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					Trainer Reminder

Dear Trainers,

In support of the training you will be giving, the ADM ST has prepared three important documents
for your consideration:

    1     Comments on course provision, which highlight issues around course approach, training
          methods and information on background material
    2     The Workshop Info Dataset, which helps you to keep track of important adresses,
          details on venue, timeschedule and your co-trainer
    3     Logistics checklist

Document 2 and 3 is only relevant for Delegation courses.

We hope that these documents will facilitate your work and in case of any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact the ADM Support team at:

          - Baudouin Michel: Programme Manager
          - Doriane Desclee: Deputy Programme Manager/Training Coordinator for Project
            Cycle Management (
          Angélique Minacapelli: Office Manager (
          - Sylvie Eda: Administrative Assistance (

          Tel: 0032 2 776 07 90 or 776 07 91
          Fax: 0032 2 776 07 99
          Address: ADM Support Team – Rue Franklin 28, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

We wish you good luck!

The ADM Support Team.
nt documents

Workshop:                               Training hours   Contact in Brussels
Name                                                     Name                         ADM Support Team

                                                         Address                      28, rrue de la Loi B-1040 Bruxelles

Start                                                    Contact Person               Angélique Minacapelli
End                                                      Tel                          + 32 2 776 07 90
Nr of participants                                       Fax                          + 32 2 776 07 99
First meeting day and                                    E-mail             
Venue and hotel for                                      Contact in                   EU Delegation of
participants& trainers:

Name                                                     Name
Address                                                  Address:

Contact Person                                           Contact Person
Tel                                                      Tel:
Fax                                                      Fax:
E-mail                                                   E-mail:
Web site
Costs for conferencing                                   Total max budget for training 3 500,00 euro
room + lunches
Room rate
Trainers:                   Trainer 1   Trainer 2

passport nr


Arrival in
Departure from
Shuttle cost
Booked by
Reservation nb
Per diem                    euros       147 euros

Paying for local costs
50% deposit made by:
balance on site by
Mode of payment
Beamer + screen +
white board + flip charts
+ paper provided by

Laptop provided by          Trainers

Exchange rate
Logistics checklist
2 weeks before
Flight                    Please, book a flight and communicate us your flight schedule. (For Earth trainers we take care of it)

Hotel                     We book the hotel at a preferential rate and communicate you the dates.

Visa                      Apply for a visa in your home country. We will enquire if a visa is necessary and provide you with a certificate to confirm your assignment (if necessary). In that case, send us
                          please a copy of your passeport. For Belgian citizen the Help Desk takes cares of the visa.

powerpoint presentation   A powerpoint presentation will be sent to you and a CD will be in the pouch
                          Prior your departure you will receive the same file as the participants

Information               Before leaving, make sure that you know the coordinates of your hotel and the contact person in the delegation.

During the travel
Material                  Keep the material in your hand luguage.

In the third country
Training facilities       When arriving, please check the training room is fully operational, course folders and manuals distributed.

Seminar costs             Seminar costs are paid by the first trainer. Each trainer should therefore make sure that his contracting company will make an advance payment available to him, or will
                          undertake directly the payment to the seminar facility. Whenever possible, ask the bill for seminar costs under the name of the EU Commission (to avoid paying taxes, which are
                          not refunded buy the EU). Keep the orginal receipts and all proves.

Training                  If you have any problem (Participants, Training room, Lunch, Coffee-break, Price), please contact us immediately.

Back home
Invoicing                 Send your invoice to the consortium members associated to you (not to us!). Do not forget to include your boarding passes and passenger tickets.

Debriefing                Please send us the following documents. Please keep them in your hand luggage.
                          - SPBS Test In and SPBS Test Out
                          - Attendance list: fully signed by each participant, and clearly stating the function refering to EC delegation/EC HQ or other local stakeholders, and the email adress. This
                          document is very important as it is the contractual documents taken into account by the Commission for your reimbursement.
                          - Evaluation forms by the participants. This document is very important as it is the contractual documents taken into account by the Commission for your reimbursement.
                          - Trainer's feedback form
                          - All training material used. Quite often it happens that presentations are provided by local stakeholders or that you have adapted the standard course material. In that case,