure of lobbying activities showing all details
and supporting documents.

The undersigned will require any or all subcontractors to submit a separate lobbying certification
and disclosure accordingly.

SIGNATURE: ___________________________________ TITLE: President & CEO_____

COMPNY NAME: Octagon Information Services, Inc. DATE: 4/25/2002__________

03/05/10                      ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response             Page 15
ITQ Exhibit E
                            ITQ EXHIBIT E -- COST DATA SHEET FORMAT

           COST DATA SHEET for ITQ Number _BD80200S102_________ Revision _1.0___

                    FOR SERVICE CATEGORY: _On-Going Support______________

               COMPANY NAME: Octagon Information Services, Inc._ date _April 25, 2002

                                                                                         RATE PER HOUR NOT
DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE                                                                       TO EXCEED

Developer                                                                                                   55.00

Sr. Developer                                                                                               60.00

Jr. Developer                                                                                               50.00

Engineer                                                                                                    60.00

Sr. Engineer                                                                                                70.00

Jr. Engineer                                                                                                65.00

Emerging / Niche Technology                                                                                 70.00

Sr. Emerging / Niche Technology                                                                             75.00

Jr. Emerging / Niche Technology                                                                             60.00

Note: The SP may be able to have additional line items added at a later date to this ITQ, IF it is in the
same service category as originally qualified for under the ITQ, and If such a request is approved by the
STATE. In such case, an addendum will be issued by the STATE.

Submit additional sheets as necessary. RATE PER HOUR is to be in US dollars and is firm for the
duration of ITQ, except that changes to the rates per hour may be made upon approval by the STATE
once every 12 months from date of the ITQ execution and no change will be allowed over 5% for each
line item without justification. In such case, an addendum will be issued by the STATE.

03/05/10                         ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response                  Page 16
ITQ Exhibit F
              - REQUIRED SIGNATURE PAGE (submit two signed originals in your response)

I / we as undersigned agree to the terms and conditions of the aforementioned ITQ #BD80200S102 and if our
response is accepted, to furnish any and all services upon which cost data has been submitted. Any material
misstatement in our response shall be treated as fraudulent concealment from the STATE of the facts relating to
this ITQ.

Name of Entity / Person Submitting Proposal: Octagon Information Services, Inc.____

Mailing address: 326 West 3 Street, Suite 706, Davenport, IA 52801                 _


Phone: 800-610-1482_______ Fax: 800-564-1817_____ Email: btillberg@oisinc.com__

 If Individual: SIGNATURE: ___________________________________Date: __ __

                 Social Security Number: _____________________________

 If Partnership: Names -type written: ______________________/_____________________

                 Social Security Numbers: ______________________/_____________________

SIGNATURES of PARTNERS: _______________________________ Date: _________

                                        ________________________________Date: _________

 If Corporation: Corp ID# 42-1406236_____________________                        State: IOWA___

                      SIGNATURE: _______________________________Date: 4/25/2002

Name and Title -type written: Barbara Tillberg, President & CEO __________

I / we consent to service of process by certified or register mail addressed to our designated legal agent as
required by Part 2-13-i of the Terms and Conditions of the ITQ. I / we appoint
Tom Tillberg___ at 326 W. 3 St., Suite 706, Davenport, IA, 52801__ as our agent to receive service
of process.

WITNESS SIGNATURE: ____________________ Title: Marketing Manager Date: 4/25/2002

The STATE of Iowa, acting through the undersigned officer(s), hereby accepts the foregoing response to the ITQ
and pre-approves the SP named for agency requests for proposals using this agreement. This acceptance and
the SP’s response for the above referenced ITQ and related POs, including the terms and conditions of the ITQ
constitute a binding contract between the STATE and the SP.

CT ___________            _ Vendor ID# _          ___________________ CONDITIONAL TSB

Evaluation Committee Chairperson __________________________ Date: ______________

DGS Purchasing Div. Administrator: _________________________ Date: ______________

03/05/10                              ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response                        Page 17
Attachment One Consultant Experience
Hourly Rate   Contractor              Wells Fargo Generic Job        Skill Sets
55.00         Adamick, David          Project Analyst                Cobol, Cobol II, CICS, DB2, JCL, Endevor, Easytrieve Plus,
                                                                     Expediter, RPG II, PVCS, VSAM
60.00         Carder, Rosemary        Application Systems Engineer   Cobol, CICS, JCL, Assembler, VSAM, VisualAge Cobol for
                                      4                              OS/2, AbendAid, SQL, TSO/ISPF, Visual Basic, Expediter,
                                                                     DB2, Easytrieve, MS Project
90.00         Chumbley, Randy         Project Management Manager Project Management, Cobol, Cobol II, Excel (expert),
                                      4                          Eztrieve, Endevor, REXX (expert), RPF (expert), CICS,
                                                                 IDCAMS, MVS/JCL, Assembler, dbase IV, Access, SAS
63.00         Clemenson, Shane        Application Systems Engineer SAS, Assembler, JCL, TSO, CICS, Cobol, RPG, Visual
                                      3                            Basic, Unix
65.00         Consorti, Fred          Application Systems Engineer Cobol, CICS, JCL, Assembler, SQL, SAS, VSAM, IMS/DB,
                                      5                            DB2, Xpediter, FileAid, ISO, ISPF
75.00         Dagenais, John          Project Manager 4            Cobol, CICS, ISPF/TSO, VSAM, Assembler, Access,
                                                                   Expediter, FileAid, Panvalet, MS Project, DB2
85.00         Dannefeldt, Steve       Project Manager 3            Visual Basic, HTML, SQL 7.0, PL/SQL, 4gl Oracle, Informix,
                                                                   MS Access, Unix, Novell Netware, MS NT, MS Project,
                                                                   Visio, Siebel,
70.00         Davison, Eric           Application Systems Engineer Visual Basic, Delphi, SQL, Perl, Java Servlets, Access,
                                      5                            Oracle 8i, Visual Source Safe, Solaris 2.x, MS Visio
60.00         DeJong, Cindy           Project Analyst              Xpediter, Axcis, FileAid, MS Project, MS Office
92.00         Dursky, Deb             Project Management Manager Project Management, PowerBuilder, MVS/ESA, DB2,
                                      4                            Sybase, SQL Server, VSAM, TSO/ISPF, Expeditor, Dialog
                                                                   Manager, COBOL, COBOL II, MS Project, FileAid
65.00         Gilbertson, Jeff        Project Analyst                Data Warehousing Mainframe, Cobol, Endevor, JCL
85.00         Hayen, Joe              Application Systems Engineer   Java, Java Script, HTML, VisualAge, PowerDesigner, Visual
                                      5                              C++, Visual Basic, Access, PowerBuilder, Rational Rose,
                                                                     Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS IIS, SourceSafe, PVCS, LBMS
68.00         Heckman, Richard        Application Systems Engineer   PowerBuilder 5.0,6.0,6.5,7.0, PowerDesigner, Sybase, SQL,
                                      4                              Crystal Report Writer, COBOL, DB2, Visual Basic, HTML,
                                                                     Java Scripting, ASP, Visual InterDev
65.00         Hiatt, Julie            Application Systems Engineer   JCL, TSO/ISPF, COBOL, COBOL II, Endevor, CICS, CA7,
                                      5                              Xpediter, SyncSort, Eztrieve, Assembler, REXX, SAS, DB2,
                                                                     IDMS, MS Project, Access

03/05/10                         ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response              Page 18
70.00      Holschlag, David         Application Systems Engineer PowerBuilder 3.0-7.0, Sybase System 10-12, MS SQL
                                    5                            Server 6.5 - 7.0, Visual Basic 5.0 - 6.0, SQL Programming,
                                                                 Object Oriented Design, Power Designer, Crystal Reports
                                                                 6.0 - 7.0, DB2/AS400, MS Office Suite (VBA)
65.00      Huntley, Pam             Project Analyst                MS Project, MS Office
65.00      Jackson, Warren C.       Project Manager 4              Visual Basic, Cobol, Basic, Fortran, MS Project, Access,
80.00      Jagim, Mike              Network Engineer 5             IBM VisualAge for Java, Java, ASP, Rational Rose, MS
                                                                   Developer Studio 5.0, MS Visual C++, C++, C, PVCS, DB2,
                                                                   MS SQL Server, MS Access, JavaScript, HTML,
                                                                   SourceSafe, REXX
90.00      Langston, David          Project Manager 4              Project Manger, Cobol
95.00      Leach, Cara              Application Systems Engineer   Cobol II, CICS, SQL, DB2, VSAM, QSAM, MS Access,
                                    6                              FileAid, JCL, Xpediter, ISPF, MS Office Suite, MS Project,
                                                                   Object Oriented Analysis Design, MVS/XA
55.00      Moffat, Elizabeth        Project Analyst                Ms Project, MS Office Suite
80.00      Mulvihill, Robert        Application Systems Engineer   Visual InterDev, Access, Visual Basic, ASP, HTML, Crystal
                                    4                              Reports, SQL Server, Oracle, IIS 5.0, AS/400
60.00      Mustafa, Mehboob         Project Analyst                Visual Basic 6.0, Developer 2000, ASO, Crystal Reports 8,
                                                                   Access, Visual InterDev, SQL Server 7.0, MS Project 98, MS
                                                                   Visio, MS Office 2000
60.00      Myers, Dan               Project Manager 3              HTML, DreamWeaver, MS FrontPage, Hot Dog, MS Office
                                                                   Suite, MS Project
68.00      Osweiler, Mary           Project Manager 3              AS400, ISPF/TSO, MVS/ESA, RPG III, SQL, Expediter,
                                                                   Easytrieve, Cobol, FileAid, Cobol II, VSAM, DB2
60.00      Park, Chris              Project Analyst                Cobol, CICS, Assembler, Visual Basic, JCL, Panvalet, ISPF,
                                                                   VBA, Eztrieve, REXX, VM, MS Access, SQL Server, DB2,
                                                                   Sybase, MS Office, Visio
200.00     Rae, David               Systems Architect             Architect (Analysis & Design with UML using Rational Tools
                                                                  i.e. Suite Development Studio), CORBA, WebSphere, Visual
                                                                  Age for Java, Unix (Solaris), Windows (NT, 2K), J2EE
                                                                  Platform (JAVA & EJB), Oracle DBA, Mortgage Business
75.00      Read, Steven             Application System Engineer 4 Visual Basic 5 & 6, JavaScript, HTML, Oracle, Active Server
                                                                  Pages, DCOM, COM, SQL7, MS Front Page, C, C++, Cobol,
                                                                  Perl, MS Office
60.00      Renken, Wes              Application System Engineer 4 RPG II, JCL, OCL, Basic, Cobol, CICS, Pascal, Assembly,
                                                                  Xpediter, FileAid

03/05/10                       ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response              Page 19
60.00      Richardson, Leslie     Application System Engineer 5 Cobol, CICS, JCL, SAS, Visual Basic, DB2, REXX, HTML,
                                                                SQL, C++, VSAM, Assembler, Xpediter, Access, Oracle,
                                                                Visio, EasySript
200.00     Selsor, Doug           Systems Architect              Architect (Analysis & Design with UML using Rational Tools
                                                                 i.e. Suite Development Studio), CORBA, WebSphere, Visual
                                                                 Age for Java, Unix (Solaris), Windows (NT, 2K), J2EE
                                                                 Platform (JAVA & EJB), Oracle DBA, Mortgage Business
55.00      Shelton, Angelina      Project Analyst                MS Access, MS Project, Visio 5.0, AS/400
70.00      Simms, Lisa            Project Analyst                MS Project, MS Office, MS Access, MS Dos, Novell
                                                                 Netware, Pro Comm+, MVS/ESA
60.00      Simpson, Mary          Project Analyst                Access, MS Project 98, AS/400, Crystal Reports, Easytrieve,
                                                                 Forest & Trees, FrontPage, HTML, MS Office, SQL, Visual
62.00      Smith, Shonda          Project Analyst                MS Project 98, MS Access, MS Office, PVCS Tracker 6.6,
                                                                 Visio, DreamWeaver 4.0
95.00      Strait, Jeff           Application Systems Engineer   Project Manager
65.00      Sturgeleski, Janet     Project Analyst                SQL, Coldfusion, JavaScript, HTML, Cobol II, PowerBuilder,
                                                                 DB2, Access, Cognos, SAS, MS Project, FileAid, MS Office,
                                                                 JCL, MVS, ISPF-TSO, MarkIV, VSAM, Easytrieve
75.00      Swartz, Jeff           Application Systems Engineer   PowerBuilder, Visual Basic 6.0/7.0, Dynamic, HTML, DB2
                                  5                              UDB, AIX, Visual InterDev, Sybase, Visual Age Java, C, MS
                                                                 SQL Server, MS FrontPage
80.00      Sykes, Brian           Application Systems Engineer   Visual Basic, COM, Oracle 8, Visual Interdev, ASP, JSP,
                                  5                              JavaScript, HTML, XML, SQL Server, Cobol, Crystal
                                                                 Reports, Siebel Systems, Actuate Reports
60.00      Van Wyk, Rebecca       Project Analyst                MS Access, MS Office, MS Project, MS Publisher, Visio,
                                                                 Visual Basic, VBA, DB2, AS400, Unix, Oracle, SQL *Plus,
                                                                 Oracle Reports, Crystal Reports
75.00      Wiedmier, Jason        Application System Engineer 5 Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, Access, Client Server,
                                                                Sybase, Btrieve, Java, MF Cobol, SQL Anywhere, TCP/IP

03/05/10                     ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response              Page 20
Attachment Two Octagon Skill Set
Hardware/Mainframe          AS400                 Client/Server          Middleware and Web     Parallel Processing
Skill Sets                  Skill Sets            Skill Sets             Skill Sets             Skill Sets
Hogan (Bank Systems)        COBOL                 UNIX                   MQ Series              SP2
Retail Transaction System   RPG I, II, III        NT                     Corba                  TSI Mercator
PeopleSoft for HR           RPG ILE               Oracle                 Java                   Stratus
COBOL                       CL                    Informix               EJB Sockets            S2
DB2                         AS/400 Query          Visual Basic           WebSphere              XML
CICS                        SDA                   COM                    WebLogic               Outlook
 Easytrieve                 DBU                   SQL Server              Orbis ORB             PowerPoint
SAS                         RLU                   MS Access              Visigenics ORB         Word
JCL                         Subfiles              ASP                    C++                    Excel
 TSO/ISPF                   Hawkeye               VS Studio              Visual Age for Java    Project
VSAM                        Implementor           UML                    XML                    Visio
IMS                         Lawson Software       Rational Rose 2000     Visual Basic           Microstrategy
Assembler                   Prime                 HTML                   SQL Server             OLAP
Panvalet                    MVS/ESA               Visual C++             HTML                   Information Advantage
Expediter                   Comparex              MFC                    DHTML                  UDB
File-aid                                          C                      Netscape Application
ROSCOE                                            JavaScript             DreamWeaver
Librarian                                         OS                     MS FrontPage
                                                  COM                    Hot Dog
                                                  Visual Interdev        Forest & Trees
                                                  Siebel Systems         Sybase
                                                  Actuate Reports

03/05/10                     ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response     Page 21
Supporting Job Roles (all levels) for preceding   Supporting Job Roles         Supporting Job Roles         Supporting Job Roles
skill sets normally used in an Mainframe          (all levels) for preceding   (all levels) for preceding   (all levels) for preceding
environment                                       skill sets normally used     skill sets normally used     skill sets normally used
                                                  in a Client/Server           in a Middleware and Web      in a Parallel Processing
                                                  environment                  environment                  environment
Applications Programmer   Applications            Applications Programmer      Applications Programmer      Data Modeler
Analyst                   Programmer Analyst      Analyst                      Analyst
Architect/Design          Architect/Design        Architect/Design             Architect/Design             Data Warehousing
Business Analyst          Business Analyst        Business Analyst             Business Analyst             Database Administrator
Help Desk Support         Help Desk Support       Graphical User Interface     Ecommerce                    Facilitator
Program Analyst           Program Analyst         Help Desk Support            Graphical User Interface     Network Administrator
Program Documentation &   Program Documentation Object Oriented Design         Help Desk Support            Network Analyst/Engineer
Design                    & Design
Program Documentation &   Program Documentation Program Analyst                Multimedia development       PC/LAN Analyst
Training                  & Training
Program Management        Program Management Program Documentation &           Object Oriented Design       PC/LAN Engineer
Project Analyst           Project Analyst       Program Manager                Program Analyst              Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator       Project Coordinator   Project Analyst                Program Documentation &      Quality Assurance
Project Lead              Project Lead            Project Coordinator          Program Manager              Scribe
Project Manager           Project Manager         Project Lead                 Project Analyst              Server Administrator
Quality Assurance         Quality Assurance       Project Manager              Project Coordinator          Systems Administrator
Software Developer        Software Developer      Quality Assurance            Project Lead                 Technology Support
Systems Administrator     Systems Administrator   Software Developer           Project Manager
Team Lead                 Team Lead               Systems Administrator        Quality Assurance
Technical Writer          Technical Writer        Team Lead                    Server Administrator
Technology Support        Technology Support      Technical Writer             Software Development
                                                  Technology Support           Systems Administrator
                                                                               Team Lead
                                                                               Technical Writer
                                                                               Technology Support

03/05/10                   ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response             Page 22
Attachment Three Octagon Client Presentation

03/05/10         ITQ# BD0200S102 On-Going Support Response   Page 23