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					     The Free Flighter
Journal of the NSWFFS Inc.
      November 2008

     The new kid on the block
           Geoff Potter
 With a model called a Fifteen 1953
     Richmond 9th November
              Air League Hall, Jubilee Lane Parramatta NSW

Meeting opened at 7.35 pm

 Present: R Summersby, T Bond, T Stowe, B Lee, F Barsanti, W East. A Harvey. M Towel, P
 Braid, P Warren, R Towel, Lyn Towel, G Potter,

 Apologies M Hannaford. G Pope
 Minutes of Previous Meeting Moved F Barsanti and seconded M Towel

 Business Arising from Previous Minutes None

  Correspondence IN Flypaper Aug/Sept, VMAA Public Display Notice. Duration Times
 July/Aug, MAAA Tele Ex Meeting

 Treasurer's Report Profit and Loss Statement for Dept of Fair Trading as at 30th
 June 2008
 Total income          $21470.40
 Total Expenditure $17188.78
 Surplus               $ 4281.62
 Moved M Towel sec F Barsanti carried
 President Terry gave a report on the years actives and future competitions coming up
 in the next six months. Terry then declared all positions vacant and that there were no
 written nominations.

  Election of Office Bearers
 It was suggested from the floor that the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar be reelected
  Moved M Towel seconded Peter Braid this motion was carried. Committee Elected was M Towel
  (safety officer), Phil Warren, and Peter Braid

  General Business Tahn spoke on the coming sale at Ifs home, Terry gave an update on the coming
  Nationals, G Potter gave a report on Australia's win in the World F2C Championships by Grant
  Potter and Hugh Simonds.
  Meeting closed at 9 07 pm

  September – October 08 Summary

   Registrations                          $1500.00
   Indoor Competitions)                   $ 20.00
   Total                                  $ 520.00

   Debits                                 $ 1200.00
   MAAA Affiliation
   Indoor Hire                            $ 190.00
   Fair Trading                           $ 45.00
   State Affiliation                      $ 11.00
   Doonside Refund                        $ 15.00
   Total                                  $ 1461.00

Hi team, the 2008 Nationals are almost upon us. Remember that entries are to be in no
later than 30 Nov. A number of things still need to be finalized especially contest
directors. I have a couple of volunteers so far but I need more. Two CDs are required
each day.

Date         Start                    Event                          Contest Director

Sun 28 Dec 0700               Combined F1G, H, J             Bill and Pauline East
Mon 29 Dec 0700               F1A, Open Power                ………………..
Tue 30 Dec 0700               F1C, Open Rubber               ………………..
           1200               Indoor Events                  Tahn Stowe
Wed 31 Dec 0700               Scale, P30                     ………………..
            0730              Scramble                       Terry Bond
                              HLG/CLG                        ………………..
Thu 1 Jan                     Free Day                       No!!!!
Fri 2 Jan     0700            F1B, Oz Diesel                 Roy Summersby
              TBA             Night Scramble                 ………………..
Sat 3 Jan     0700            Combined Vintage               ………………..

If you can manage a day please let me know soonest. There will be changes and we
may need a reserve or two. Other requirements include water, fire safety, first aid,
stationery, and no doubt something I have forgotten.

Our end of year function will be held on the 6 Dec 2008 at Tahn and Lizzies place.
There is a separate sheet in this Free Flighter which gives all the details.

Last contest day Dave Hegarty received a laceration to his finger while climbing over
a barb wire fence. The injury was not life threatening but there was a bit of claret
about. I put a bandaid on his finger from the kit I had in my car but it needed a little
bit extra later after Dave continued to fly and leak on his models. I think it is about
time we had a proper first aid kit on the field for minor leaks and abrasions. For
anything greater 000 is probably the answer. The kit should be with the CD on the
contest day.

Our Friday flying day end of year function will be held on 5 Dec. The fare will be
champagne and eats early in the morning with a presentation to Charlie Saliba’s wife
Pauline. I have already spoken to Charlie and as usual he will most likely be busy. We
are ahead in the gift stakes and we have already beaten Charlie with our presentation
of flowers. If there are any ideas on a present for Pauline or Charlie please call.

Please do not forget the next meeting at the Air League Hall on Friday night 21 Nov.
There are no elections so be there.

Terry Bond
  Next Meeting 21 November      St

  Geoff Potter will show us how to make a fuel tank from balsa. Naturally these tanks are for
  suction feed, I don't think they would stand up to high pressure. Geoff has been doing
  this for years with out problems. Just think of the weight saving along with no metal
  work. Looking forward to the demonstration on Friday Night.

                                      Oily Hand Day
                                     30 -31 August 2008
                                                                             David Hegarty
The country around Canowindra was lush and green. White woolly sheep and big black
cattle dotted the rolling hills, grazing contentedly in the warm sunshine.
Cowra M.A.C. had called a gathering of modelers to experience again the pleasures of
noisy engines, smelly greasy models and renew once again the acquaintances of
bygone years.
The flying field was fairly limited for free flight flying. It was bounded by knee high
wheat, armpit deep canola, a railway line and sheep paddocks, with a row of
peppercorn and gum trees waiting to ensnare passing aeroplanes.
There were lots of modelers and models, with control-line being most popular. Team
race and combat style had the biggest representation and the sound of big unmuffled
motors reverberated across the country side. I won’t try to list those present but
amongst them was Reg Towell with Lyn handing out large chunks of walnut and raisin
cake. Reg had his beautiful aerobatic “Matilda”. This model has two piece removable
wings and landing on rough ground does big damage when the undercarriage is pushed
through the structure, as Bruce Hoffmann found last week when trying his new
“Firecracker”. Reg brought “Matilda” to earth with the gentleness of a butterfly kiss.
Suzanne, recovering from ankle operations was a little unsteady on the sheep-worn
ground but managed three flights with her “Peacemaker”.
On the free flight scene Ian Le Bronne brought his usual arsenal of weapons. Ian had
been there before and was familiar with the limitations of the field so he put a two
channel radio in his “Deacon”. He still managed to send it out into the sheep paddock
across the railway line and then impaled himself on the barbed wire fence and ripped
his track suit in so doing.
Another who braved the barbed wire and took off into the canola, was Peter Jackson.
He and Kevin Davis brought a squadron of little WW1 scale models. Each is a gem and
all can be made to fly nicely. Peter’s Fokker triplane (who said that triplanes can’t
fly???) was the one which disappeared into the canola nearly kilometer away. Peter’s
wife is off to China so Kev and he had a party Saturday night and didn’t make it to the
field on Sunday.
I was the only one to land in a tree. I impaled my “Humbug” on a sharp branch high
up. A rope thrown over couldn’t dislodge the plane and eventually broke, so I had to
climb that tree and use a long pole to lift the skewered model free.
My “Tomboy” disappeared into the tall canola a long way off but the hawk eyes of
Suzanne and Dave Brown (Brownie) were able to pinpoint its exact location without my
having to trample the whole crop flat. The farmer assured me that his harvester would
have happily shredded and bagged the entire model without the slightest falter.
We thank Andy Luckett and Ian Cole of Cowra M.A.C. for organizing this escape from
the metropolitan madness in which most of us live.
   NSW Free Flight Society
    End of 2008 Gathering

Date: 6th December.
Time: 3pm Onwards.
Venue: 342 Singles Ridge Rd
           Yellow Rock
      BYO Beveridge.

   Nibbles, Chicken & Salads
   Followed by Dessert,
   Provided by NSWFFS.

MAAA Rules
This coming year in May the MAAA will hold their rules conference and any changes must be made at this meeting. Submissions for
any changes must be in by late February. Some of the wording in the Free Flight rules has somehow changed over the years and needs
tidying up. The Free Flight technical Committee mainly Graham Maynard and Vin Morgan have been putting a lot of time and effort
into correcting these issues. I will be seeing Graham in a few weeks time and if any member has suggestions or would like a copy of
what Grahams done so far please get in touch with me. You can also look at the draft rules, which were published in FFDU 39/3 summer
2007 as well as the MAAA rules on the web site. Hopefully we will end up with a good set of workable rules.

Friday Flying -- 20 September 2008
                                                                                                                              Dave Hegarty
Winter has gone. The weather was warm. There was no wind. The ants at Richmond decided that it was a good time to go flying so six
of us determined to join them.
Rubber models are very popular at the moment. Jim Christie was there first. He had a least five different aircraft all of which flew. Jim's
F1G is a state of the art model with as much carbon as balsa. He builds the wing on a special jig with complex geodetic ribs and
diagonal carbon bracing. Jim had some vintage models, a big Lanzo Duplex, a Korda Stickler and an Upstairs Maid - all of which are
nicely trimmed and fly very well- He flew a large Open Rubber model which uses a retired F1G wing and is presently building another
O.R. model with a 1300mm wing span.
Gary Pope flew his blue and yellow, Elfin 1.8 powered Kerswap. Last week Gary lost an ex-Keith Murray Dixielander. Gary, to use his
words, is a beancounter by profession. He is obsessed with figures and times everyone's flight when he can. He listed last week's losses...
1 One tracker - $120
2 One clockwork timer - $50
3 One P.A.W. 1.5 motor - $150
4 One aircraft structure - $50
(Typist's extra - the ability to retell the tale numerous times - priceless!)
The combined expertise of both Terry and Roy failed to find the missing Dixielander.
Gary had two huge Open Rubber models, both M.A.N designs called "Tuber" or "Tuba". (I'm like Roy - I can't spell either) My
dictionary tell me a tuber is someone floating on water with an inflated rubber ring. A tuba is a straight trumpet. Gary's fuselage sounds
like a didgeridoo when I blow into it, so tuba might be the correct spelling.
John Corby has a Pinocchio vintage rubber model. It can outclimb a Gollywock with a tight corkscrew climb.
He flew both today. Last week he nearly lost the Pinocchio. It disappeared into the sun to the east. John didn't believe his new Yagi
which said, "Go West Young Man". Terry convinced him into believing the Yagi message and found that the model had changed
direction, flown back over the field and was in the tall grass to the west of the flying field. The grasscutter made us move so some of us
left and missed John flying his Cox .049 power model.
Peter Jackson builds beautiful little World War I aircraft. He can't enter these in contests because of FAI rules which are difficult to meet
with regard to documentation of colour schemes and photographs of original aircraft. He doesn't want the sheep stations prizes anyway.
Peter flew a silver Nieuport 27 powered with a tiny Elfin .32cc diesel. He also had an Albatross D12. It is difficult to trim as the close
confines of the engine cowling make the adjustment of the thrust line of the Cox T.D. 020 difficult. The broken tail will be easy to repair
Peter says.
Rob, our former shop keeper runs his truck on Firex CI diesel fuel saver. He hasn't tried it in a model motor yet but it makes "01 Wood"
hoot along very vigorously. He says "Bring along a Bottle" and he will let us try it out. Should be interesting and would be cheaper than
I built a Longhurst F1G with moulded propeller blades as published in Free Flight Quarterly. It is heavier than Tony advocates but it
shows some promise and will join Jim in resisting the incursion of the factory built RTF models which some have acquired.
                                                     Product Review
                                                 Available from Supa Cheap Auto, is a conven-
                                                 ient to use contact adhesive. I have used it to ap-
                                                 ply Icarex to carbon wings and have found it better
                                                 than other brands that I have tried. It seems to dry
                                                 clearer and can be thinned down with normal
                                                 thinners to be very workable. A tube of this will
                                                 set you back $2.99 for 50m1 and of course in
                                                 small tubes it wont go off on you while you are
                                                 building your next model. If it does you haven't
                                                 lost the whole tin like I normally do.

 Contest Report Richmond 26-10-08
 What a perfect day, no wind, no flies just plenty of flying. Eight cars on the field and
 models varied from screaming FIJs to C02 powered biplanes with a couple of C/L
 stunt models in the background. Gary had his Kerswap going to the heavens. Peter
 Wrights F1J model was flying well enough to beat the worlds best F1J flyers. This was
 the first time Peter has maxed out with an FIJ, 5x120 flights well done Peteir Roy was
 having some transition problems with his F1J as well as having an early DT on one
 flight. Jim had his Coups climbing and catching all the lift that was around. John was
 flying his 09 Cox powered open model and after a slight scare had it climbing very
  nicely. Terry was flying his FIJ as well as a Coup. Terry also brought along his new
 open power model for show and tell, should bee in the sky very soon now
 PS We didn't bother worrying about who won as it was just such a perfect day.


The Society has invested $20,223.43 in a St. George
Term Deposit at a 5.5% per annum interest rate
The maturity date is th 6th September 2009

Hon Treasurer
Tahn Stowe
There were three contests on the day. Scramble, P30 and Vintage power. The results
and comments are as follows:
Scramble        1st     Tahn Stowe
                2nd     Peter Braid
                3rd     Dave Hegarty
                4th     Adam Braid
A half hour scramble was called instead of the hour and no runners were used in the
contest. Adam Braid looked a bit like a whippet in speed with his ozzie rules pullover
and tight shorts. He had the model to win but lost it with some poor trim. Poor Dave
suffered with a bout of gout but managed to hobble into 3rd. Do not know how he did
Peter Braid put his foot into a ditch and tore a heart muscle and spent a fair part of the
contest near the medical tent smoking some noxious weed to reduce the pain. Tahn
won the day with his carpet and probably a sore finger starting an incorrigible Mills.
It's been out of tune for about 10 years now.
P30             1st     Terry Bond
                2nd     Dave Hegarty
                3       Roy Summersby
Terry Bond and Dave Hegarty went head to head. While winding his P30 Dave's
motor broke and his winding tube wire came at him at an alarming speed hitting him
in a very sensitive area. He was seen to be saying something naughty and holding a
lower part of his body. Nobody could really hear what he was saying because they
were laughing too much.
Unfortunately Dave dropped his first round by 2 seconds and Terry had a clean 360.
Roy only wanted to beat 118 seconds but his total flight time was embarrassingly
close to that. He managed on 2 occasions to launch his model into the worst air
Richmond could provide. The other flight the thermal was to big forcing him to
retrieve by car.
Vintage Power           1st      Roy Summersby
                        2nd      Geoff Potter
                        3rd      Gary Pope
Cannot remember the scores but Roy is still trying to excite others on the flight line
and teach them how to seek cover when being attacked by incoming enemy aircraft.
Dave was the last victim. I wonder who will be next. Geoff used Roy’s vintage
model with the intention of putting up a few rounds. His first flight was well away
and so was he. He has joind that special group of wetback flyers who take a short cut
through that small, deep and utterly camouflaged dam on the other side of the field. It
has trapped many people over the years. Geoff returned wet from the waist down.
That rain was really handy over the last few weeks. His next flight saw a short engine
run, a stall and the pylon left the fuselage with the wing. Back to the building board.

Gary had one of those days, his Zipper, trimmed the Friday before was going even
harder and after about 7 seconds turned feral and returned to ground level in a rush.
Fortunately the engine stopped a few feet from the ground and no real damage was
sustained. Not sure what happened to his Calypso but he left the field saying
something like “some days are diamonds and some days are stones”.
                      Contest Report Richmond 26-10-2008
What a perfect day, no wind, no flies just plenty of flying. Eight cars on the field and models var-
ied from screaming F1Js to CO2 powered biplanes with a couple of C/L stunt models in the back-
ground. Gary had his Kerswap going to the heavens Peter Wrights F1J model was flying well
enough to beat the worlds best F1J flyers, this was the first time
Peter has maxed out with an F1J, 5x120 flights well done Peter.

Roy was having some transition problems with his F1J as well as
having an early DT on one flight. John was flying his 09 Cox
powered open model and after a slight scare had it climbing very
nicely. Terry was flying his F1J as well as a Coupe. Terry also
brought along his new open power model for show and tell,
should be in the sky very soon now.                                      Gary Pope with Kerswap

Jim had his Coupes climbing and catching all the lift that was around. He has a new coupe for the
early morning flights and it is bigger than an F1B. Looks like it might fly a bit better as well. He
had a little trouble with the DT but with Jim’s expertise it will be a match winner. He will be a
very formidable opponent in any contest.

                                 In a previous report written by Dave Hegarty, Dave made some
                                 comments about Gary Pope’s fly away Dixilander and the loss
                                 incurred. I have some dispute about this especially in regard to
                                 the value of the model and its components. The tracker was
                                 worth every bit of $120, the model was almost located with a
                                 strong signal in a very specific direction at the end of Rickaby
                                 Street. The PAW motors vary in price from $50 to $150 so
                                 somewhere in the middle is about right.
  Peter Wright & Roy Summersby
The structure is worth either nothing or priceless. Every time we throw a model into the air there
is a chance of not getting it back so you can make up your own mind. However the very thought
that the timer was worth anything is a gross distortion of the facts. I think we should debit the
timer for all the other bits. There was no doubt in my mind that
the model was STOLEN after landing. Despite all the bad
things it was a beautiful four and a half minute climb onto the
clouds. I watched it until it was out of sight overhead. Gary that
was great trimming!!!!

                                                                              Jim Christie
                             2009 Contest & Fixture Calendar
Date           Event                                                      Venue              C/D
January 11     Combined Mini G, H & J + Fun Fly                           Richmond           Jim Christie
January 16     General Meeting                                            Harris Park
January 18     No Doc Scale (all types), Precision, Combined Vintage      Richmond           Peter Braid
February 1     HLG/CG, Combined OZ&DD%                                    Richmond           Roy Summersby
February 15    Combined Open, P30, Scramble (1 Hour)                      Richmond           Tahn Stowe
Feb 28 Mar 1   Hunter Valley Champs                                       Muswellbrook
March 15       State Champs, Vintage Power & Glider HLG/CG BBQ            Richmond           Gary Pope
March 20       General Meeting                                            Harris Park
March 29       ½ Hour Campbell Scramble, Gotch, State Champs Vintage      Richmond           Dave Hegarty
April 7-8      Southern Cross Cup                                         Narrandera
April 9-13     AFFS Champs                                                Narrandera
April 19       Scale Rally, P30, Combined F1 G,H & J                      Richmond           Chris Dudley
April 24-26    Vic State Champs                                           Springhurst
May 2-3        Veterans Gathering                                         Muswellbrook
May 15         General Meeting                                            Harris Park
May 17         Combined%, HLG/CG, Control Line Flying, BBQ Lunch          Richmond           Terry Bond
May 31         State Champs Scramble, P30, Vintage Rubber                 Richmond           Gary Pope
June 6-8       NSW State Champs                                           Narrandera
June 14        Vintage Power, Vintage Glider, Combined Mini Vintage       Richmond           John Corby
June 28        Russell Forth Scramble                                     Illawarra
July 12        Fun Fly, Mentor Day, Control Line, BBQ Lunch               Richmond           Dave Hegarty
July 17        General Meeting                                            Harris Park
July 26        Combined%, Combined Vintage                                Richmond           Rob Cranfield
August 9       Precision, Gotch, No Doc Scale                             Richmond           Chris Dudley
August 23      OZ Diesel & Diesel Duration%, Combined Vintage             Richmond           Peter Braid
September 6    ½ Hour Campbell Scramble, Combined%                        Richmond           Jim Christie
September 18   Annual General Meeting
September 20   1 Hour Scramble, P30, Vintage Power                        Richmond           Terry Bond
               BBQ Lunch, Control Line Scale (not comp)
October 4      P30, Combined Open, HLG/CG                                 Richmond           John Corby
October 18     Open Power, Open Rubber, Mini Rubber                       Richmond           Rob Cranfield
November 1     Combined FAI A,B,C,G,H & J                                 Richmond           Roy Summersby
November 15    OZ Diesel & Diesel Duration% , Vintage Rubber              Richmond           Dave Hegarty
November 20    General Meeting                                            Harris Park
November 29    Mills Trophy Scramble                                      Illawarra
December 13    Combined%, Fun Fly, Xmas BBQ Lunch                         Richmond           Tahn Stowe

                                          NSWFFS Shop Price List

Esaki Lite Tissue          $2 Each                Clear Mylar                                $10 per roll
Polyspan                   $5 per metre           Aluminised Mylar                           $1 metre
Stop Watches               $4 each                K&P 10:1 Winders                           $20 each
¼” Rubber                  $44 per lb             5M Telescopic Streamer Poles               $30 each
3/32” Rubber               $44 per lb             7M Telescopic Streamer / Retrieval Poles   $45 each
0.002” Carbon Fibre        $26 sheet              Kevlar Thread 0.010”                       $5 100ft
Mite Fix Cyano & Kicker    $20 kit                Indoor Kits                                $2 each