English A30 Response Journal Assignment April Raintree by blc15726


									English A30 Assignment: April Raintree

April Raintree, although fiction, is clearly born out of the life experiences of the author. That it why it is so
compelling. Read the novel, then write a creative interpretation response and a commentary on the selection.

Part 1: Creative Interpretation

You may comment upon:

        * one of the experiences of the protagonist.
        * the experience of another character of your choice within the novel, and that character’s reactions to it
        * your own reaction in a similar situation, either by imagining yourself in a particular situation introduced
in the novel, or relating a similar experience that you have lived and describing your response to that situation.
        * a particular event which occurred.
        * any issues raised in the novel - social issues , family issues, school issues, racial issues, etc.

Your format could be:

        * a letter or diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters, five years in the future.
        * a newspaper editorial commenting upon one of the issues presented in the novel;
        * a full length poem or song

Whatever format you decide upon, create a title for your creative interpretation, and include:

1. an introductory statement indicating your perspective and writing style i.e. “In this entry, I will be writing
about a character’s reaction to a situation, in the form of a personal diary entry” or “ In this entry, I will be
commenting upon the issue raised regarding _______, in the form of a newspaper editorial”, and

2. a brief reference to the situation on which you will be commenting, thus providing a context for the response.

Part Two: Commentary

Write a half page commentary on this literary selection, addressing the following;

       *You must make reference to the ending of the novel and assess your feelings toward the characters
involved when all is said and done.
       *What did you learn from this selection? Did it broaden your perspective in any way?
       * What are the themes the author is presenting in this work for you to reflect upon?
       * Do you believe this literary work is of value? Why or why not? Should I continue to offer it?

The purpose of your writing is to make you stop and think about what you have read. Whatever your
perspective, whether you choose to use the voice of one of the characters, or your own voice, your personal
feelings and connections while reading the novel are what constitute the heart and soul of a reader response
philosophy to the literature. Do not simply write a summary of the literature.

Length: 750 words ( 3 pages) in length, typed and double spaced

Value: 20 marks, based on the Ideas and Content rubric provided

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