Integrated Marketing Communications by malj


									Integrated Marketing Communications
A strong consistent message across mediums is essential. You must identify and
communicate successfully to a diversity of stakeholders.

We will help you define your messages, create a plan and work with you to
implement your plan to "raise the volume" about your company or organization.

Why Integrated Marketing?

       Brings communications depth.
       Identifies and prioritizes key messages and stakeholders
       Ensures that there is strategic consistency in all communications across
        tactics - advertising, publicity, sponsorships, events, direct mail, electronic
        media, etc.
       Builds trust in communications relationships
       Manages the integrity of the message
       Recognizes that everyone “touches” the customer and has the opportunity to
        add value, reinforce positive messages and strengthen existing relationships.
       Links stakeholders and constituents.

How Do You Get Started? Develop A Plan!

   1.   SWOT
   2.   Set objective
   3.   Identify audiences
   4.   Develop messages
   5.   Establish tactical mix
   6.   Identify staffing requirements
   7.   Create a timetable
   8.   Develop a budget

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