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									                      Journal of Political and Military Sociology

                                  SPECIAL ISSUES

Special Guest Editors    Volume 30, No. 2 (Winter 2002)
Mostafa Rejai Political Science, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Kay Phillips Sociology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Mostafa Rejai

Political Sociology of Composing
Mostafa Rejai
Kay Phillips

Aestheticism and the City:
Gustav Malher and Musical Politics
In Fin-de-Siècle Vienna
Effie Papnikolaou

Self Identity and National Identity in Classical Music
Anthony Arblaster

“Honor Your German Master”: The Use and Abuse
of “Classical” music in Nazi Propaganda
David B. Dennis

Politics and Popular Music in Modern Greece
Gail Holst-Warhaft

Notes on the Romantic Hero in Classical Music
Mostafa Rejai

Mostafa Rejai
                       Journal of Political and Military Sociology
                          The First Publication of the JPMS

Contents                                     Volume 1 Number 1 (Spring/Summer) 1973

Trends in Military Occupational Structure and Their
Political Implications
Kurt Lang

The Impact of Social Stratification, Social Mobility And
Status Inconsistency on the German Party Infrastructure
David R. Segal and David Knoke

Peace and War Themes in Social Science Periodicals:
1946 to Present
Aqueil Ahmad and Arthur S Wilke

The Politics of Threat: Military Intervention in the
Middle East
Gabriel Ben-Dor

Military Images in the Army ROTC
William A. Lucas

Motherhood and Political Participation:
The Changing Sense of Self
Naomi B. Lynn and Cornelia B. Flora

Southern Black Youths’ Perceptions of Military Service:
A Nonmetropolitan-Metropolitan Comparison of
Attitudes, Aspirations and Expectations
William Kuvlesky and Katheryn Dietrich

Violence: Theory and Quantification
Panos D. Bardis

Political Terrorism and the State
Irving Louis Horowitz
                       Journal of Political and Military Sociology

                                 SPECIAL ISSUE

Contents               Volume 14, No. 1 Spring 1986

                                 Elites And Ruling Classes
                                    Special Issue Editors
                                    Betty A. Dobratz
                                   Michael G. Burton

After the Halcyon Years: Elites and Mass Publics at the
Level of Full Development
G. Lowell Field and John Higley

Radicals in the Establishment: Towards an Exploration
of the Political Role of Intellectuals in Western Societies
Eva Etzioni-Halevy

Asian Coercive Organs and Strikes
Against Transnationals
David Kowalewski

The Ambivalence of Absolutism: State and Nobility
in 17th Century France and England
Michael S. Kimmel

Military Elites and Political Executives
Robert A. Hanneman

Class Influence on Redistribute Policy: The Case
of U.S. State Governments 1951-1961
Alexander Hicks

The Local Inner Circle
J. Allen Whitt and Mark S. Mizuchi

State Capital and Corporate Control: The
Singer Corporation
James Bearden

State Autonomy and the Privileged Position of Business:
An Empirical Attack on a Theoretical Fantasy
G. William Domhoff
                      Journal of Political and Military Sociology


Volume 30, No. 1 (Summer, 2002)

Theorizing the Emergence of Transnational
Movements: The Swedish Anti-Bomber Movement
David L. Westby

Foreign Investments, Privatization, and
Political Conflict in Developing Countries
John M. Rothgeb, Jr.

Reforming Civil-Military Relations in
Post-Communist States: Civil Control vs.
Democratic Control
Larry L. Watts

The Political Behavior of Asian Americans:
A Theoretical Approach
Jun Xu

Insurgency and Policy Outcomes: The Impact
Of Protests/Riots on Urban Spending
Arthur Jaynes

Trends in Military Influences on Army Recruitment
Themes: 1954-1990
Peter A. Padilla
Mary Reige Laner

Double Entrepreneurship in China’s Economic
Reform: An Analytical Framework
Keming Yang

Head Down, Bergen On, Mind in Neutral
The Infantry Body
John Hockey
The Rhetoric of “Terrorism” and its Consequences
Tomis Kapitan
Erich Schulte

The British Armed Forces and the Hindu Perspective
Asifa Hussain
                     Journal of Political and Military Sociology


Contents                                        Volume 29, No. 2 (Winter) 2001

Trends in Czech Attitudes Toward the
Market and Democracy
Joseph Hraba
Rehan Mullick
Frederic O. Lorenz
Sangmoon Lee
Jiřì Večernìk

The Conflict-Prone and the Conflict-Weary:
War Outcomes and Types of Military Intervention,
Jeffrey Pickering

The Role of Arms Transfers in the Quest
For Human Security
Shannon Lindsey Blanton

Military Regimes and Transition Control
in the Southern Cone and Brazil: Implications
for Democratization in Latin America
Craig Arceneaux

The Relationship Between Voter Turnout and
Ballot Measures – A Research Note –
Priscilla L. Southwell
Pamela S. Passo

Victory Myths and the Battle of Tanneberg
Norman Dubeski

Israel-Turkish Military Cooperation:
Iranian Perceptions and Responses
Mahmood Sariolghalam
The Military Retirement Reform Act of
1986 or Redux: A Postmortem
Martin A. Smith

Presidential Longevity in Sub-Saharan Africa:
Military Congruence, Military Status, Ethnic Diversity,
and Presidential Order – A Research Note -
Phyllis Puffer
Stan A. Kaplowitz
Harry Perlstadt

Guns, Butter, and Development: Security and
Military Famine Extensions of the Modernization
Versus Dependency Debate
Stephen J. Scanland

Book Reviews
                       Journal of Political and Military Sociology

            By Dwight Y. King, Special issue editor

Contents                                           Volume 26, No. 1 (Summer) 1998

Introduction to this Special Issue
Dwight Y. King

The Development of Indonesia’s
Civil Service 1974-1994
Martha G. Logsdon

Qualifications of Indonesia’s Civil Servants:
How Appropriate to the Dynamic Environment?
Dwight Y. King

Elite Transformation and Recruitment in
Post-Mao China
Xiaowei Zang

Ecological Forces for Administrative Reform:
The Thai National Environmental Quality Act
of 1992
Bryan D. Hunsaker

Reforming Basic Education and the Struggle
for Decentralized Educational Administration
in Indonesia
Dwight Y. King

New Directions in Bureaucratic Change in Southeast
Asia: Selected Experiences
M. Shamsul Haque

Strategic Public Management: Case Study of
Thailand’s Office of the Board of Investment
Thosaporn Sirisumphand
                     Journal of Political and Military Sociology

                         SAMPLES OF JPMS PUBLICATIONS

Contents                                            Volume 16, No. 1 Spring 1988

Which Side Are They On? The Political
Understanding of the Petit Bourgeoisie
Joey Sprague

The Political Economy of Third World Military
Expenditures: Impact of Regime Type on the
Defense Allocation Process
Robert E. Looney

Conventional Political Involvement of Greek Women
Yota Papageorge-Limberes

The Coup D’Etat in Sub-Saharan Africa: Changing
Patterns from 1956-1984
Alan Wells
Richard Pollnac

The Social Basis of Union Support: An Analysis of
Southern Textile Workers
Linda L. Reif
Michael D. Schulman
Michael J. Belyea

Commitment, Efficacy, and Personal Sacrifice Among
Irish Republicans
Robert White

Nuclear War and Nuclear Disarmament
Constantine P. Tzanos

The Garrison State Syndrome in the Third World:
A Research Note
Stephen G. Walker
S. Ivy Lang

On Soviet Capabilities and Intentions
Albert Resis
                   Journal of Political and Military Sociology

                               SPECIAL ISSUE

     Volume 22, No. 1 (Summer) 1994
     (Reprinted with corrections, Spring 1995)

                                    Special Issue Editor
                                      Roger Smith, College of William Mary

Collected essays by Vahakn N. Dadrian

Foreword, Richard Falk, Princeton University
Introduction, Roger Smith, College of William and Mary

A review of the Main Features of the Genocide
(Adapted from Yale Journal of International Law)

The Complicity of the Party, the Government, and the
Military. Select Parliamentary and Judicial Documents
(Recently Uncovered and Obtained)

The Documentation of the World War I Armenian Massacres
in the Proceedings of the Turkish Military Tribunal
(Adapted from International Journal of Middle East Studies)

A Textual Analysis of the Key Indictment of the Turkish
Military Tribunal Investigating the Armenian Genocide
(Adapted from Armenian Review)

The Secret Young turk Ittihadist Conference and the
Decision for the World War I Genocide of the Armenians
(Adapted from Holocaust and Genocide Studies)

Biographical Sketches
Bibliography of Vahakn N. Dadrian
               Journal of Political and Military Sociology

                            SPECIAL ISSUE

                                            Volume 27, No. 2 (Winter 1999)

Militarizing Criminal Justice: Exploring
the Possibilities
Peter B. Kraska
     Criminal Justice, Eastern Kentucky University

The Police-ization of the Military
Colonel Charles J. Dunlap Jr.

The Militarization of Policing in the
Information Age
Kevin D. Haggerty
Richard V. Ericson

Military Collaboration with the Border
Patrol in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region:
Inter-Organizational Relations and Human
Rights Implications
Timothy Dunn

Paramilitary Features of Contemporary Penalty
Jonathan Simon

Transforming the Criminological Dialogue: A
Feminist Perspective on the Impact of Militarism
Susan Caufield

Martial Metaphors and Medical Justice: Implications
for Law, Crime and Deviance
Bruce A. Arrigo
              Journal of Political and Military Sociology

                          SPECIAL ISSUE
                              George A. Kourvetaris

Contents                                    Volume 27, No. 2 Winter 1996

Ethnonationalism and Subnationalism:
The Case of Former Yugoslavia
George A. Kourvetaris

The Consolidation of National Minorities
in Southeastern Europe
Victor Roudometof

The European Union and the Yugoslav Conflict:
Crisis Management and Re-Institutionalization
in Southeastern Europe
Kostas A. Lavdas

NATO in the Post-Cold War Balkans
S. Victor Papacosma

Castle-Building in the Balkans:
American Aspirations in Southeastern Europe
Since the Dissolution of Yugoslavia
Alexandros K. Kyrou

Nationalism, Ethnic Identity and Balkan Struggles:
An Analysis of Greece’s Dispute with FYROM
Demetrius Andreas Floudas

Turkey: The Emergence of a New Foreign Policy
The Neo-Ottoman Imperial Model
Stephanos Constantinides

Bosnia in the Historic Mirror: A Commentary
Peter Hudis

A Selective Annotated Bibliography on the Balkans
George A. Kourvetaris

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