Accessing full text of journal articles

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					Accessing full text of journal articles

       Finding Online Health Information
                 Workshop I
     Vietnam National Training Programme
End-users often want and need
    full-text journal articles
But finding these can be confusing

     Partly because there are so many
         different access systems
 Individual libraries can pay
for access to full-text articles
Or government agencies may
  subscribe for the access
Or access can be arranged
 through library consortia
Or full-text articles may be accessed
via externally financed programmes

     Aimed at ’bridging the digital divide’
    These provide full-text articles
      either free or at low cost

• To lower income countries
  (LICs) throughout the world

• Or to most LICs

• Or to LICs in one region

• Or to other specific countries
Some are joint initiatives of UN
agencies and journal publishers

                • HINARI (WHO)
                • AGORA (FAO)
                • OARE (UNEP)
 One is run by a British charity and
financed by development agencies

Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information
      Some are initiatives
     of individual publishers

• JSTOR access

• Oxford Press access

• Highwire journals for
  developing economies
      Some are arranged by
  nongovernmental organisations,
      universities, or libraries

• INFO Project
• Global Development
  Network Document
  Delivery Service
Furthermore, some articles are
  available free to everyone

Free-access articles are free to everyone,
    There is often some way to reach
full-text articles, even if it is roundabout!