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					                                                                                               The Informer 1

 December 1995                                                                                Vol. 4 Issue 5

Make sure Maxi-brake is applied
         We hold our regular        University, Left King). One           device to function, the designers
meeting every month, and after      major problem is trying to            decided that it would be unsafe to
each meeting we are able to move    convince Waterloo City Council        have the back brakes apply when
forward, and make our jobs just a   that these changes will make our      the back door switch was used. In
little bit easier. The minutes of   jobs easier.                          my opinion they are wrong,
each meeting is posted for your             We talked to the              because to me, it is a safety
inspection at the garage.           Kitchener planning department,        device. When you are out of your
Management is always ready to       to try and have them remove the       bus and closing the doors, your
listen to our ideas, because like   obstacles they left in our bus        hand is still on a braking device.
us, they too would like to see      stops on King Street. These                   So please make sure,
transit operate as efficiently as   include, benches, trees posts,        before you leave your seat for any
possible.                           garbage cans, bicycle racks. As of    reason, that you apply the Maxi
         The latest                 this day, they have not finished      brake. When parking the bus,
accomplishment, is having the       the job. We also asked for a “no      always apply the Maxi brake and
back wall at the Transportation     right turn on red light” sign to be   turn your wheels into the curb,
Center torn down and rebuilt. We    erected on Gaukel Street.                            (Continued on page 2)
are still working on changing               We, as professional
route 9 inbound to University,      drivers, have had many
(Hazel, left Hickory, right King,   preventable accidents lately. Of      In this issue:
right University), and route 7      these, the three run away buses
inbound on Columbia,                were the most damaging to our         Committee Reports
(Columbia, right Regina, right      reputation. We were very lucky        Travel Tips
                                    that no one was killed. I am sure
                                                                          In My Opinion
Support the                         that there were other incidents
                                    like this, but the operator was       Poetry
                                                                          Library Update
December 11                         able to stop the bus with the back
                                    door switch. We can no longer         Bus Stop Trivia
General Strike                      rely on the back door switch if we
                                    forget to apply the Maxi brake
                                                                          Christmas Light Tours
                                                                          Giving Tom the Slip
in London                           before leaving the bus.
                                            All of the new buses are
                                                                          Workers’ Compensation
                                    equipped with a sensitive edge        Reform - Bill 15
           see page 8 for details   back door. In order for this safety   Government to Slash WC
2 December      1995

(Continued from page 1)
and put the gear selector in             Uniform                          New Members
neutral. This must be done                                                Maureen Ancio
because the new buses have
                                         Committee                        Jaqueline Eng
almost twice as much power as                                             Maarit Isolehto
the old ones, and they can be                 At our last meeting, with   Kathy Klein
driven with the brakes on. Do not    Leslie Banson, Ray Miller, Steve     Yves Lepage
rely on the safety buzzer that is    Caven, Lois Yandt and Linda          Gordon Roth
designed to warn you if the bus is   Lyon, we managed to come to a        Steve Wilcox
in gear and the Maxi is not used.    decision about ties. Our goal was    Welcome!
Any electric eye can defeat itself.  to have the City agree to let our
You can actually step over the       operators go without wearing a
beam, or the transmission can        tie all year round. To achieve this, In Memoriam
show that it is not in gear, while itwe had to give up the polo shirts.
                                     After next summer polo shirts         Vince
actually is in gear.
                         Laszlo Bori will not be worn, we will all have
                                     to wear proper shirts.
                                              Any operator who doesn’t
                                     want to wear a tie must wear the
                                     appropriate uniform. Spring/Fall
Condolences                          jacket, or a winter coat, short or

        The Executive and
                                     long sleeve shirt with a sweater or
                                     a cardigan. If wearing a long
membership wish to extend our        sleeve shirt only, than a tie must    Helping out with this issue were:
deepest sympathy to the              be worn. If wearing the blazer        Ted Bate
following members who have           with any combination of shirts, a     Warren Bell
suffered the loss of loved ones:     tie must be worn.                     Wayne Bell
                                                               Laszlo Bori
                                                                           Jim Charters
Dave Havell (Mother-in-law)                                                Rosemarie Bergmann
Orville Visneskie (Mother-in-                                              Laszlo Bori
law)                                                                       Ricki Germann
                                                                           Linda Lyon
                                                                           Paul Mennie
                                                                           Connelly Nolan

                                                                              Policy Statement
                                                                            The Informer is a publication of
                                                                         CAW Local 4304 and is intended to
                                                                         educate and inform the members. The
                                                                         views expressed are those of the
                                                                         writer and not necessarily those of the
                                                                         CAW or Local 4304. The newsletter
                                                                         committee reserves the right to edit
                                                                         for clarity or fact. Material of a sexist,
                                                                         racist or defamatory nature will not
                                            Photo: Wayne Bell            be printed.
A replica of a San Franciso streetcar.
                                                                                                      The Informer 3

Political Education Committee                                                 Health and
        Locally, Sherman              presently held by these                 Safety
Supersonic Industries                 employees.
Corporation of Mississauga has                 Amend the Employment           Accident and Incident Reports:
been awarded the contract to          Standards Act to eliminate              If you have the misfortune to
build a Drive-Through Bus Wash        successorship protection for            have to fill one of these out, it is a
System at a total cost of $134,000    employees in the contract service       good idea to have the supervisor
plus G.S.T.                           sector, and reduce entitlements to      give you a copy for your own
        The Marathon                  the Employee Wage Protection            records. You may find that you
Compressor Company Limited of         Fund.                                   remember something later that
Heidelberg has been awarded the                Erode crown employees’         could be added to your report. It
contract to build a Compressed        collective bargaining rights,           could also be used for reference
Natural Gas Fueling Station at a      including successorship and             in the event you want to appeal a
cost of $73,000 plus G.S.T.           related employer protection, and        decision at the accident review
        The new fare structure        bar access to arbitration where         committee. Also, if a change in
will become effective on Jan. 1,      meaningful collective bargaining        equipment or the work process
1996, with the exception of the       is prevented as a result of             would have prevented your
cash fare change which will be        essential service agreements.           accident, contact your health and
implemented on Feb. 1, 1996.                   Establish “transitional”       safety or operators representative
        The Transit Division,         rules for proceedings commenced         and go over your report with
under the directorship of Wally       under Bill 40, which in many            them.
Beck, is being transferred to the     cases will result in the retroactive
Public Works Department               application of Bill 7, and in           Winter driving: Our schedules
reporting to the General Manager      others the termination of               were set up to work under normal
of Public Works.                      proceedings commenced under             traffic and good road conditions.
                                      Bill 40 unless a final decision has     That is lost during the winter. It is
        Provincially, the bad new     been issued.                            a lot better to drive slower during
just keeps on coming. Bill 7 is                Remove the emphasis on         slippery road conditions and
now law. I don’t think a lot of us    collective bargaining in the            arrive a few minutes late, than to
understand just how much this         existing purpose clause, and            get in an accident and spend an
bill will affect us.                  replace it with a purpose clause        hour waiting for the police and
        Bill 7 will...                which diminished the role of            filling out reports.
        Repeal virtually all of the   trade unions.                                    If a part of your route
significant reforms contained in               This local is participating    becomes too icy to navigate
Bill 40.                              in the C.A.W.’s Fight Back              safely, contact your supervisor
        Introduce sweeping            Campaign. We are handing out            and ask for alternate routing until
alterations to the present rules      literature outlining the                the area is sanded. With
governing certification and           governments agenda and the              government cuts in spending, you
decertification.                      labour movements response to it.        may find it will take longer for
        Enact mandatory strike        If we don’t stand together against      the roads to be attended to during
and ratification votes.               this government now, we might           the stormy weather.
        Entirely eliminate the        find that we are too weak to do it
right of agricultural workers,        later.                                  Radio Earphones: It has been
domestics and many professional                              In Solidarity,   brought to my attention that some
groups to engage in collective                              Tom Williams
bargaining, and extinguish                                                                     (Continued on page 4)
collective bargaining rights
4 December    1995

                                      away with the right to refuse                 Everything this
In My Opinion                         unsafe work.                          government has done or is
                                              I could go on and on, but     planning to do has benefited the
        What a wondrous place it      you get the point. No matter what     affluent segment of society at the
is to behold. In this world, full-    our Social Services minister says,    expense of those who can least
grown people can feed                 no one can eat nutritiously for 90    afford it. So far, Mike Harris has
themselves on 90 dollars a month      dollars a month and companies         maintained his popularity by
and jobs are so plentiful that, all   aren’t begging people to come in      hitting those on social assistance.
an unemployed person has to do,       and work.                             Since many Ontarians look down
is, walk down any main street, of             Employees will still          on these people, they are easy
any city in this province and take                                          targets. But make no mistake.
his or her pick from all the “Help                                          Those on welfare are not the only
Wanted” signs in the stores!                                                targets, just the first. Organized
        In this world, it will be                                           labour is next on the agenda
impossible to injure your back on                                           along with health care and
the job or sustain a stress related                                         education. These are areas which
injury. Companies will be so                                                will have an impact on all of us.
enlightened and caring about their                                                  I’ll close with a quote
employees well-being, joint                                                 from the venerable Charlie
Health and Safety committees                                                Farquarson, on the economic
will no longer be needed.                                                   theory of the Mike Harris
        Progressive labour            sustain back injuries and stress      reformers, “If you give a horse
legislation, such as Bill 40, will    related injuries. They just won’t     enough oats, the sparrows will get
be redundant, since employers in      be able to collect from the           some,... if they hang around long
this world, wouldn’t think of         Workers Compensation Board for        enough.”
using scabs during strikes or         such injuries. Joint Health and                    Respectfully submitted,
doing other regressive things like    Safety will still be needed, but,                           Tom Williams
eliminating the Employee Wage         unless the employer sees fit, they
Protection Program, or doing          won’t exist.

(Continued from page 3)               of the rights you have already        all. The city is only willing to
operators are wearing “hearing        lost. Money spent on making a         work with a minimum
aids” during baseball and hockey      worker more comfortable at work       government standard, and some
season. This could limit your         is not a luxury. It will contribute   of the supervisors are already
hearing enough that you might         to a better quality of work and       working on the assumption that
not hear someone in an                lower rates of absenteeism,           the Union Health & Safety is no
emergency situation. This is an       sickness and industrial injury.       longer in force. Our generation
unsafe work practice and the                  If you want the quality of    could be the first one in a long
supervisors have every right to       your working conditions to be         time to find out, under what
discipline an operator wearing        maintained let your member of         conditions our grand-parents had
one of these while driving.           parliament know you don’t want        to work.
                                      to see any reductions in this area.           Please take some time and
Government Cuts: The Ontario                  Some of our members           complain to your member of
government is planning to make        don’t think that the Union is         parliament.
large cuts to health and safety       doing very much on their behalf.                            Jim Charters
training and workplace                But at the rate the Harris
monitoring. With the speed and        government is cancelling labour
secrecy that they are dismantling     laws, they may find out what it is
legislation you may not be aware      like not to have any protection at
                                                                                                The Informer 5

                                     and our National Office for          Workers Compensation
Workers                              sending me on the Level 4            Conference being held in Halifax
                                     Reinstatement Course. I found it     in January of 1996. This is being
Compensation                         very informative and will be able    put on by the CLC National
                                     to pass on the knowledge to our      Office and would like a delegate
1)       Brothers Mike Smith,        members.                             from each Local to attend. The
Charlie Straeten, Reg Gingras        4)       Brother Ted Bate has been   rooms are $85.00 a day and the
and Brad Mills, would appreciate     registered for a Level 1, 2 course   dates are January 25-28, 1996.
at least a phone call from our       for Workers’ Compensation. This      Thursday - Sunday, registration is
membership. These people need        is the last week of November in      $150.00. The conference is being
their morals boosted when they       Guelph at the Steelworker’s Hall.    held in Atlantic Canada since it is
are off sick. Department #2 also     We must have members trained         there that the corporate WCB
has brothers Owen Burt and John      to carry on in a position. Ted as    agenda is being implemented
Heber.                               well can help with the work load     first.
2)       Brother George Byers has    and initial paper work. The
returned to work in Department       Executive has made this
#2 on transitional work program      recommendation and we would                                 Paul Mennie
after Carpal Tunnel surgery was      ask that his lost wages be covered                   Benefits Committee
done to his wrist.                                                                      Comp. Representative
                                     by the Local.
3)       Thanks to the membership    5)       There is a CLC National

                                    School Excuse Notes
The following is a collection of     He was hurt in the growing part.     She spent a weekend with the
"actual excuse notes from parents      * Megan could not come to          Marines.
(including spelling)" from the       school today because she has           * Please excuse Jason for being
Office of Educational Assessment     been bothered by very close          absent yesterday. He had a cold
at the University of Washington.     veins.                               and could not breed well.
                                       * Please excuse Ray Friday           * Please excuse Mary for being
  * My son is under a doctor's       from school. He has very loose       absent yesterday. She was in bed
care and should not take P.E.        vowels.                              with gramps.
today. Please execute him.             * Please excuse Tommy for            * Gloria was absent yesterday
  * Please excuse Lisa for being     being absent yesterday. He had       as she was having a gangover.
absent. She was sick and I had       diarrhea and his boots leak.           * Please excuse Burma, she has
her shot.                              * Irving was absent yesterday      been sick and under the doctor.
  * Dear School: Please ekscuse      because he missed his bust.            * Maryann was absent
John being absent on Jan. 28, 29,      * Please excuse Jimmy for          December 11-16, because she had
30, 31,32, and also 33.              being. It was his father's fault.    a fever, sore throat, headache and
  * Please excuse Gloria from          * Please excuse Jennifer for       upset stomach. Her sister was
Jim today. She is administrating.    missing school yesterday. We         also sick, fever and sore throat,
  * Please excuse Roland from P.     forgot to get the Sunday paper off   her brother had a low grade fever
E. for a few days. Yesterday he      the porch, and when we found it      and ached all over. I wasn't the
fell out of a tree and misplaced     Monday, we thought it was            best either, sore throat and fever.
his hip.                             Sunday.                              There must be something going
  * John has been absent because       * Sally won't be in school a       around, her father even got hot
he had two teeth taken out of his    week from Friday. We have to         last night.
face.                                attend her funeral.
  * Carlos was absent yesterday        * My daughter was absent
because he was playing football.     yesterday because she was tired.
6 December    1995

Workers’s Compensation Reform - Bill 15
         The Conservatives               Some of the proposed changes            This is just the
promised in their election               are:
campaign to make changes to the
                                                                                 beginning. In April of 1996.
                                         1.      Any person who does not         the Harris government is
compensation system which they
                                         inform the Board “of a material         expected to bring in major
claim is “on the brink of a
                                         change” in connection with his/         changes to the compensation
financial crisis.” If the system is
                                         her entitlement to benefits within      system led by Elizabeth Witmer.
truly in financial difficulty, then it
                                         10 days is guilty of an “offence”.      Minister of Labour and Cam
is partly due to the government
                                         Workers will be treated as              Jackson, Minister Without
not enforcing the collection of
                                         criminals for not having a              Portfolio for Workers’
$430 million of outstanding
assessments and penalties from           working knowledge of the
employers and the $200 million           compensation system.
of rebates annually handed back          2.      If a person is convicted of
to the employers in this province        an offence the following penalty
by the WCB for supposedly                could apply:
providing safer workplaces.                               a. if an
However, this has not stopped the        individual, he/she is liable to a
Harris government from driving a         fine not exceeding $25,000 or to
rules agenda - to cut and slash at       imprisonment not exceeding 6
the expense of workers benefits.         months or to both
         On Wednesday,                                    b. If the person is    Compensation. These changes to
November 1, 1995, the Minister           not an individual, that person is       the system will negatively affect
of Labour introduced Bill 15, the        liable to a fine not exceeding          injured workers. Some of the
first of a two-stage initiative          $100,000.                               changes expected are:
intended to completely overhaul          3.      An overpayment is a             1.      a three day unpaid
the compensation system. The             debt due and owing to the               waiting period for
first stage involves a legislative       Board at the time the                   compensation benefits after
package that will:                       overpayment is made. The                being injured on the job
1.       establish a multi-              Board may deduct from money             2.      the reduction in benefits
stakeholder board of directors           payable by the Board to a person        by 5% or more
2.       increase financial              and their survivors, all or part of a   3.      the review of lifetime
accountablility                          debt due AND the Board may              pensions awarded before 1990
3.       conduct “value-for-             pursue such other remedies as it        4.      the reduction to future
money” audits to ensure the              considers appropriate to recover        economic loss (FEL) awards by
WCB programs are efficient,              the debt due.                           15% to 40% for injuries after
effective and financially sound          4.       The Board of Directors         1990
4.       strengthen anti-fraud           will now include a minimum of           5.      the elimination of
provisions and eliminate other           three and a maximum of seven            compensation for certain
abuses in the system.                    members who are representative          injuries such as back and
                                         of workers, employers and such          repetitive strains, chronic pain
This Bill does nothing for               others as the Lieutenant Governor       and stress.
injured workers. It makes any            in Council considers appropriate.
injured worker a potential               This will replace the equal             Any of these recent legislative
criminal.                                representation of workers and           changes and proposed cuts that
                                         employers on the past Board.            are expected in the spring of 1996
                                                                                 do not help injured workers.
                                                                                                The Informer 7

They will hurt injured workers.
                                                         Library Update
To fight back, you can:
                                            The following is the latest   Human Services
1.      Call or visit your MPP’s    additions to our library.             Centers for Disease Control and
office and tell your MPP how        #082* Shifts duration of work         Prevention
these changes will affect your      and accident risk of bus drivers      National Institute for
life. To find out who your MPP is   The Netherlands Institute for         Occupational Safety and Health
please call 1-800-668-2727          Preventive Health Care                #092* Regulating Hazardous
2.      Write to:                   Health and Safety                     Substances
Elizabeth Witmer,                   #083* Absenteeism In the              Canadian Labour Congress
Minister of Labour                  Ontario Transit Industry              National Policy Position
400 University Ave, 14th Floor      Report for OUTA Centre for            September 1993
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1T7            Transit Improvement                   #093* Resources for Worker
3.      Attend a demonstration      Laurence Kelly - Kingston             Well-being
at the WCB head office, 200         #084* Fatal Injuries to Workers       Workplace Health and Safety
Front Street West on Thursday       U.S. 80-89                            Agency
December 7, 1995 at 12 noon.        Center for Disease Control and        #094 Detroit Diesel Series 50
All injured construction            Prevention CDC                        Operator's Guide for 94 Flyer
workers are encouraged to           National Profile                      Detroit Diesel
attend.                             #085* Fatal Injuries to Workers       #095* Ergonomic MUCTC
                                    U.S. State                            Feasibility study on the
The rights of workers in this       Centers for Disease Control and       ergonomic aspects of the bus
province are under attack from      Prevention CDC                        operator's station at the Montreal
Premier Harris and his              State Profiles                        Urban Community Transit
government. The new labour law #086 Orion V Operating Manual              Commission
(Bill 7) and the proposed changes Ontario Bus Industries Inc.             Jan. 21, 1987
to the Compensation Act (Bill 15) #087* Ergonomics                        #096*Ergonomic Study by
will seriously affect our working   Workers Health & Safety Centre        CUTA
conditions as well as our ability   Amalgamated Transit Union             Ergonomic Study of the Bus
to collect compensation benefits. Level Program                           Driver's Workstation
Now is the time to take action      #088* Occupational                    Review of the Literature for
and tell this insensitive, business Musculoskeletal Injuries              The Canadian Urban Transit
minded government that we do        1991 Conference Summary               Association
not support their proposed          Centers for Disease Control and       April 1990
changes to the compensation         Prevention                            #097* Ergonomic Evaluation of
system.                             U.S. Department of Health and         Kitchener-Waterloo Transit
                                    Human Services                        Prepared by
WE DO NOT AND                       #089* Ergonomic Evaluation of         Helen McRobbie
CANNOT SUPPORT THE Kitchener-Waterloo Transit                             Student Ergonomist
FURTHER EROSION OF Occupational Health Clinics for                        Occupational Health Clinics for
                                    Ontario Workers Inc.                  Ontario Worker Inc.
INJURED WORKER’S                    #090* Ergonomics in the Work          August 31, 1993
LIVING STANDARDS                    Environment                           V103 Recaro CL-1 First
FOR THE BENEFIT OF                  A Manual for Workers                  Generation
THE EMPLOYERS.                      CAW                                   This is is the old style Recaro
                                    #091* Workplace Use of Back           seat, it is not the one that is
                                    Belts                                 installed in KT Buses
                                    US. Department of Health and                                  Wayne Bell
8 December   1995

Labour Council                                                         LOVE
         Larry Bastista, president              What is this thing called LOVE? How can anyone describe such a
of the Waterloo Regional Labour       wonderful, warm, satisfying, inner feeling that one gets, when LOVE is present.
Council, publicly apologized to       LOVE is the most precious feeling that two people can share. Without LOVE
Local 4304 for once again not         there can be no happiness, there can be no life, there can be no fire to burn
                                      within ones heart.
including us in the labour review
                                                LOVE is elusive, it hides, it runs, it plays games, it slips through your
list, as a donator to the annual      fingers. Many will never find LOVE, many will think that they have found
Labour Day Picnic. A letter of        LOVE, but only a few are able to find their one true LOVE. That one special
apology is to follow.                 person, who can build a fire in your heart, who can give you the World, who can
         United Way in the K.W.       take you to the Stars.
                                                That one special person that can make you feel warm and wonderful
area collected $3 million.            inside. The one you want to be with, to share your life with, the one who will be
         London was chosen by the     there through good times and bad times, in sickness and in health. The one that
labour leaders for the one day        takes so little, yet gives so much, the one that never complains, because she
strike by unionized workers.          LOVES you so much.
They estimate that about 60,000                 When you look into her eyes, you can see the fires of passion burning
                                      inside. When you kiss her soft velvety lips, a gentle sigh comes from inside.
workers will be off the job on        When you caress her warm soft skin, she presses against your hand. When you
December 11, 1995.                    look at her shape and form, you realize that your the luckiest man alive, to have
         The coalition for social     this beauty by your side.
justice will hold a demonstration                                                                                     LAZ
at he Kitchener public library on
December 7 and 8 from 8:00 PM
to 10:00 PM.
         There was a debate and                           “Bus Stop Trivia”
One day strike                                                                  Answer to previous bus stop
In London                                                                       trivia question.
                                                                                (a) Bus stop is located on route
                                                                                #4 Glasgow on the corner of
                                                                                Westvale Gate and Westvale
motion passed to support London                                                 Drive.
during their one day strike. Buses
will be provided for those that                                                 (b) Was this turn legal? The
wish to go. We are preparing for                                                highway traffic act states that
Kitchener’s turn to take a kick at                                              when a driver intends to turn left
the Harris Government.                                                          he/she shall approach the
                    Connelly Nolan                                              intersection within the left hand
                                                                                lane provided for traffic moving
Buses being                                                                     in that direction or immediately
                                                                                to the right of the centre line of
provided for                                                                    the highway. Section 121(5)
                                                                                         If you were involved in an
those wanting to                                                                accident making this turn you
                                            Do you know where this              would most likely be charged
attend                               time table for vertically                  with making an improper left
                                     challenged passengers is                   hand turn.
                                     located?                                                               Jim Charters
                                                                                                   The Informer 9

 You are invited to a remembrance service                         Financial Secretary’s
                  December 6th                                      October Report
  To commemorate the lives of 14 women                    Recapitulation                                October
         massacred in Montreal                            Total Cash Assets
                                                          Previous Month                                $30,064.58
              December 6th                                Monthly Income                                  9,878.67
is Canada’s National Day of Remembrance                   Total                                       $39,943.25
  and Action on Violence Against Women
                                                          Monthly Expenses                                6,832.84

                          at                              Balance                                      33,110.41
                                                          Allocation of Assets
     Kitchener City Hall                                  Bank Statement Balance                          9,272.43
                                                          Less Out Standing                                 797.60
    Wednesday, December 6,                                Actual Bank Balance                             8,474.83
            1995                                          Cash on Hand                                      338.04
                                                          Credit Union                                    5,176.19
       6:30 p.m. Candlelight Ceremony                     Bank Mtl GIC                                    8,138.91
         and Service in Rotunda Area
                                                          KWLC Debenture                                  3,000.00

       Jointly sponsored by December 6th                  National Trust GIC                              3,000.00
    Coalition and CAW - Women’s Committee                 Bank Mtl GIC                                    5,000.00
                                                          Total Assets                                $33,127.97
                                                                                                      Linda Lyon
                                                                                                Finacial Secretary

                                      been donated. The bus will be
Transit                               used to collect donations such as
Charitable                            Pennies for People.
                                                          Ricki Germann
Committee                                                                      Report
                                      Next Issue
        For the Chili day of                                                           So far we sold 15 Purple
October, we sold 90 order of          Deadline:                                Rose Commemorative pins.
Chili. For the Chili day held on                                               Anyone interested in purchasing
November 15, we sold 95 orders.       January 26, 1996                         one please contact Sis. Germann.
                                                                               Sis Kruse has assembled 200
        A wagon was donated to                                                 White ribbons (representing our
us by Sis. Mayne. Cliff the                                                    intolerance of violence against
painter has volunteered to do all                                              women). They are available at the
of the wood working needed to                                                  downtown terminal.
turn the wagon into a bus. All of                                                                 Ricki Germann
the materials for this project have
10 December      1995

                 Sunday Comparisons                                                 Travel Tips
       We have compiled a chart to indicate the number of shift                             Recent changes in
categories and the number of Sunday shifts that each category works.                customs limits for returning
The information used is from September 1995 sign-up.                                Canadian Travellers are mainly
       The chart clearly indicates that the night shift groups work                 due to free trade influences.
more Sundays than any other category.                                                       Limits have been raised in
       The information breakdown for categories is:                                 all three declaration periods.
                                                                                    24 Hours from $25 to $50
Shift    Group#                     No.                Sunday       Percent         48 Hours from $100 to $300
                                                                                    (any number of times)
Early Day Shifts #1-#9              9                  0            0               7 days from $300 to $500
(Less than 10 Hour Spread)
                                                                                            Free trade has lowered or
Twilights #25-#32+35                9                  5            22.73
(Start 8AM - 1PM)                                                                   eliminated any duties on many
Splits #10-#24                      15                 5            22.73           goods, especially items that are
(Early Start Late Finish)                                                           not made in Canada.
(Over 10 Hour Spread)                                                                       Lists can be obtained free
Nights #33-#47                      14                 12           54.54
                                                                                    at the Canada Customs office on
(Start after 1PM)
Totals                              47                 22           100.00          Duke Street.
Spareboard is not included in these calculations                                              Travel Well with Ted Bate

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                                                                                    Sex is the most fun you can have
         Days       Twilights    Splits       Nights
                                                                                    without laughing.
                                               Sign-up and Scheduling Committee
                                                                                    Use our easy credit plan- 100
                 Local 4304 Now Has A Picture Scanner                               percent down - no payments.

        Our local has recently purchased computer equipment. One of                 My father-in-law is in the
the items purchased is a picture scanner. If any members have                       insurance business. He sold me a
photographs, drawings or cartoons that are job or transit related, we               twenty-year retirement policy - at
would like to scan them and possibly use them in future publications                the end of twenty years - he
of our newsletter.                                                                  retires.
                                                                    Wayne Bell                           Submitted by:
                                                                                             The Informer 11

  Government to slash workers’ compensation
More cuts to come                    period. This will encourage         covered.
                                     workers not to report their
                                     workplace injuries.                 I’m not an injured
The Ontario government has
promised to make changes to                                              worker. How will
workers’ compensation as part of     More pressure on
their Common Sense Revolution.       injured workers to                  these cuts affect me?
Some of these changes will start
this Fall and others will start in   go back to work too                 Government and employers have
the Spring of 1996.                  soon                                cut back on workplace health and
Changes have been made to                                                safety. Serious injuries have gone
workers’ compensation many                                               up. Every worker is only one
                                     Every injured worker wants to go
times. But this time is different.                                       accident away from becoming an
                                     back to work as soon as possible.
The new changes will affect all                                          injured worker. If benefits are
                                     This promise could mean injured
injured workers, not only people                                         reduced, employers may pay
                                     workers being forced back to
coming into the system after the                                         lower premiums but taxpayers
                                     work before they are ready. If
changes are decided.                                                     pay more to cover social
                                     people go back to work before
                                     they have healed, they risk         assistance and health care costs
Privatization                        getting hurt again or becoming      for injured workers.
                                     permanently disable.
The government is considering                                            What you can do to
contracting out the administration   Cut benefits by 5%
of the Workers’ Compensation                                             fight changes to
Board and services such as
                                     Right now, benefits are based on    workers’
vocational rehabilitation.
However contracting out, or
                                     90% of net average earnings. The    compensation
                                     government says they will cut
privatizing, these services will
                                     this to 85%. This may apply to      Call or write your MPP’s office.
only give injured workers worse
                                     everyone.                           Tell your MPP what these
service with no accountability.
If you think it’s bad now, just                                          changes will mean for you and
wait. If these services are in the   No more benefits for                for other injured workers.
hands of private business, how                                           To find out who your MPP is call
will injured workers appeal
                                     some injuries                       1-800-668-2727.
decisions? Cheaper programs
                                  The government wants to change
won’t mean better programs.
                                  the kinds of injuries covered by
                                  workers’ compensation. Injuries
New 3-day waiting                                                           Written and produced by
                                  such as stress, chronic pain, back
                                                                            Toronto Injured Workers’
period                            pain, and repetitive strain may no
                                                                            Advocacy Group,Union of
                                  longer by covered. At the same
                                                                            Injured Workers, Ontario
                                  time there will be tougher rules
Right now the employer must pay                                            Network of Injured Workers’
                                  about how the injury is related to
the worker’s wages for the day of                                         Groups, and Community Legal
                                  work. For example, if an injured
the accident. The WCB pays from                                            Education Ontario (CLEO)
                                  worker’s disability gets worse it
then on. There is no waiting
                                  will be blamed on aging or other
period. Now the government
                                  personal factors and will not be
wants a 3-day unpaid waiting
12 December   1995

                                Christmas Light Tours

                                    Photos: Terry Arndt

        The annual Lights Tours for our senior
citizens in Kitchener and Waterloo will start
December 5 and end December 22.
        The committee invites all operators to
participate again this year. The dates, times and
locations of the tours will be posted the week of November 27.
        This year, to allow everyone an opportunity to participate, a “Sign-up” sheet will be posted at the
dispatch area for you to sign.
        The committee would like to thank-you in advance for your involvement in this endeavor. Your
past involvement in the lights tour has made it the success it has become.
                                                                              Christmas Light Tours Committee

                                  Giving Tom The Slip
         Every so often, a            decided to put a coat of ureathane   slippery). Had Tom not been
transition comes over me and I        over it. When I was completed I      holding onto the door, he would
become SUPER CLEAN                    could see my reflection in it.       have been flat on his back
FREAK. Faster than the White          Even when it was dry, it looked      looking up at the white billowy
Tornado, more powerful than           wet. It was that kind of shine. It   clouds.
Janitor in a Drum, able to knock      simply gleamed. I was very                   All the way to the garage
down Mr. Clean and put the boots      proud. I needed to show it off to    Tom cursed me. he was not
to him.                               someone. It demanded attention.      impressed. To this day, the mere
         One of those transitions              One day Tom Gross asked     mention of ureathane and Tom
struck me a few years ago while I     if he could ride with me to the      cringes.
was cleaning my truck. I washed       garage. Perfect, here was my                 Recently I was talking to
it inside and out, waxed and          opportunity to take my well          Tom about how my cash bag
polished the exterior,                deserved credit. Tom opened the      looked dull and tired. He told me,
Armouralled the upholstery and        passenger door and he placed one     “Why don’t you just dip it into a
dash board, and Windexed all the      foot up on the floor of the truck.   vat of ureathane.”
windows. When I was done, it          Suddenly, I heard this,                                     Warren Bell
sparkled, except the vinyl floor      “Whoaaaaaa!!” (the ureathane
covering. It lacked luster. I         made the floor extremely

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