Senior Project Reflection Journal by blc15726


									                 Summary of Progress for the Month of

Name:          Thomas Teen                                                 Today’s Date:            11/30/09

Topic:         Career in Geriatrics                                        Hours This Period:                   4

English Teacher:                      Mrs. Webb                            Total Hours:                     6

Social Science Teacher:               Mr. White                            Points Earned:

1. Summary: What have you spent time on? What obstacles did you face? Be specific and concise.

   It was difficult to find a time to talk to my mentor, who is a geriatric nurse, but I was finally able to
   interview her. We met for one hour and discussed the law and the number of careers in geriatrics
   that do not involve med school. I also printed out two articles from the internet for articles about
   geriatric careers, which I read and annotated. I went to the retirement center and picked up
   paperwork about volunteer opportunities and then read and filled out the paperwork.

2. Self-Assessment Revisit your Timeline and the goals that you set for yourself in the last check up.
Do you feel that you are (circle one):

Ahead of Schedule              Right on Schedule              Somewhat Behind                 Very Behind

3. Goal   Setting: List specifically what you need to accomplish between now and the next check up.
   This week I need to drop off my volunteer paperwork at the retirement center. Hopefully they will
   get back to me quickly so I can start my volunteer hours. My Timeline Overview says next month
   will include job shadowing, so I need to set up time to job shadow my mentor. I will call her this
   week. I would like to be able to observe her 1-2 times within the next month.

4. Attachments: Include timesheet and Timeline Overview. Also list all evidence you have attached.

    Running Timesheet
    paperwork that the retirement center office gives out about volunteer opportunities – with my
     margin notes/questions
    notes from my interview with my neighbor, Mrs. Jeffers
    2 articles printed from the Internet about geriatric careers – highlighted and annotated


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