“What attracted me to MOLLY MAID
 was the amazing potential for growth.
 It is a very attractive proposition,
 built on very strong foundations and
 an easily recognisable brand…”

 Imellda Courtney
 MOLLY MAID Bromley, Orpington and Chislehurst

      Since MOLLY MAID started in 1979 it has provided its services to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers in Canada,
      USA, Portugal and Japan as well as the UK.This year alone over 400 MOLLY MAID franchises will perform in excess of
      2 million home cleans worldwide.
      Today more and more women work                        domestic chores such as cleaning has        Industry leading software system
      outside the home.This is reflected in                 meant a growing social acceptance of        originated by MOLLY MAID – GENIE
      recent statistics showing that the                    having someone else clean your home.        is our unique, custom designed Windows
      percentage of dual income families                    Literally millions of householders are      based software system that helps you
      earning greater than £36,000 per year                 turning to this service and this is where   manage your business.You can use it to
      (the primary MOLLY MAID audience) has                 MOLLY MAID shines through.                  manage and set customer appointments,
      increased by over 30% between the years                                                           keep track of individual customer
      2000 and 2005*.These people have less                 The best known domestic cleaning brand      requirements and charges for the service,
      time to devote to household chores and                in the UK, MOLLY MAID continues to          plan routes and track your maid teams
      less inclination to do it themselves. Added           look for people orientated individuals      to ensure maximum cost efficiency and
      to the fact that there has also been a shift          who have a capacity for hard work and       activate customer relationship activity. All
      in priorities that places a greater emphasis          motivating staff and a determination to     designed to give you maximum control
      on leisure and family enjoyment over                  build a successful business.                over your MOLLY MAID business and
                                                                                                        manage a growing customer base.

                              Industry leading software system –
                              originated by MOLLY MAID

                              * Source: General Household Survey (2000 to 2005)
                              Office for National Statistics                                                                                           FS 24375   MM PAGE 1
                                                                  OUR COMMITMENT
                                                                  TO YOU AND YOUR FUTURE
                                                                  To help you build a successful business through training, support, and marketing
                                                                  from the leading brand in the market.We have been operating in the UK for
                                                                  over 20 years so our training and launch programme has been proven time
                                                                  and time again.

                                                                  First we advise you on all aspects           MOLLY MAID Franchise Owners,
                                                                  of preparing to start your business          to help build your business quickly.
                                                                  including arranging a business telephone     Additional on-site support, the week
                                                                  line, opening a bank account,VAT and         your business is launched, sees you up
                                                                  PAYE registration, vehicle finance and       and running from day one recruiting
                                                                  completion of your business plan and         staff and meeting potential customers
                                                                  cash flow forecasts.Then comes a week        in the first week of operating.
                                                                  long comprehensive training course
                                                                  on the MOLLY MAID system before              Meanwhile the MOLLY MAID support
                                                                  launch which is followed up with our         team is actioning delivery of cleaning
                                                                  tailored ‘Right Start’ marketing and staff   equipment and supplies for the first
                                                                  recruitment programmes using the             cleaning team, fast tracking delivery of
                                                                  knowledge of experienced staff and           your first MOLLY MAID car (complete

            Pam Bader, OBE, CEO MOLLY MAID UK
            and past Chair of the British Franchise Association

The mapping software used by
many of the UK’s leading brands

with logos and business numbers).           The Franchise Package                      by Tactician, the mapping software           Of course the rewards are not
Also arranging dispatch of uniforms         As a full member of the British            used by many of the UK’s leading             all measurable in financial terms.
stationery, literature and publicity        Franchise Association (Pam Bader,          brands overlaid with one of the              In addition to long term security
material all custom designed to             being a past Chair) MOLLY MAID             most up to date lifestyle classification     you’ll have the satisfaction of being

promote the MOLLY MAID brand                operates to the highest ethical and        systems.This ensures that the area           your own boss – and the sense of
and generate customer enquiries             professional standards. Among the          offers the right potential from which        achievement of building your own
in your area.                               features of our franchise package is the   to build your successful business.           business and the time to enjoy the
                                            ability for new owners to invest in an                                                  rewards and the lifestyle that the
The MOLLY MAID Business System              exclusive area that ranges in size from    The Rewards                                  business can provide.
Our business system is designed to          12,000 to 24,000 potential customers,      The rewards for ambitious hardworking
enable you to successfully operate from     an option to increase the marketing        Franchise Owners can be high, although
day one.Testament to the fact that it       spend to fast track sales and a royalty    from the outset we will help you judge
works is that we have 66 Franchise          rate that reduces on progressively         whether a MOLLY MAID franchise is
Owners already operating in the UK,         higher sales.Whichever option you          right for you.The business system that’s
all building their businesses on our        select you can be sure that our one        in place has been proven over and over
established reputation, our unique way      goal is to provide you with a model        again and with excellent training
of working and our proven cleaning          that will help you make the most of        MOLLY MAID Franchise Owners have
methods. In fact it’s more than just        this business opportunity and achieve      the best possible opportunity to build       ▼   MOLLY MAID is recognised as
our proprietary business systems and        real success.                              a successful business. Depending on              the leading brand in the domestic
industry leading software to help you                                                  personal ambition you can have 5 cars            cleaning sector, resulting in a number
manage your growing customer base,          The Area                                   on the road within 12 to 18 months               of accolades over the years, the
it is our singular focus on one business,   Each new MOLLY MAID Franchise              with estimated sales revenue in excess           most recent being nominated
one brand and one objective – to make       Owner is awarded an exclusive area,        of £100,000 and when your business               as a National Finalist in the British
the MOLLY MAID brand the symbol of          which has a minimum of 12,000              is fully established 15-20% of revenues          Franchise Association’s prestigious
Quality, Service and Value.                 potential customers, determined            could become net earnings.                       2005 Franchisee of The Year Award.

                                                                                             Sir Bernard Ingham, BFA President,
                                                                                          Simone Berisford-Ince, MOLLY MAID
                                                                                            Cheshire, Brian Smart, BFA Director
                                                                                           General and Cathryn Hayes, Head of
                                                                                                           Franchising at HSBC.                                                  MM PAGE 3
                              THE UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY

                               THE UK’S LEADING DOMESTIC CLEANING COMPANY
                               MOLLY MAID started in the UK over 20 years ago in 1985.With thousands of satisfied customers our Franchise Owners (we call them this, rather than
                               franchisees, because they own their own businesses) are responsible for recruiting, training and managing their full-time staff who carry out the cleaning service.

                               Recognising that every home is             be the business opportunity for           shows that the more investment             your business objectives and the number
                               different the service is based on a no-    you.We have a proven track record,        in marketing in the first six months       of target customers in your area.The
                               obligation, free estimate carried out in   operating in a huge, high growth market   the more substantial are the rewards       initial investment package includes:
                               the home. Staff are uniformed, fully       and a wealth of industry experience       (more marketing = more customers
                               insured, and work in teams of two,         in helping new Franchise Owners to        = more teams) and quicker the rate         ●
                                                                                                                                                                   An exclusive area
                               travelling in blue cars displaying the     successfully operate from day one.        of return and growth for your              ●
                                                                                                                                                                   Fully comprehensive training
                               MOLLY MAID logo and the local                                                        investment. Obviously nothing is               programme including 3 days on-site
                               service telephone number.The business      Likely Returns                            guaranteed. In the end it is down              support during start up
                               model is well proven and you’ll get        How fast you get payback and the          to the skills and capabilities of the      ●
                                                                                                                                                                   Dedicated Business Advisor and
                               plenty of training, support and help       growth of your business will depend       applicant to make the most of the              support for as long as you are a
                               from us, so the risks are minimal –        on a number of factors not least of       business opportunity.                          MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner
                               most Franchise Owners start by             which the amount of borrowings and                                                   ●
                                                                                                                                                                   Use of the tried and tested MOLLY
                               running the business from home to          the level of investment in marketing.     Investment Level                               MAID business system
                               keep initial costs down. If this appeals   Typically an established MOLLY MAID       The investment level for a MOLLY           ●
                                                                                                                                                                   The ‘Right Start’ marketing and staff
                               to you and you want to partner with        franchise in the UK operates 6 teams      MAID franchise starts at £16,975 and           recruitment programmes to help
                               a big brand organisation, this could       by the end of year 2 but evidence         builds to £22,975 plus VAT, depending on       build your business fast

                  MM PAGE 4                                                                      MOLLY MAID seminars and conventions
MOLLY MAID UK Limited     “The MOLLY MAID operating system includes                “I was an Area Manager for the Royal Bank of
Bishop House South         a well-defined approach to customer care.                Scotland with responsibility for 12 branches.
The Bishop Centre          This embraces a consistent, reliable and professional
Bath Road
                                                                                    Having worked in a huge corporation, I was used
Taplow                     service along with effective communications.             to a supportive environment and felt that going into
Maidenhead                 But simply following a system is not enough.             business on my own, I would be far more successful
Berks SL6 0NX
                           You need to apply flair and imagination and must         if I had the support of a franchisor. I was also aware
Freephone: 0800 500 950    give a lot of yourself to the process, balancing the     from my background in banking that the business
T: 01628 663500
E:    human side with business considerations.”                failure rate is considerably reduced when operating
F: 01628 663700                                                                     within a franchise network. I chose MOLLY MAID        Sandra Redmond                                           because they were the cleaning franchise that most
                           MOLLY MAID Wimbledon
                                                                                    impressed me with their training, support and
                                                                                    follow-up training.”

                                                                                    Clare Carter
                                                                                    MOLLY MAID Preston
    A start-up package which includes        To the Power of the MOLLY MAID Brand
    all necessary stationery, marketing                     MOLLY MAID believes that
    materials cleaning equipment,                           co-branding is a very effective
    and branded uniforms                                    way of building brand
    Access to MOLLY MAID Intranet                           awareness. In 2006 MOLLY
    giving Franchise Owners, up to           MAID co-branded with The Fabulous Bakin’
    date information to help grow            Boys running a ‘Free Household Cleaning’
    and manage the business                  competition featured on over one million
    Motivational events including            packs distributed through major
    seminars and conventions.                supermarkets throughout the UK.

The Way Forward                              And MOLLY MAID is proud to be
If you are interested to find out more       associated with these leading household
the next step is to arrange an initial       brands following the sponsorship of the
meeting at our Support Office, in            “Win A Household Cleaner for a Year”
Taplow, near Maidenhead, Berkshire.          competition in January 2007.
The meeting is designed to give us
both the chance to find out about each
other because working relationships
are important too. At this stage you
will be given a detailed breakdown of
the franchise package and the support
you will get from us. Rest assured you       Harpic®, Cillit Bang®, Airwick® and Dettol®
won’t feel under any pressure as we are      are trade marks of the Reckitt Benckiser         Please call 0800 500 950 to arrange a visit
as keen as you are to make sure there        Group of companies                               or visit our website at
is a perfect fit before you finally commit
to joining the MOLLY MAID network.

                                             Results from an independent National
                                             Survey carried out by MORI to asses the
                                             awareness of MOLLY MAID amongst the
                                             general public in the UK showed that total
                                             awareness in developed MOLLY MAID
                                             areas can be as high as 45%.                                                                   MM PAGE 5

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