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									WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST? [Website Version]

If you are reading this, it is likely that you have tried, and failed to get into the VLE. If
this is the case, you should Email the module leader, Tony Fleet at fleeta@hope.ac.uk
stating the problem, and what happened when you tried to log in.

The first step is to establish some starting points.

1.         General Information

You should have downloaded and read the whole of the handbook, with the possible
exception of the parts relating to the VLE. On the website, underneath the boxes, you will see
five sections. The first of theses, labelled General Information contains two links. These links
provide you with further general information about the module. You should read each of these
sections carefully, as they provide you with further details, and expand on what is in the
handbook. If you feel that you have a good grasp of what is required, then you could skim
read most of this.

2.         Task One: Email your project supervisor

(i)        Information concerning the allocation of students to supervisors is available from the
Website under „Operational Details‟. The last item here is a list of students and supervisors.
You need to find out your supervisor, and his or her E-mail address.

(ii)       E-mail your supervisor with the following information:

       o   Your Name and student ID
       o   The degree, pathway and subjects you are studying.
       o   The modules you are taking this semester.
       o   Your ideas on what sort of IT topic area you would really like to work on for this

NB This last piece of information is only to give a broad indication of your thinking: whether
it is a website, a database, multimedia or something else.

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If you find that your name is not on the list, please Email the module leader Tony Fleet
with your information (as required above) at fleeta@hope.ac.uk, stating clearly that you
have not been allocated a tutor.

3.       Introductory Tutorial: Tutorial 0

In all likelihood, your supervisor will wish to meet with all his or her students together at the
start of the module. On the Notes and Guidance section of the Website under Tutorials is a
short document describing the tutorials and giving details of „Tutorial 0‟, which is basically
an introductory chat. By return of Email your supervisor will offer you an appointment to
discuss some of the issues of the module. Although this is a fairly informal meeting, there
should be at least one clear outcome: you should agree a date for Tutorial 1, at which you will
present your Negotiated Learning Agreement.

4.       Do some Homework

The next step is to examine the „Operational Details‟ section of the VLE (or Website).
Underneath this, you will find the section: “A Step-by Step Guide”. This is your guide which
will take you through the rest of the module. There is an introduction and Phase 1.It is a good
idea to print these off. When you look at this document you will see that you are already well
into this phase, in fact you are at step 5 out of 10! Finally you should print off the Full
Programme of Events. You will find that this will be a useful guide for what you should be
doing and when, and you will need the information in it for your Negotiated Learning

This introductory guide stops here. You should now follow the guidelines for Phase 1 step 5:
this involves looking at the Roles & Responsibilities section of the VLE.

If at this stage you have queries, or are experiencing problem accessing information,
please contact your supervisor directly and alert them to the problem.

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